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Kia Spectra Engine Issues



  • Well have had mine for a few months now. Close to 2000 miles and only problems have been:

    The front spoiler tape comming lose that was fixed by the dealer no questions asked even thou I did have a slight bump with a curb of a parking lot.

    The real spoiler is starting to come lose and they are fixing that on Friday.

    The KIA logo on my front grill went missing I think when going 90mph on the interstate but not sure. I did see somthing fly over my car but could not tell what it was. It could of been stole or fell of some other time without me seeing it for a few days. KIA has this on order to replace for me now. (also held on by 2 sided tape from what I been told)

    I already knew about the spoiler problems whe I decided to buy but figure under normal driving conditions and not hitting everything they should hold up good. Not sure why the back one is getting lose but with good service from the dealer and them fixing it I'm happy. Was also told by my dealership that they are using a stronger 2 sided tape to reattach the spoilers and people that have had them fixed there have not had problems out of them again unless they hit somthing. Overall it has been a great car. Much better then my last car that also had problems but went through alot of trouble trying to get things fixed under warranty. Nice to walk into KIA tell them the problem and either have it fixed the same day or get an appt to get it fixed in a few days with little questions asked.
  • 004tjk004tjk Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    Just bought my spark blue Spectra5 last week. Lots of fun with the 5 speed and has most of the goodies I wanted in a new car. Price was right, too. Dealer tried to install cruise and was less than successful. Won't be using them for service. Otherwise I'm happy. ;)
  • Last Month, my Wife traded in her 04 Spectra GSX for a Black, fully loaded 06 Spectra5. She is really happy with it.
    I'm not much of a car guy at all. To me, a car is only for hauling stuff that I cannot fit on my Bike, or if the weather is too servere. Ive been around Bikes all my life and cars just don't excite me all that much.
    About a week after my wife bought her car, I took the 5 for a spin, well let me tell ya, I was impressed, so much so, I went down to the same Dealer and traded in my 04 Cavalier for a Red 06 Spectra5. Fully loaded, Moon Roof, ABS, A/C yada, yada, yada.
    I have about 1400 miles on the 5 and seen a big improvement in the gas milage, went from 27 mpg to about 33 mpg @ an avg. speed of 60mph. It should get better when I switch over to Synthetic oil. I do keep the tire pressure at 38psi.
    All in all I'm glad I made the switch over to KIA from the Big 3.
    As a side note: My wife's 04 GSX had 16,000 miles and not one problem. In addition, my Daughter bought a New, leftover 05 Sorento the same day I bought my car, she says she loves the KIA more than her Ford Ranger Truck. Time will tell how these KIAs will stack up over time and miles. So far, so good.
  • Welcome to the forum, best of luck with your new Kias.

  • Geo - any luck with the locks yet?

    Eight months + 8000km later and I'm happy to report no issues thus far.

    Really happy with my snow tires, they make the winter driving bearable, and at times downright fun.

    Still pleased as punch with my Spec5! :P

    Welcome to all the newcomers, enjoy your new vehicles!
  • geomaticsgeomatics Posts: 60
    Actually, the locks havn't acted up since my last post on the subject. As soon as they do I will repost with my experience at the dealership, I am convinced that the problem is related to moisture and assume that if they are going to act up again it will be in the spring when the warmer weather hits.

    I will keep the board informed.
    (can't wait to get the summer wheels back on)

    Keep up the good work!

    Geo ;)
  • I just purchased a 2006 Spectra 5 about a Month ago. The sticker was $16,900
    Power Sun Roof $700
    ABS $400
    Handling $570
    Total price:

    They gave me a prety good deal after rebates, trade in and the Dealer crap I came away paying $15,500, not too bad. ;)
  • What color did you get? The dealership I went to and the regional Kia rep told me I should have gotten white or silver then I wouldn't see the paint chipping off of it like I do on my red one. Since they said it was normal for this to happen and all I should have gotten white or silver. Didn't deny that the paint would still chip, just said it wouldn't be noticable on one of those colors. Keep an eye out for these type of issues, have seen half a dozen or so on this website alone that are just with Spectra5s. Seen tons elsewhere with other models as well.
  • I got the Black one, if I have any problems like this Kia will make it right or I'll camp out at the Dealer till they do.
    I saw the same posts and wondered if it isn't a local dealer problem. If I had that kind of problem I'd go over their heads till I got satisfaction or report them to the BBB.
    Kia isn't the only Dealer like this. I've had problems out of Ford and Chrysler on warranty work. They'll shuck and juve you if you let them.
    I was always able to resolve the problems with Ford, Chrysler on the other hand... Let's just say that the only way I'll ever buy another Chrysler product is if they offer a 1,000,000 Bumper to bumper, give Me the Car and put Gas in it for as long as I own it.
    I Loved My Grand Caravan, it's the Drivetrain that really falls short of the quality of the Automobile.
    And Chrysler Customer service SUCKS!
  • I've been at it with Kia for nearly 5 months now and believe it or not the dealership is great, but Kia themselves are refusing to fix the problem. The service manager I've been dealing with thought it should have been taken care of the first time and assumed Kia would agree. Unfortunately Kia sent a rep out and he said Nahhhh... it's normal, just rock chips. I've been going over every square inch of this car now and have found (besides the 15-20 chips in the paint on the hood and door) 2 bubbles above the rear door, 1 bubble on the rear spoiler, 2 odd looking spots on the door where the paint is crackled but not peeling off all the way yet, and a "chip" on the door that still has a line of paint left on it. Wondering how I got "hit by a rock" that didn't just leave a single chip in the paint but rather a chip that looks like it is split in half. Maybe I got really unlucky and just happened to get hit by 2 rocks in the exact same spot. That would probably be Kia's explanation. I hope you have better luck than I am if something should happen. I know this was our first Kia purchase and when we started looking for a new car in June for my husband Kia wasn't even on our list of places to look. We wound up buying elsewhere and you can bet I'll let them know that too. It's a shame because I do like my car, just not the way it's holding up and the way Kia deals with their customers.
  • Talk about an understatement! On our '98 Caravan, the engine/transmission/air conditioner unit all had major problems within 5 years. We were kinda expecting subpar powertrain quality, so we actually were the "suckers" that bought the extended warranty for about $1000. It came in handy several times - the engine (ancient 3.0 liter they don't offer anymore) needed to be replaced, the transmission (a 3-speed auto in a minivan?!) had to be rebuilt, and the A/C unit had to be replaced twice. Ridiculous. We traded it in before it reached 80,000 miles.

