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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    equipment that is standard the only option I want is power seats. (BOTH). I have it now in my Sierra and don't want to take a step back. Problem is now most have only the Driver side power. Same with the pickups. Personally I think this is a mistake. That was one of the advantages GM had over Ford and Dodge. You got power seats, both sides were power!
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    The only thing that bothered me a bit was that the Onstar communications system speaker in the headliner above the driver seat

    That little speaker cover is a fan - almost like a CPU fan on a computer. It is part of the auto climate control system. I just had mine replaced, it was making a noise when cold. Since this is the first trip back to the dealer for any reason in the first 20 months (15K miles) I am not complaining. 2001 Tahoe 5.3L
  • Hey Bill,
    thanks for the info--I really appreciate it. And in my case too, this is the only little thing that bothered/bothers me, because otherwise my Avalanche is just a perfect vehicle.
  • I'm interested in buying a 2003 AV, but was told by someone that they have a problem with water leaking into the cab from the bed when parked downhill. They complained to Dealer about this and Dealer replied "Don't park that way". I read some of the messages and don't find this to be true. Is it?
  • emptyempty Posts: 14
    You do not have to be parked downhill.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    Water leaks are rare and not suppose to happen.....
  • Water leaks into the cab are not normal. If the seal are bad (mine was pinch in manufacturing), the dealer will replace it under warrantee. First, though, verify the horizontal crossbar between window and mid gate is firmly latched. Many of the leaks noticed are due to this bar not being fully closed and seated.

    Leaks into the bed are another story. The only guarantee is that the rubber mat will not get wet. If it does, they will fix it. Otherwise, the "water management system" will take care of directing the water away from the payload.
  • I'm still concerned. I thought I would see more denials. I can't stand water leaks!
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    I have made my peace with the Avalanche brakes. They are actually quite good at stopping the truck. The only problem I have now is driving my new Accord. The first application of brakes when I switch vehicles about puts me thru the window in my Accord.
    Both sets of brakes work fine, just worlds apart on pedal feel.
  • Amen to problems switching vehicles. I usually have the oppossite problem. When I switch from our four-pinger back to the AV, the light turns green, and I hit the gas. The V-8 is quite different. :)

    I should mention that since the dealer replaced the one midgate gasket, I've had no leaks into either the cab OR bed. That's saying something in the rainy northwest!
  • I don't think anybody mention this. In Southern California, there is a high number of Asians living there. I talked to most of my Asian friends and they told me that Chevrolet Avalanche is a anti-Asian styling truck. The only cars that Asian people drive are only Japanese Cars. Well it could be truth since I am not yet to find any Asian person owning a Avalanche. Unlike me, I'll take an opposite approach in liking the styling of the Avalanche.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    anti-asian styling? I think its just plain ugly.

    While most oriental cultures base values on the conservative side, I'd doubt they would drive anything that would attract that much attention much less consume that much gas and where they would need a ladder to wash the roof of. I'd think they'd call it personal self-indulgence.

    BTW, I drive a Silverado and a Denali.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    hit the Dealers?
  • caramocaramo Posts: 93 says early 2003. Will depend on dealer though. For example, the V8 Trailblazers are just starting to trickle in to some dealerships, but we won't be getting them till Feb. (Grr!)

    I'm looking forward to seeing one in person.
  • Everything is a little late right now. we are do for a couple of 5.3 trlblzrs in jan. the ssr's are put out till it looks like may.
    When chev. says early 03--I never hold my breath. Heck, it just took me 12 weeks to get a duramaxx for a guy.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I know everyone likes what they like for different reasons, but the WBH just does not look that great. It looks like a base Silverado, because:
    1. Same, misproportioned (too tall) front face. The Av with cladding has a nose that looks much better with the body.
    2. Why the heck did they go to all the trouble of making new body panels and stripping the cladding to put the cheap, black plastic bodyside molding, door handles, and mirrors from a base Silverado? Because of this, the only way it looks remotely good is in black or dark gray to hide it.
    3. Why were the tail-lamps re-done? Now they're smooth and plain.

