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Kia Spectra Engine Issues



  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    Do ya know, troynall? Sorry to hear of this problem. Maybe they'll actually find it and fix it properly this time.

    A smoke machine?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • i owned 2006 Spectra EX(bought it off the lot with only 132 miles on it) for four months until it was totaled in an accident.

    i put 12999 miles on it in those four months.

    The tires showed 73% thread usage. The insurance people
    measured the tire tread depth. So the tire life on your tires is about right.

    Must have been one owner ?

    but sounds like a sweet deal. really. I trust the regular Spectras, but the Spectra5 is another story. I am having headaches with the EVAP system in my BRAND NEW 2007 Spectra5. Had it in to the dealer twice in One week.
    Two more times and I have a lemon law case.

    They mentioned a smoke test, but all they are doing is test driving it.

    BAsically it is getting bad gas mileage. 130 miles to the tank. And the Check engine light comes on about 100 miles into a fresh tank of gas.

    They have got me a rental car, but get this. The first time they fixed it, they disconnected the battery and cleared the computer memory. The tech did not tighten it, so next day later they car would not crank after driving to day care. Car had to be jumped off and thats when the battery terminal was found loose !!!

    People, WATCH YOUR CARS !!!
  • SMOKE MACHINE: a machine that pumps a non harmful smoke into the car hoses and finds the leaks while car is operating.

    But they are "test" driving and waiting for the
    Light to come on AND then fix it.

    But what the difference if the light is already on ?
    Are just came on ? BTW, Lemon law in my state says
    they(KIA) has two more chances at fixes this problem.
    Else they can give me a NEW car(since mine is BRAND NEW)
    OR buy mine.

    Honestly, I am having second thoughts about this SPECTRA5 !!! :lemon:
  • himi1himi1 Posts: 25
    Congratulations on your new Spectras!Those are nice can have a look at the upcoming Kia coupe here. This might be the base for new 2009 Spectra. What do you think? urt-coupe-concept/
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    I can't wait to see the new Kia coupe unveiled at Frankfurt. It is the new design from their new design chief, Peter Scherer. He comes from Audi and Kia has hinted that this new coupe is a look at what may very well be the new design direction from Kia.

    Very exciting!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • OMG.

    The CEL may not come on, but the car only gets 215 miles per tank now.

    live and learn.

  • I don't know where a lot of the posters live at but the warrantee issues are dealer inspired. If you read the 116 page warrantee you will get a better idea of what is supposed to happen. Also if your not satisfied with the dealer complain to the better business bureau and to Kia USA. That's the national corporate offices in California. Bad dealers, uneducated mechanics, will give any car manufacturer bad press. Call your local TV and radio stations. Sometimes they can help and the dealers don't want there names on the air with bad press. In most cases where there is dealer issues, that dealership is a multi-brand dealer and won't take the time or money to train their mechanics properly. Check out StreetKiaz web site. You will be able to talk with some of the best Kia mechanics and modders on the planet. The owner of the site can put you in touch with the right people at Kia USA. Don't give up on a car because of a bad dealer. There are many good ones out there. :)
  • My 2006 Spec 5 has around 16500 miles on it. It is highly customized, KFX Performance header, KFX Perfomance cold air intake, no cat, Kia OEM Cat back center exhaust, automatic tranny, and I get 31 MPG. I got that mileage before the header install and am still getting that mileage afterwards. I have had no problems with any part of the car. I change the oil every 3000 miles. I use whatever oil is on sale. I use Wix or Purolator oil filters, no Fram products at all. Do not use Penzoil or Quaker State oil in any Kia product. They have too much parafan in their oil and will eventually give you problems. Ditch the factory plugs and put Iridiums in it you will see better mileage. Ditch the factory air cleaner. Use a K&N type filter for stock air systems or go to a cold air intake and K&N. You will definitely see a difference. The MPG I posted is in town driving on expressways and city streets with the AC on. This is my fourth Kia and since 2003 and have had no problems with the cars. I currently own a 2003 Sedona, 2006 Spectra 5, and a 2007 Rondo. For those that don't know, the 2.4L engine that is in the Rondo was co-developed by Hyundai, Kia, and Daimler-Chrysler. It is called the World Engine. The SRT engines that Dodge are using is the same engine that is in the Rondo. There are several other makes that will be using this same engine but that hasn't been released to the public yet. All will eventually have lifetime to the original purchaser warrantees.
  • Does anybody know about this particular problem? Is this something I could undertake myself, rehooking up a hose or something? Im not sure what it means but I can't afford to put a lot of money into my car right now... any tips or advice for this question, or about this car in general would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  • I've noticed a vibration felt in the steering wheel when idling. Most common when the car is cold, and goes away completely when it's warmed up. I've had it in once so far and was told that it was a) a 4 cylinder and I would feel some vibrations, b) when first start the RPM are near 1200 and go down to 700 when it's sufficiently warmed up. This morning, I let it warm up between 5-10 minutes, the first stop light I came to, it vibrated terribly and made a very faint noise similar to when you used to put a card on your bicycle tire. It didn't last long and didn't happen again.

