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Chevrolet Avalanche Engine Problems

KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
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  • hbdhbd Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 avalance. while driving down the highway or road, with a full tank of gas the engine die for no reason. I have to pull over to the side of the road and crank it back up. It starts without a problem.
  • hbdhbd Posts: 2
    With a full tank of gas the engine will die for no reason.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Dirty fuel filter? Fuel pump failing? Those would be the two things I'd check first. Since your Av is a 2003, the fuel filter should be inline in the fuel lines along the frame rail somewhere, relatively easy to get to and replace. Newer models have incorporated the filter into the pump itself (both of which are submerged in the fuel tank, and MUCH harder to get to from all reports).

    Good luck, and I hope it's as simple as needing the filter changed.
  • mrjwalkrmrjwalkr Posts: 2
    Just bought a used 2004 Chevy Avalanche. Love the truck. Nevertheless, a few weeks later i get this chirping noise from the engine. Belts, pulleys, tensioners... Gotta parade to participate in so i run it over to Sears who replaced the AC tensioner. 30 mins later the noise returned. They said they "missed" diagnosed and the noise was coming from the alternator. Probably the bearings. I replaced the alternator myself. 30 mins of riding later, the noise returned. Sorta a chirping, squealing, belt/pulley noise. Not seeing any ill effects but pretty annoying. Any ideas?
  • I have have a 03 AV and I hear a noise when I first crank it up. Sounds like a few lifters are not primed up. It only last two seconds and quits. It does it cold or hot, I was wandering if this is the piston slap that I read about in a earlier message? Also can the marbling noise in the intermediate steering shaft be fixed by taking it apart and greasing the universal joint, or do I need to replace it?
  • :sick: a/c blower motor will not stop with ingnition off,Is there
    a relay? 2003 AV.
  • upstechupstech Posts: 1
    While driving down the street the truck lost power.When I tried to crank it backup it start when I turned the key :sick:
  • I have a 2002 avalanache 2500 8.1 that just dies going down the road. I see others with the same problem what was done to fix it.
  • I had a 2001 silverado Z71 on a lease, I had this vhichle 61 mo. on a 60 mo. lease. I loved this truck, but at 9,200 mi I got a ticking noise in the engine, well over and over I went to the dealership, and Finally they admitted this was the "piston slap" that GM was getting a bad rap over. I did not know where to turn because the dealership was saying ther is NOTHING we can do to fix it. I got a tip from an attorney friend of mine, and he said go to the BBB and file a complaint. Well I took his advice and sure enough! Chevrolet called me 2 days later. The lady flat out asked me what I wanted them to do, basically name it. I told her I was a huge fan of Chevrolet and liked my truck, just back up what your dealership is saying "it is not a problem to worry with." She said no problem, we will extend warranty FULL WARRANTY up to 115,000 mi or 72 mo. Well I was ok with that.. So now my lease on that vehicle was fullfilled and I bought a New 2007 Chevy Avalanche. I purchased this Oct. 2006. I now have 10,200 mi and Guess what!!! It started ticking! I just picked it up from the dealer 3 hr ago and they said "WE CAN"T FIX IT"!!!! If you have piston slap I would file W/ You will get results!!! Looks like I will be doing it again too... :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: Does anyone else have a cold start ticking noise from the 5.3L AV engine, and if so what is your dealer or mechanic saying about it? I need help.... My dealer says it is because Chevrolet has hydralic lifters, and when the oil is cold they tend to ping?? All replys WELCOME.........
  • sparky75 and andromador......I have a cold engine ticking but it's not piston slap. Before you you are convinced by a dealer that it is piston slap, go to and listen to the audio sample. Piston slap can occur in one or more of the cylinders depending on your vehicle. My '07 does NOT sound like that. And, if you have an '07, it is very likely that you do NOT have piston slap since GM changed the method for matching pistons to cylinders (by size & tolerances) for the '07 model year. Incidently, the link I referred to will give you a description and reason behind piston slap. Dealers often use piston slap as an excuse since the problem is widely known.

    The tap I have, sparky75, is related to the hydraulic lifters however not as the dealer explained to you. My tap is NOT at every cold engine start. It is only on cold starts after one of the valves for 1, 4, 6 or 7 cylinders (they are the 4 cylinders that shut down in the V4 mode) while one the high-point of the cam. Then, during the cool down period, the hydraulic pressure bleeds off. Then, when started cold, there is valve lash for over 1 minute (sometimes for 2 minutes) until the hydraulic pressure is sufficient to build up the lifter. The resulting tap is the rocker arm slamming on the valve top as a single, metal-to-metal tapping sound.

    I still have no resolution with my dealer, but hadn't thought of the BBB as an avenue. Might try that one.
  • sp7128sp7128 Posts: 2
    what was your problem/ 8.1 started this last night and I noticed some play in the serpentine belt tensioner,,,but I know gm is famous for alternator noise....85k miles
  • alanm311alanm311 Posts: 1
    I own a 2004 Avalanch, 87K , sqeaking, :o( I have changed my tensoiner and belt, last week, the next day the sqeeking is back. . same issues you guys are having, have you fiqured this one out. please advise


  • rick109rick109 Posts: 1
    Not sure if this helps any, but did you check the lower belt and tensioner? I just changed the belts (yes, the hidden one on the bottom and behind the serpentine belt) on my 04'-5.3 and had a problem with the bottom tensioner. I didn't find it until I went to replace the serpentine.

    Hope it helps,

  • I have an 02' 2500 that does the same thing. Engine dies going down the road, pull over wait 10 seconds engine restarts. Will also crank and crank sometimes when starting and will not start. Wait 10 seconds and it will fire right up. Can anyone help me with this. Have taken it to repair shop and they cannot figure it out.
  • hicks2281hicks2281 Posts: 2
    Just left the dealership and they are telling me it is a bad lift spring or the cam shaft going bad that the engine would need to be replaced. Said they can put a used engine in it with 62,000 for the same price as to tear down and replace cam and lifters. Anybody else with similar problems? Also just had the oil changed and now the taping noise has stoped.
  • hicks2281hicks2281 Posts: 2
    I have 130,000 and it is happening as you discribed. The dealership say's it is not the pulley or belt it is intenal.
    Anybody else with same problem?
  • I have the same problem its been happening for awhile with me i found out that its the ECM fuse it keeps blowing.But with mine my truck doesnt start unless i replace the fuse. From what i been told is that the fuel pump might be going but also been told that it might be the distributor going as well. it actually just shut off me on yesterday but for now i jus keep extra fuses in my truck with me for the time being.
  • My truck has been running "rough", loss of power, sputtering. Check engine light is on intermitten. I had Auto Zone read the code and it was a mass airflow sensor. I bought a new sensor and it seemed fine, the engine light went out. Today (one day later) my truck wont start. I thought I may have gotten a bad sensor so I got another one. I will try it tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. Thanks!
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