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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
Tell us about your R-Class purchase!!

Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs



  • Smythe European of San Jose, CA had a couple of R500s in Black/Black combination about 1 month ago. You may want to check with them to see if they are still available.

  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    Found one at Vegas dealer's cousin in So Cal. Being driven to me as I post. R500 blk/blk, MSRP 63,500. $13,700 one pay lease, 12k, 24 mos. Back and forth with sales guy over term me insisting on 27, he insisting 24 better. Did I do ok?
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    What was the "selling price" of the vehicle? i.e., how much off MSRP did you get? The deal sounds pretty close to rock bottom.
    Regarding the 24 vs 27 month issue, the value of the 27 month lease is that the residual value of the vehicle is the same for either term, so you only pay additional interest for the additional three months. I did the same thing (went with a 24 month/10,000 mile per year lease, actually), on a Thursday, and the dealership agreed with virtually no hesitation the following Monday to revise my lease term to 27 month/12,000 mile per year for about $1100 more for both the additional mileage and the additional 3 months (a 1% residual cost or about $600 and a $500 additional interest charge). I would try to do the same thing that I did and I can't imagine that you will face too much resistance
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    MSRP $63,575. Cap cost $51,525,one pay $13,700, plus $399 to drive it to Vegas from Newport Beach.

    Great service from CA, their sister dealership here in town has rocks for brains, terrible service.

    I was a live one, approved for tier one credit on Thursday.Told 'em exactly what I wnated, 48 hours later, they hadn't started to look. Called their newport Beach store, 3 hours later, while in the dealership here in town waiting for the sales guy to explain why he had not found a car for me, the other guys called and in about 4 mins we cut a deal.

    Think will take your advice and go for the 27 months. Thanks for the guidance.
  • ravinjravinj Posts: 2
    Please let me know if this is a good deal for $46,400 (including destination, excluding title and taxes). Dealer has only one left.

    2006 R350 in Black with these options

    - Parktronic
    - Rear seat entertainment system
    - Premium sound package with DVD navigation
    - comfort package with heated seats, driver and pass seat with memory, power folding mirrors, sirius radio.
  • CA Mercedes dealer.

    2006 R500
    Black/ Macadamia Leather
    18" Wheels
    317 Comfort Package
    318 Trim Package
    320 Entertainment Package
    324 Sunroof Package
    MSRP: $60,630
    Lease option: 27 months, 12K miles per year, $4,999 drive off the 26 monthly payments @ $370 plus fee's "tax" = $399.99 monthly.
    Residual: $40623

    Had only Tier 2 credit though so it pushed the prices up to $469 pm + $5000 drive away. I'm new in the USA so they wanted tons of information about where I had been.

    ~ Steph
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Excellent deal! What was your discount from MSRP and what was the name of the dealership? (Posting the dealership name is both helpful and encouraged)
  • ok, so my mother drives our new R500 last week and now she wants one too.

    no doubt i m going right back to the internet manager at WI Simonson.

    But before I do, can anyone confirm that the lay of the land is still the same this month??
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    And while you're answering that question - has anyone bought a R320? If so, how did that go? I have one dealer who does not charge extra for the diesel.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I should have mentioned EuroMotorCars in Bethesda, MD is the dealer who doesn't charge extra for diesels.
  • Just got a great deal on a R350...Love the car, great ride....

    Dealer was great, it was really a "no haggle" (Invoice -)deal...The $7k factory to dealer cash really pushed the payment down when coupled with the high residual (66%) and low money factor (.0025)....Great car...If you are looking for a great deal grab one before all the 06' models are gone. Granted the 07's have a slightly lower MSRP but if you are leasing a 06' is the way to go.......
  • The trim in Canada is different from USA - although MB's brochure states premium package, etc, but the dealer ship selling the R class via LP - Launch Packages. For R500, it basically includes Base Package, Sport Package and Top Package.

    The BASE PKG covers Air suspension, Parktronic, Multicontour front seats, Panorama Roof, rear audio control, GPS, Harman / Kardon upgraded sound system, 2nd row heated seats, and Keyless Go. Asking price CAD$88400, but dealer sell for CAD$65000.

    The TOP PKG covers all above PLUS 2nd row center console, 3 zone automatic climate & rare seat colimate control, and power tailgate. Not a lot more but power tailgate of course comes in handy. Asking price CAD$94300, but dealer sell for CAD$72000.

    NOTE it is all CAD$, which is about 10% lower than US$. But tax in Canada is 16%, really painful. For 2006 left over models, the dealer are willing to offer even less......

    However even the TOP PCKG does not include rear seat entertainment system. I am considering to get an aftermarket model which is much cheaper......
  • hi all, happy thanksgiving everyone :)

    What are your thoughts on the following?:
    07 R350 with Pewter/Black MB Tex. With [P01] Package, [R44] 17" Wheel Package, 873 Heated Front Seats
    MSRP $49,400, willing to sale for 45,400...

    Appreciate the input,
    Greg (Maryland)
  • Hi; This appears to be well below the invoice of $46,496. What dealership is this?
  • I see according to Edmunds that Mercedes is offering ten grand cash to dealers on the 2006 R Class, as well as 4.9 financing for as much as 66 months. Is there any difference between the 2006 and 2007 models? Any major mechanical mods or improvments? Any reason to go for a 2007 instead of the 2006?
  • hmm...Edmunds show invoice of 45.9K..
    Anyway, it's MB of Hagerstown, MD...I'm still working on the price..
  • You were right, I used the invoice from carsdirect which I guess is not that accurate. Thanks for the info and good luck on your purchase.
  • and now R&H (in Owings Mills, MD) "wants" to sell R350 (Pwt, P1, Heated Sts) for 44.8K ....
  • I am not having much luck finding R350s on the lot, at least not equipped the way I would like and even when I do the dealers in this area are really not all that interested in making a deal.
  • Is this an "invoice" priced car? Anyone got lower than invoice price? I might buy this car if I can get below invoice. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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