    Any suggestions?
  • Had intermittent problems starting my '05 Spectra5. All power came up fine, no start, no click, no dimming of lights when you turn the key. One day, out of frustration when it did it, I pounded the wheel about 11:00 with my fist whine the key was in the start position and bingo, it fired right up. Works every time! Can you imagine the look on the service advisor's face when I told him that? It was priceless. Of course it never fails to start when it's at the dealership.
  • Hello all,

    I've owned lots of Hondas and was considering a Honda Fit. But I came across a 2005 Spectra5 w/ 20K miles at a good price. Still has factory warranty.

    After test driving both, I prefer the Kia.

    Kia kind of "scares" me because of a poor reputation in their early production. And it seems maybe their warranties aren't worth the paper they are written on? I've read complaints about Kia not standing behind their cars and honoring their warranty.

    What do y'all think? Would it be a mistake for me to buy the used Spectra5 instead of a Honda Fit? I was certainly impressed by the Kia. But if the previous owner used the "wrong oil" or missed a service by a few miles, I fear they will void the warranty.

    Then again, if these are good, dependable cars, I won't need it!

    So, come on, Kia Spectra5 pilots... talk me into one!! Or I'll end up in yet another Honda ;)

    Have you had problems with yours? Major repairs?

  • acm563acm563 Posts: 11
    First off let me tell you that if you are buying a used KIA and are depending upon the warranty that you need to have all service records for that vehicle or the warranty is useless. Also remember that the 100K warranty is not transferrable only the 60K. My son has the 2002 Spectra LE, which he bought used at 36K and at 38K the transmission went out on it and the dealership wouldnot pay for the replacement. ALSO I do not know if any other Kia owners have had this issue but both with my 2004 Kia and my sons 2002 there will be times for no apparent reason that the car just will not start, it acts like it is getting no fuel...then if you wait a few hours go out and give it gas before starting it will finally start and you have to let it idle for a while before you drive it. Also, repeated times of really rough driving like it is struggling to get either the gas or maybe vaccum locked in some way....We have just had various odd symptoms out of both of the Kias that the shop says they cannot duplicate. I personally will never buy another one. Also, in both Kias there is something with the actual design of these cars that if you want the windows down instead of having the air on you may as well forget it as the noise is deafining and actually hurts your eardrums with the vibration...weird but true.....I have never owned a HOnda so I cant comment on that but IMO KIA should be called POS and not KIA
  • I have a 2002 Kia Spectra and reently heard a rattling noise coming form the engine when accelerating. I had it looked at right away and i was told that the rod bearing was bad and that the whole engine had to be replaced! The cost for this is approx $3000 which is more than or close to what the car is worth. The car only has 88,000 miles. I know its not low mileage, but for a 2002 model in this day and age, a new engine at this mileage seems ridiculous to me. Any one else out there experience similar problems? Is there anything i can do apart form send it to the junk yard? Piece of crap! :sick:


  • acm563acm563 Posts: 11
    Good Luck....I hope the 2002 my son has doesnt do the same thing. It only has 37K on it and we had to replace the transmission. I have a 2004 and as I said in my opinion they are POS....but others claim to have good luck with theirs so who knows
  • Thanks to those who replied to my post asking if I should buy a Spectra5. I bought a 2005 Toyota Matrix instead. They were the same year, same price. Hard to pass on the 'yota, even though in many ways I prefered the Kia.

