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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • Has anyone compared the ride and handling of these two differently equipped 2wd Avs? I drove a Z66 about 3 weeks ago and really liked it and then yesterday I drove a non-Z66 and it seemed much less impressive all around in terms of handling and ride. Was wondering if anyone else had made the comparison and what your comments were.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    although maybe not quite so strongly. The only reason I'd consider an Av is because it's the only real GM 1/2 ton CC choice we have. Much as I like all the power I can get I really don't need the 6.0, don't want the the longer wheelbase, so don't need or want the heavier duty 1500HD.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Don, you've looked at the Av - drive it to give a more objective critique. Styling isn't going to suit everyone's taste, but this truck is unbelievable on the road. There is absolutely no comparison to a Screw.

    Assumption - poor mileage - I'm still under 1,000 miles and at 17.2 MPG. (Z71)

    "function ill suited to almost any real family" - we have used the bed, covered and uncovered, to transport dogs, gear, you name it. The topboxes hold my towing gear.

    People are constantly wanting to take a closer look and check out the features. If you check the pricing, you won't find 2002 discounts, just dealers willing to sell near invoice.
  • I live in Southern California. Here, all versions of the Av can be had for under invoice. I expected them to try to tell me that the North Face was special and deserved a higher price, but they didn't even try. I made my offer of $800 under invoice, they said that had to at least make $100 dollars (boo hoo), I started to stand up, they took my offer. Took five minutes.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    these great deals but I'm glad I'm not the Salesman trying to make a living on them. They work on a percentage and when it's invoice or less they usually just get a "mini" of $100 - $150. Takes a helluva lot of them to make a living. Been there, done that. I allways remember one of the films we saw where this Customer tells the Salesman to give them this great deal and "make it up on the next Customer". The Salesman replies "what if you are that next Customer"?!
  • jjglanton: If I may....what was your down payment & what type of financing (or cash) did you swing on $800 under invoice?


    txyank1: I'm sorry, but getting the best deal for me and my family comes long before I'll start to worrying about the salesman's commission. The give and take - let's make a deal - process is the result of the car dealers - not the buyers. Buyers should receive nothing but kudos for swinging the best deal they can. Show me a car salesman who would not "want" the most money he could get for a vehicle in order to pad his commission and I'll show you a Saturn dealer.

    My apologies to the Av board for my digression.

  • Here in central NJ, each Chevy dealer has maybe one Av on the lot, and it's usually a demo that a salesman is driving. And I've only seen one Av on the road since they began making them. Can someone explain this oddity? I don't think I could expect to pay around invoice for a vehicle that is so rare. Anybody else out there buy an Av in the northeast part of the country?
  • Also, for some reason does not list the Av in their database, so I can't even search for Av's at the Chevy dealers in my area.
  • ...or any other site you can view pricing at. This will list invoice and retail so you can have an idea what $100 over/under invoice really is. GM will not list the AV on buypower until it is available everywhere (that's "their" story).
    I think the "oddity" has been given many explanations if you simply look "back" at all the opinions throughout this group!

    Brad in SoCal
  • pwitzpwitz Posts: 51
    Seem pretty lumpy around the country....
    here in upstate NY, dealers have 4 to 5 Avalanches on the lots....CT only had 1 to 2...down in SC, dealers had 4 to 5 per...

    GM Buypower website now lists the AV on it, so you can do some remote dealer snooping.
  • Now that is bizarre. Yesterday - no Avalanche on GMBuyPower. Today - there it is magically. Of course what's with the color Av they show as a sample of the vehicle?
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    50 - 60 on the lots!
  • I searched for 2WD Av's at the five dealerships in my area. There were a total of two trucks, neither of which was equipped with the Z66 package. It amazes me that there are 50-60 on the lots in Austin. Maybe I should move.

    Anybody here special order an Av? If so, how long does it take to get them built?
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Ordered Indigo Z71 w/Neutral Leather, Convenience Pkg., Sunroof, Running Boards on 7/6; arrived at dealer (Iowa) on 8/21.

    BTW, getting out of Jersey would do you good - living there has you speculating on towing with a Kia!???
  • Ordered Forest Green Z71 w/graphite cloth buckets, Convenience Pkg., Sunroof, Running Boards, block heater on 7/13; TBW this week [have not heard anything from my dealer yet - going to call tomorrow][Illinois]
    According to the dealer, I got caught in the summer shutdown period..should have ordered one week earlier!
  • Come on now - my trailer is only a popup camper, so it should be able to be towed by a van. Actually, to pull it with an Av would be extreme overkill, but I just love the looks of the truck and I'd be set for a heavier trailer if I decide to move up in the future.

    And besides, why would I want to move out of NJ, especially where I'd need to order a vehicle with an engine block heater! I had enough of that bad weather back in college.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    contacting Nelson Auto Group in Austin. ( They are a used vehicle Dealer (mainly trucks) but have connections with New Car Dealers and will find vehicles. Who knows maybe they could find one for you at an acceptable price. Maybe I could even drive it up to you. And visit upstate NY. Son-in-Law (Dick Batten) works for Nelson. I bought my GMC through them from a Dealer in San Antonio.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    I haven't seen a forest green Av yet, it should look good. Do you keep your vehicle outside that you ordered the block heater?

    I'll be through on my way to Bloomington-Normal mid-month; what dealer did you order through? Hopefully you'll hear soon on delivery - two to three weeks from TPW, depending on how quickly they can get a load scheduled out of Wentzville, MO.
  • Unfortunately, the wife gets to keep her mustang in the garage...AV won't fit...the larger garage plans have to wait about a year or two, so the new truck sits in the driveway. It only gets cold enough to use the block heater seriously 3-4 times a year, but for $27.39, if I use it once the entire time I own the truck, I'll feel good about spending the cash.
    Odered the AV from Sam Lehman Chevy in Eureka, Sales guy called me right before I was going to call him. My AV has been built and I have the VIN #, just got to wait for it to arrive. I checked the rail line tracking website, but nothing comes up for my VIN: I'm guessing its not on the train yet or something. Another added bonus: Chevy just started a new dealer rebate for the AV in September - $500. Since I used GMS pricing, this comes right off the top, before taxes. With this added rebate, I'm now about $1,000 below invoice with GMS pricing.
    Uftring Chevy in Washington just got a forest green Z71 all options in a few days ago. Can't wait for mine to get here. I've seen all colors in person now except the sunset orange metallic. All Chevy dealers around Peoria have 3-4 AV's now.
  • Well I'm not very happy tonight. Picked up my Av from the dealer tonight after having the roof rack installed. Got it home and found that the crossbars wouldn't tighten down. They were all loose and floppy and sliding around. Something was wrong with them. Weren't safe to drive with, so I gently started to remove the rear crossbar and to my horror it lifted the left guide rail right off the roof. Some moron better not have drilled the holes in my roof too big but that's what it looks like. And the crossbars are flimsy plastic crap. Wish I had not got the roof rack altogether.
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