    I just don't like it, and will continue to be thrilled with the look and performance of our '02 black Z66 WITH cladding. Sorry...

    Otherwise, to those who asked, you should start seeing the first ones that were ordered in November & December within a month or so.
  • gmwarygmwary Posts: 2
    I've been considering looking into getting an Avalanche. Reading though these posts has been most helpful.

    My last few GM vehicles were lemons. I had a 1986 Grand Am that spent more time in the shop than I used it -- all for problems with electronics. One time it was in for six weeks straight. It was totalled in an accident when I was rear-ended by an F-150 at 35 MPH. Good thing the kids weren't in the car! Nonetheless, this happened about 45 minutes after the oil pressure gauge stopped working and I told my wife we should take it out and shoot it.

    My 1987 Chevy G-30/C6P spent several weeks in the shop for a transmission problem that was found when I brought it in for another problem. The thing is that when I complained about it when I bought the vehicle they said it was "normal". It took them four weeks in the shop to get the proper shim kit for it.

    I leased a 1990 Chevy MPV and boy, was that a mistake. Everything kept falling off ... the door handles (inside and out) so that I could not get in or out of the vehicle. The A/C and cooling fan shared a ground wire, which rusted, and while driving through the desert in the southwest I had to drive with the windows open and the heat on or it would overheat. What a nightmare. It goes on and on.

    The Avalanche offers an SUV-ish cab for family use (we'll miss the third seat), and with the max 8 foot bed, I can transport materials I need for my residence and vacation home projects.

    I currently have a 99 Expedition (Eddie Bauer) which is REALLY nice. It's off lease in June (not expensive at all at $445). Was considering taking advantage of the GM $2000 cash back (I have preapproved 4.99% 60 months in place already).

    I am wary about moving forward given my past experiences with GM products. I grew up in a GM family and was always familiar with their systems, but the past few experiences drove me away from them. I am also NOT planning to go back to the dealer that I got the G30 and MPV from.

    What am I getting at?

    What has the overall experience been with the Avalanche? I'm considering a 4WD/Z71 with a few options, not fully loaded. The bench or buckets don't matter to me, but the buckets may be more comfortable.

    Price-wise it seems that people are buying at invoice (which looks like about 10% off MSRP), less the additional $2K cashback.

    Comments? Suggestions? Any options that people recommend?

  • The AV is my first Chevy purchase. I've had a few new car problems with it, all but one was fixed by the dealer. About par for the new cars I've had in the past (I know, new vehicles shouldn't have problems. New software shouldn't have bugs either. :). The one unfixed problem I have, along with other 2500 owners who's trucks were build Oct 2000, is still stumping Chevy. I can't fill the gas tank more than 3/4. Kinda sucks when you're driving the 8.1L with trailer.

    If you check the stats, customer atisfaction with the AV is very high. You can also check out other Chevy Avalanche Fan Clubs on the net and see their feedback. They'll have more postings than this group.

    I wouldn't trade this truck for anything else on the market. It does exactly what I need it to, and it certainly turns people's heads and evokes questions in the parking lot.

    Good Luck! Let us know what you decide to go with.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I know what you are saying. I worked for GM for 35 years and bought plenty of their products and had problems with all of them except for a 81 X car which was supposed to be the worst car GM ever made. To me it was their best. Anyway even though I get the class A discount I got so sick of their junk we bought a Honda van which never had a problem. Well I finally bought a 02 Cavalier loaded and it has never had a problem. So after having it for about 6 months we looked at the Av to replace the van. Have now had that about 6 months and it to is trouble free. I am a nit-pick as far as finding things wrong, and I can't find anything wrong with either vehicle. Everyone says they have came a long way, and I have to agree. Go for it.
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