    Last year, I bought a 2002 MINI Cooper and the tranny failed at 34K miles. 4 months out of warranty. "Tough sh**" was the response I got from MINI. Even though I found multiple posts on the internet of the same failure. Even though they dumped the Midland transmission after 2yrs and replaced it with Getrag transmissions. So, why did MINI tell me, "we've not had any problems?" Why did the dealer tell me, "we haven't had any transmission failures here?" If that were true, why go to a new transmission?

    By the way, Toyota has done the exact same thing on their 03-04 Matrix transmission that were failing right and left. Acting like they know nothing about it. But, hmmm... for some mysterious reason they put a new tranny design in the 05 Matrix. Wow, imagine that. They just "randomly" decide to fix something that isn't broken.

    It's time we stand up to these car companies. There is simply no excuse for a drive train or engine to fail at these low miles. I don't see how they can defend it even at 100K miles. Cars should last at least that long.

    I can accept that poor engineering happens. I don't condemn them for that. I don't expect perfection. What I DO expect is for them to face up to their mistakes and make it right. I expect them to stand behind what they sell.

    If I did business the way they do, I'd be out of business.

    I was a loyal BMW / MINI fan. I will now do my best to spread the word that they wouldn't fix my car for me. I will not own one again. Even though they now have great reliability records.

    Maybe we figure out a way to not let them get away with this any more.

    P.S. BMW if you're reading this, I own a Porsche now. It's 20 years old and it is a better machine than you can ever hope to build. So take that!!!!
  • I just bought a 2006 Spectra 5 and was told by Car Max, where i bought it, that the manufacturer warranty was still on the car, to 60,000 miles. They also sold me their own, 75,000 mile warranty but i have to pay a small deductible each time i let them fix the car.

    I noticed today after looking through everything that i have absolutely NO previous maintenance records on the car. It has 20,000 miles on it. I dont even know when the oil was changed. So Car Max was telling me i had a warranty from KIA, but really they should have told me i dont because the previous owner provided no records?
  • acm563acm563 Posts: 11
    From everything I was told by Kia, no records =no warranty. If the engine fails at 33K and all you have are your maintenance records I would say you will get nothing, zip, nada...unless you happen to have an awesome service rep at your local dealership. Mine seemed like a nice guy when I bought the car and yes that is what sold me on the 2002, having the warranty to 60K but then when I tried to use the warranty we were just SOL. For the warranty to be effective you have to have all the records from the moment the car left the dealership brand new. My son is having more weird issues with the 02 Spectra where it acts like maybe the brakes are sticking or something but it is so intermittent we cant duplicate problem for mechanic. Its not the triny again as the rpms arent going up...who knows ..but as I said I will never buy a KIA again......
  • nodulenodule Posts: 118
    Dear Backy....who whoever else would like to comment....

    Is there any evidence that the 2008 Spectra EX is NOT at the same build quality
    as the 200 Elantra SE? Im considering purchasing the Spectra EX for a long term
    car of around 150,000 miles.

    I would love your thoughts!

    Thank you!
  • I am so sorry you had this problem, and thank you for your post. Anyone who reads what you have to say before buying will be informed. I really appreciate it.

    Here is what I found out:

    I talked to Kia this morning, I was really upset. They told me that they should be able honor the warranty as I am starting at 18, 600 miles, even though there are no records. They also gave me the number of the dealership in Texas where the car was purchased so that i can attempt to get any service records kept there. They also told me that if I start the severe maintenance now and save the records of everything i should be fine, that my car is under 19,000 miles so there was not much to do in that period of time anyway. They also said that if the fluids are clean and whatnot, it will be obvious enough that the car was being maintained to their satisfaction.

    She did say that they can still refuse however if something goes wrong and there is some evidence that maintenance was neglected. So I guess they can do whatever they want.

    Car Max will be giving me their records, which i demanded today, and hopefully dealership in Texas has something for me too.
    But in any event, at the worst I will have to fall back on Car Max's warranty to 94,000 miles. I have to pay a deductible each time i get a repair, $50 at their place or $75 at any state certified mechanic.
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