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Infiniti G35 Climate Control Questions



  • I have a g35 its an 03 with all the same prob your having. i just got my car back today, Infiniti fixed my car under a plan called goodwill, put a new radio in my car for free and my car is working Great
  • Infiniti will put a new radio in your car for free under a plan called Goodwill. i got my car out there shop today its got a new radio in it and evvery thing works great and all free to us, again the plan is called GOODWILL
  • danag03danag03 Posts: 1
    If you have had a problem with the audio finisher like everyone on this list---PLEASE PLEASE call the 1800 infiniti Customer Services telephone number.

    Infiniti Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 685003
    Franklin TN 37068-5003
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
    Monday through Friday

    They said they have had many reports on this issue and are in discussions with their engineers. If you get on the list and there is a recall they will reimburse you for the problem. PLEASE CALL!
  • salekssaleks Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 g35 (non-sport) and have the same issue. It is especially noticeble when driving around parking lots with AC on and engine in 1500-2500K RPM range. Sometimes it is noisy enough that people look at you thinking you are a nut revving the engine too much. Will take my car to 30K service next week and will ask about it.
  • did you figure out what was wrong with yours? I am having the same issue with mine (same year and make as your car) and the dealer is recommending that the compressor be replaced under warranty.
  • latoyaslatoyas Posts: 2
    him y name is latoya and i was wondering is any one out there hhaving the same problem as me with your radio going out and coming when it want too where you cant control the temp in the car or turn the radio on the only thing work is the navigation please reply if you are havinr the same problem as me and if you know if its fixable. thank you
  • latoyaslatoyas Posts: 2
    yes im having the same problem do you know if infiniti is going to fix the problem for us
  • I had this problem about a year ago, it was very sporadic and the air came on full blast. The issue is the circuit board, it is connected to both the stereo and the a/c. I think they charged me about $550 at the infiniti dealership.
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