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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    the 1500HD CC has quite a bit longer wheelbase than a Sub.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Of course not!! The posts were deleted by the hosts....doh!!
  • pwitzpwitz Posts: 51
    Each of the trucks out there in the 4 door/pickup quasi SUV have pluses and minuses. In truck shopping (as in car), it beomes readily apparent where the manufacturer's place their strategies...and each vehicle has their trade-offs.

    Ford SuperCrew:
    First year it came out, no rear head-rests, no rear defroster. I though this was pretty lame...and not sure if these are there now as options or standard. Power is good, not expceptional (I had a F-150 w/ the bigger 5.4 Trition as a rental for a month). Tailgate lock is nice plus. Interior is nice shaped...guages a bit small...looks only okay in tan). Exterior is nicely styled.

    Toyota Tundra:
    Interior is unimpressive..lots of rounds...haven't seen leather, but cloth interior was weaker than Camry's I've seen. How about a real center console? ABS as an option? Exterior styling is good, but back seat is tight. Like external door handles for rear. Reliability is very attractive selling point, but dealers can gouge prices on these at times.

    Chevy Silverado (Which I bought)
    Interior plastic is really cheap...and hasn't held up real well. Where is the tail gate lock, instead of or additional to the spare tire lock?
    Power from the 5.3 is excellent. Exterior styling a bit bland, but better in dark color (black, blue). No CC or 4th ext. cab door in first model year...not real convenient.

    Chevy Avalanche:
    Nice exterior styling, cladding looks good on dark or bright colors (blue, black, red). Same GM interior plastic (ie. not beefy, not textured well). No padded dash...hollow shell just like base work truck. Bed area very versatile and side pockets good ideas. How about the work "Avalanche" neatly sewn into the leather seats, and not a big yellow bowtie...seems kinda tacky. NVH is good, power is good. Rear visibility not so great....back window is now the size of an old Riveria's.
  • markiiimarkiii Posts: 21
    I saw the orange at the Milwaukee Auto show....almost, ALMOST convinced me no to go with the AV. Thank God my dealer ordered with Pewter! I can't even descibe the look, just a color that wasn't for me I guess.

    No real complaints so far with the TRUCK. Plywood fit nice, but the first piece was a pain with the bed mat...had to pull it from the front a bit. I am thinking of the cover I saw in the accesories literature for a seat protector. Not a must, but will make it less of a concern.

    I like the power of the 5.3 but it does seem to bog down more than I'm used to. I think some of it has been due to my care during break in. Haven't hauled my boat yet. I did get the backend to break loose and squak this weekend while pulling into traffic so it does have some !@#$s.

    I have both compliments AND each his own. One guy thought it was as useless as a SportTrac until I told him what you could do with the bed (I guess he's not a Ford fan!) and another who thought it was UGLY (and felt strongly about it.....was that frey?). Anyway, it's all I wanted it to be and more. Now I have a 4-door TRUCK that fits in my garage.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    I knew these old eyes were not playing
    tricks on me !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Oh, but Frey "didn't mean to bash the Avalanche" or other posters. What's that noise? The sound of someone backpedaling, sucking up and kissing a$$.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    They deleted my post........
    Syracuse ny dealer NOW offering $4000 off
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    I Still think the AV would be perfect for my family... I kinda like the looks, but mostly the utility. By the way I have a 6y/o Mazda B4000(same as 93' and later Ranger) with well over a 100k miles! Only maint. has been oil & fluid changes until this year when I did belts, hoses & water pump, and then ac service and something called a mass airflow sensor(found to be defective with a $35 code scanner)... I think total maint for the life of the truck is less than $500! (have life time free oil changes from my dealer) don't know what kind of problems you have with your Ranger... maybe it just needs better service. The B4000 has performed exactly the way I planned and needed it to perform. My other 2 vehicles(00' S2000 & 00' Odyssey) were bought each with a specific purpose in mind and both excel. I really believe the AV will perform as well in its purpose and turn out to be a landmark vehicle in the field of multi-purpose vehicles. My problem is, I will be waiting a little longer to get one. Oh by the way, I like the toyota truck, it is just overpriced and cannot do what the AV can do.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    It's all about the value for what you need. I have a client who just bought an Excab Tundra for only $2K less than my Av. The Av is fully loaded with leather, sunroof, climate control, Z71, etc. In addition, it is fullsize and has all the utility.
  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 32
    That crash testing was on a "F150 Extended Cab Pickup." Take the time to research before assuming. Testing on the "F150 Supercrew" was quite good infact. And as for the shorty bed (don't forget the bed extender that gives you a full 7 feet of length, longer than my 1/2 ton stepside's 6, mind you), I was originally all for going with a GMC Sierra Crewcab 4wd, but lets see here.....a rebadged 3/4 ton, DON'T NEED A WORK TRUCK! 6.0 liter engine, yeah it's great but wouldn't it have made more sense to make the 5.3 standard and the 6.0 an option???? I wanted SOME type of mpg, DON'T NEED A WORK TRUCK! And as for the Avalanche, all that plastic and fiberglass molding! Come on! Lets be real here, shall we. GM knows they're playing catch up to Ford, but they made the mistake of making the Avalanche the way it looks, as well as making the starting cost of the truck quite a bit more than the Supercrew. You do the math. F150 Supercrew 4wd XLT, sunroof, power everything + seats, towing package, 4X4 offroad equipment, bed extender, 5.4 liter, $33k out the door. Show me where I can buy an Avalanche with the same content for the same price and I'll go trade in my Supercrew in a heartbeat. NOT!!!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

    what if you have something 5 or 6ft long. Yea your bed extender is nice (isnt it plastic also?). But what if you cant get that went and its pouring. Your SOL.
  • stockmutstockmut Posts: 21
    You wanted to know where you could get an Av for that price fully loaded... Here's your answer(actually any $98 over invoice would fit the bill)

  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 32
    Ryan, my bed extender's aluminum. I don't know about anyone else's. As for if I have something 5 or 6 feet, flip the extender and I've got more than enough room. Wasn't sure what you were talking about when you wrote "But what if you cant get that went and its pouring. Your SOL."

    Stockmut, you might want to have whomever made that site look into getting a better web designer. None of the pages actually work.
  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 32
    Just went to the official Chevy/ GM site, built an Avalanche with pretty much exactly what I have on my Supercrew. Guess what? Can't get it for less that $37k. Hmmm, is that link you showed for that dealer offering something special beyond what the official Chevy site shows?????
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "But what if you cant get that went and its pouring. Your SOL. "

    Should have said

    But what if you cant get that wet and its pouring. Your SOL.

    Also if you look at the link stock provided the MSRP of the av is $37K and the dealership is selling them for $32
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Selling Price $32,926
    MSRP $37,263

    Only thing i didnt notice was the sunroof

    everything else was comparble
  • wlm26wlm26 Posts: 32
    Just went to the official Chevy/ GM site, built an Avalanche with pretty much exactly what I have on my Supercrew. Guess what? Can't get it for less that $37k. Hmmm, is that link you showed for that dealer offering something special beyond what the official Chevy site shows?????
  • stockmutstockmut Posts: 21
    That's the MSRP(you know the price you never pay for something ;-) ). The website I pointed you to (which works for both Netscape 4.51 and Internet Explorer) is a dealer who sells all his Chevy's for $98 over invoice. (unfortunately I didn't find that site until after I had paid $34500 for mine which includes EVERYTHING you mentioned)
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