    I suppose all of that's off-topic. I'm here reading about all the paint issues and I'm just crushed. The Spectra5 was my top car choice, but the old car I'm getting rid of right now is starting to rust. I told myself I'd never deal with this again, especially since car paint has gotten so much better. I wonder if all of this chipping/bubbling is a problem with Kia paint in general, with all Spectras in general, or only with the Spectra5's. Either way, I guess I'll be looking elsewhere for my new car. :(
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255
    "I wonder if all of this chipping/bubbling is a problem with Kia paint in general, with all Spectras in general, or only with the Spectra5's. Either way, I guess I'll be looking elsewhere for my new car."

    Keep in mind that there are all of what... about half a dozen or less posts here claiming paint problems?

    Spectra's have been selling at a 50-70k annual clip the past few years, so the reports here represent a very small fraction of owners.

    Does that mean that there isn't a possible problem on a few select vehicles or build periods? No.

    But, for someone to totally remove a car from their purchase list, there'd have to be a helluva lot more complaints found online than these few AND some TSBs issued.... at least IMHO.

    As I've stated on here before, my sand beige (gold) 2004.5 Spectra EX's paint is *beautiful* and has held up tremendously for 2 years and 24k miles. It's also kept exclusively outside.

  • To say that 50,000 Spectras have been sold, but there's not many complaints here, doesn't prove anything. This Spectra5 forum isn't exactly a popular place for owners.

    I still contend there could be a problem with a large number of Spectra5's. I've found three separate 2005's for sale here in the Chicago area, and *each* of them have the exact problems listed here upon inspection. It's definitely reason enough to not rush out and buy one, sad as I am to say that.
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255
    My point is that the number of next-gen Spectras sold since 2004.5 is closer to 130-170k.

    And as regarding the number of posts in *this* forum, I'm also including the numerous other KIA-centric forums I follow. I still contend that the number of paint issues I've seen online are low.

    That said, I'm not denying your empirical/observational data regarding bad 2005 paint. Seeing is believing to be sure.

    Can you snap some digital pics and post them somewhere online on a free hosting space and then post the URL's here? I think that seeing the actual flaws would be very helpful for other KIA owners to compare to as well as giving KIA an eyeful as to a potential problem.

  • geomaticsgeomatics Posts: 60
    can do, i will post some pics of my paint complaints shortly, just have to retreive them. hold tight.

  • I think bottom line, if their are that many problems with the paint and Kia isn't doing anything about it then owners need to start a class action Lawsuit.
    I've only had mine for a month but my Mom has a Kia Sadona and after almost 3 Years there is nothing wrong with the paint other than the typical chips associated with Day to Day driving.
    This String has me so parranoid I keep looking every time I get in the car for bubbles and paint damage.
    Like I said before if you have a legitimate problem with your car and the manufacturer doesn't want to help then you need to contact the BBB and report it.
    Just because Kia is made outside the USA means nothing when it comes to product support.
    Hopefuly I wn't have any problems with the paint on My Spectra5 but if I do, I will either get it fixed or it will end up being reported to the proper agencies.
    If Kia is this lacking in Customer support I'd think we would all be hearing about it on TV and in various Automotive Mags. So far I have seen nothing but good things in all of the articles I have read, including long term driving reports. And in the Long term reports I have read I haven't read one word about paint issues and trust me, those Mags can get prety anal about nit picking a car to pieces.
    So far My experiance with Kia has been positive, albeit a Month.
    All I can say is it sounds like some of the Cars slipped through Q-A's fingers and for some reasn they either aren't complaining loud enugh to Kia or there's more to the story we aren't hearing, IMHO.
    Since first reading this thread I have really been paying attention to Cars out on the road and being a Truck Driver I see allot of Cars. So far I have noticed on allot of newer cars things like paint peeling and bubbling. I've seen allot of the peeling problem on Metalic paints like Gold and Silver especialy on older Honda Accords, Pontiac Sunfires and Dodge Neons. I'm talking about Cars that are less than 3 Years old. If I owned one of those Cars I'd be livid to say the least!
    If I had paid over $25.000 for a 2002 Accord, the paint was peeling like on some I've seen and Honda wasn't willing to fix it, I'd be talking to a Lawyer.
    So for now I'm going to take a deap breath, relax and enjoy my lil Spectra. ;)
  • I just bought a 2006 kia spectra 5 and i am so far very happy. I want to put an intake, an exaust, lowering kit, and mabie a few other cool accessories. I dont know that much about new cars, all i have ever owned are old muscle cars. does anyone have any ideas or recomendations on what i should do?
  • Well, the first ting I did was take the grill badge off. It only takes the removal of 2 screws in the back of the badge assembly. If you take a look at My profile You'll see how it looks. It makes it look like a custom grill and costs nothing! :shades:
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    Wanna mod your new Spec5? Try this site for lusty warranty busters:

    They did a couple custom Spec5 for the 2004 SEMA show:

    Oh so droolworthy....
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