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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • I am currently shopping for a black chevrolet avalanche and I am interested in painting the cladding to match the exterior. Does anyone know the website that shows pictures of the painted cladding? I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    Go see link below they have a pic there of some.

    Sharp looking!

  • The pics on do look good, but check it out up close. A dealer in my area painted the cladding on a black Z66. It looks good from a distance, but terrible from close up - paint's shine is bad - like oil based model paint - stands out almost as much as the original cladding. I have not checked in a couple of weeks, but the painted Av sat on their corner display for at least two months without selling.
    I'm sure other painters can do a much better job and get good result. Make sure you can see a real world example. Good luck.

  • txyank1 has it correct; GMS pricing is GM employee price + 4%. Your employer has to be a supplier for GM though to get it. You have to enter a supplier code at GM's website and then they will send you the form you use with the dealer. I heard that some aviation group has a supplier number with GM and a lot of people were joining and paying the ~$10 dues to get the discount. May want to try that. goto for more GM info. Also remember that the dealer does not have to honor the discount program ( this usually happens on high demand vehicles). When I ordered my AV in July, 5 dealers turned me down...the 6th got by business.

    Now to the savings: Each discount is different, but in a nutshell, the gm employee price (GMO)is 17% below GMS price would be GMO + 4%

    Ordered my Z71 1500 AV with all options but leather for:

    MSRP: $37,484

    Invoice: $33,203.36

    GMO: $31,732.80

    GMO+4%: $33,002.11 ---price as ordered with NO haggling

    I took delivery last week and got another $500 dealer incentive rebate (as part of the GMS probram, you also get all dealer incentives)that started in September. Make sure they take this rebate off before taxes, though. So, final cost was 32,502.11, ~5K off MSRP.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions..this is what this forum is for: it helped me when I was shopping too.

    After 10 days, I can honestly say this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. No problems, concerns, or complaints. It is everything I wanted.


  • For the past month I've sat back and read this entire board as I get close to making the decision to purchase an Avalanche. I too, like others on this board, have an interest in painting the cladding. I called some of my friends in the auto industry and they dug around some for me. The news is not good. No primer yet found to allow paint to reliably adhere to the cladding.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    ANYONE with a Z66 or an av with 16" rims taking them off and replacing with aftermarket wheels? If you are selling your rims could you please let me know


  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Dealers have Av's advertised for 4k off even without GMS.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    New AV 4wd soft cover $29,999 plus tax and fees.
  • After reading all the messages about the AV, I just have to add my comments about who is buying this vehicle. I'm an 'over 50' female with my own business that requires hauling valuable artwork, antiques, building supplies etc. Have had Jeeps for 5 years and was increasingly disatisfied with their flexibility. Two days before I signed the papers for yet another Jeep, I saw my first AV and decided to test drive one. I was astounded.....ordered one on the spot. Have put almost 1000 miles on it and loaded it to the hilt several times. Getting 17+ mpg, driving mountainous roads, gravel, interstate etc. Am average height, but the hand holds and bumper steps make getting in and out a breeze. No topper to work around (the main reason I never wanted a 'regular' pickup) and the panels are simple to negotiate. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.....I am more pleased with this vehicle than any other I have ever driven.
    The only thing that bugs me is that people think I must be driving my husband's truck! Hope GM doesn't neglect the female market......I know there are others out there who would love it like I do. Now I'd just like to know where I could find a picture of the tent accessory?
  • Is shown here! Just scroll to the top of the page and hit the chevrolet avalanche owners link and there you will find a link to photos. I hear the tent is a pain in the A## to assemble, even with 2 people.

    Brad in SoCal

    PS-glad you like you AV
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I would think it the plastic were scuffed up with scotchbrite or something similiar, then painted with a primer that had a flex agent in it. Followed by a base coat/clear coat with flex agent it would stick for a couple of years.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    ot would have to be smooth. I've seen some Chevy's with custom packages where they've painted the plastic on the top of the bumper and it doesn't look that good with the rough finish. That's one of the things I like better about the GMC.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    Go to Caddy's web page and look for the caddy version. It is awesome. They paint all the grey trim. And the sound system is bose.

    I may buy the sound system and upgrade mine. I love a good subwoofer thump once in a while!
  • for the bed of my AV. Everytime I look under the rubber cargo mat there is moisture present. I opened it up tonight and rolled up the mat and used my "absorber" to dry the area tonight.
    How long do these spray liners last and what are their pros and cons? I know it is "hell" trying to move or slide anything on the rubber mat and I assume the spray liners act much the same.
    Just thinking out loud.

    Brad in SoCal
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    spary ins

    line x and rhino have lifetime warranties
  • We're looking into the GMS pricing...1st the truck then the trailer (for my horse).
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    on the cladding would contrast even with a perfect paint match. How long before the aftermarket comes out with replacement panels that are smooth and made to be painted?

    Gerrick - quick production and delivery on your Av, glad to hear you're liking it.
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    much more easily on the spray-in liners than they will on the mat. The liners, especially Line-X, are a relatively hard surface. Wouldn't it be nice if GM had just made the Av without the non-optional leaks?
    -- Don
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    The mat will grab more than a liner. Brad, after letting the mat dry and drying the bed, do you still see water after the next wash or rain? I have yet to see a leak, non-optional or not.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    around with a bedliner?

    Not with my rhino liner. Everything stays put. Only thing i almost lost was a stair stringer (6 step) cause i took a corner to fast and the tailgate was down (had some 16footers in my truck)
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