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Toyota Camry Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • I think you should go and change your dealer. If you show on your receipt that you paid for oil change with tire rotation and balance, then they are not doing a good job. All they want is to make money. So if you are concerned a little bit with your tires, they will try to milk it and have you change it. By the way. I have a Toyota Camry Hyrbid 2007 as well. I bought in in Feb. 2007. its now july 25, 2009. 76,000 miles. still using factory tires.
  • jra51jra51 Posts: 3
    I need to replace the tires on my 2009 camery Hybrid after 27000 miles. The Bridgestones offered a great ride but lasted only 27000 miles.
    I am sure this is a common issue with these tires any suggestions as what to replace with and do I need to continue with the "V" rating
  • mirspotmirspot Posts: 15
    yup...unfortunately, it is a common issue .... doesn't seem like Toyota cares...I replaced mine after 18 months (at 26K miles) on my 2007 hybrid....after quite a bit of research I went with the Michelin Pilot Exalto (H-rated) and I'm glad I did ... great performance so far on Chicago (tire-testing) roads. I did look at Michelin Primacy and Yokohama (I have only used Yokohama on my 10-year old Acura and love them).

    I'd say pick a couple based on some initial research, then compare them more thoroughly (based on user feedback) and roll with one. +A/S&partnum=16HR6EXAS
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    When my crappy OEM tires expired at 37,420, I went with Yokohama YK520 from Discount Tire and I like them a lot.
  • jra51jra51 Posts: 3
    I am consicering the pilot h rated How long have you had them how are they wearing how is the ride and most important how is the gas millage Did it go up stat the same or down I must say the ride on the original oem was good they just did not last
  • jra51jra51 Posts: 3
    How has your gas millage been How many miles have you put on them and How about the ride.
  • Sorry for the delay....

    These Michelin Exaltos have been quite good ... I have ~33K on them now and they seem to be wearing quite miserly :) ... next time I go back to discount tire for a rotation/balancing, I'll ask for an "official" check but I think they have AT LEAST 30K more in them. The ride has been smooth and the gas mileage..well, I believe it has improved ... last summer I hit 42 MPG a few times while I was struggling to hit 38/39 earlier. You could argue, that probably I've gotten better at driving it but I don't think so. As for the noise, I could comment better if the interior of my car would stop rattling for a second ;) ... I hate it from the beginning.. taken it many times to the dealer but they never gave a crap..always thought it was in my head. My ancient Acura is ton more shock absorbant and smoother than my TCH... if Acura started making Hybrids (and in the neighborhood of Camry pricing ~5K) ... I'd switch in a heartbeat. Just my opinion!
  • Well, I have a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid, took it in for the 30,000 mile service today and was informed that the tires were down to 3/32 and need to be replaced. The mileage was at about 30,018 (had the car just over 18 months). The tires were the Bridgestone and I ended up replacing them with Yokohama's that were about $110.00 each. I didn't pay too much attention to the tires when I bought the car to be honest, guess I just kind of assumed I might get 45 or 50k out of them, but that was obviously not the case. I believe the Yokohama's are guaranteed to last quite a bit longer. The 30,000 miles on the Toyota are fairly "easy" miles and the tires have been checked and rotated very 5,000 miles, pretty much like clock work. Based on what I have been reading online you can't expect much more than 30k out of the Bridgestone tires. I will contact Toyota and complain about it. I would have expected somewhat better from Toyota and I have had good luck with Toyota over all.
  • Got my TCH in 06/06 -- just buying new tires this week. Have 50,260 miles on P215/60R16 94V. Tires need to be replaced before snow.

    Have only sporadically rotated tires. Currently have best tread on front. Rear is pretty bare & will replace all 4. Had a recall on a steering rack so got car realigned at about 40 K. Prior to that did notice some pulling to left. Important to keep tires properly balanced -- had to rebalance a few times (threw some weights I guess.)

    Have followed tire pressure thread. Tend to run 33-35 psig in summer, and 32 psig in winter. Manual says 35 Psi to be used if running at > 100 mpg. I drive fast on trips and so use the higher pressure in summer, but reduce in winter for better traction.

    Traction in Snow -- Also have a 98 Infinity I-30 with 150 K miles and it is definitely much better in the snow. Live in Boston area and go to ski country. I-30 definitely better in snow. Seems like front end is "lighter" on TCH, with traction not quite as good as I-30 (a great car but only 22-24 mpg). Could be that I-30 with Dunlop Sport All Season Radials have better traction, but it feels like it is much more then just the tire. I-30 much heavier in front it seems.

    Any others with experience using tires in snowy region?

    Have been getting about 35 Mpg overall in summer, and 30-32 MPG in winter (due to car running longer to heat up and not shutting down at stop lights in winter). Have hit tanks of up to 40 MPG on trips -- especially in the mtns.

    Extremely pleased with Michelins and will go with same -- especially after reading other tire horror stories.

    This is an excellent site for info -- just found it and appreciate all of your input.
  • These tires are the original equipment on my 08 TCH and have served me just fine. I have 67,000 miles on them and they will probably be replaced by the time I hit 70,000. I drive roughly 600 miles per week in Atlanta traffic and get about 40 mpg. I would like to find tires that are much quieter but don't know if that is possible. The ride is good and they do fine in wet weather and dry. Never tried them in snow! I'm think about replacing them with the same or with Hankook Optimo 727--both pretty pricey. I'm eager to hear from anyone with experience with these or other tires.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    I just put my 3rd set of tires on my 2007 TCH with 71500 miles on it now.

    The original Bridgestone OEM tires were AWFUL and lasted only about 32K miles.

    I got some Yokohama YK520 tires, rated at 65K, and they lasted about 39K miles.

    I decided to step up in "class" and go with the high-dollar Michelins, since the tire store gave me a $68 per tire credit for the Yokohama tires.

    So far - VERY pleased with the Michelins.

    Nice, quiet, smooth ride and feel. Also unusually, I noticed a slight increase in MPG with the new tires, almost immediately. Very Odd, since new tires are softer and have "more rubber on the road" and that usually bogs down the MPG at first.

    It will be interesting to see if the MPG continues to go up as the tires harden with use and get less rubber on the road.

    All in all, these tires are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! :shades:
  • basicinfobasicinfo Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Michelin Primacy MXV4 HR's and Energy's? Which one is better for all season use? :confuse:
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