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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Very strange. The car was serviced at 630 miles. Normally the first service is around 10,000 miles. It means - it had problem. And Service Dept fixed it, and 1,000 miles later Dealership bought this car back.
    I suggest to stay away from this car. You can also call to MB of South Orlando and ask Service manager on what happened. The phone# is in Carfax report. Tell him you are thinking to buy this car and asking for a truthful advice. He can pull the info by the VIN #.
    Maybe there is a good explanation - who knows?
  • bc14bc14 Posts: 3
    I'm looking for a CDI with similar mileage. If you don't mind my asking, what did you pay for the vehicle?
  • saytokensaytoken Posts: 5
    No I have not purchased the car yet, will do some more research first.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,898
    CarFax is somehow a little hard to decipher and convoluted... Looks to me like they possibly put this car in their loaner fleet.... Maybe there was some sort of incentive from Mercedes to do so... The 2nd entry for the DMV could have just been permanent plates, with the 1st one being the temporary tags... (just guessing.... more likely than a buyback).

    I also wouldn't consider it unusual that a car is serviced in the first 1000 miles.. Plenty of things might not get caught during the pre-delivery inspection...

    I wouldn't let this CarFax put me off the vehicle... but, if it's at a Mercedes dealership, just ask them to see the vehicle history... That will show the service records and anything else of interest...

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  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    MB Financials just came up with Summer Special Deals. Particularly, R-Class finance special rates are prolonged up to 66 months. R-Class lease specials are extended until August 2nd. You can see all the specials in full details here: Mercedes-Benz Summer Specials. Also, you can see the breakdown of what changed from May to June.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Ready to buy. Just waiting for biggest incentive. Any suggestion!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    If you want to buy/finance (I assume you're looking for R-Class) - then I wouldn't wait any longer. You can get 1.9 % APR for up to 66 months. Basically you save thousands of dollars if you finance.
    If you're looking to lease, then I would probably wait for 2011 model, because it will have much better residual value, so it will probably lease better than 2010, plus it looks awesome. 2011 model will be released next month in July.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    I will buy the R350. So still wait for the cash incentive for 2010 model. Any advise? Thank you!!
  • jasonwipfjasonwipf Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    Got a 08 R320 CDI diesel 22kmi. FULLY loaded (only minus keyless entry, 7th seat and all the sports rack junk). Got from Carmax for $39K, trade in value for this model was $37K, Private $40.2 and Retail $43. And it was in impeccable condition. Carmax treated me very well (no snake oil salesmanship BS) and with a price below private sale value, so I was game.

    I went to a few Mercedes Benz dealers and some were good, some very money grubbingly bad and what they were passing off as certified pre-owned was sometimes a joke. Do not be afraid to call them out on stuff. Be meticulous. I flew from Houston, TX to Columbus, OH to test drive one Certified Pre-owned that the dealer was beaming about, yet it had cat hair & dirt throughout, fast food oil stains, cracked ipod plug, missing fasteners, crooked steering wheel, torn panoramic roof fabric and scary low milage on the test drive (17mpg vs. 23mpg from all my other test drives, mixed city and hwy). ALL in the same car. Then the sales man shrugged his shoulders and tried assuring me it was in fabulous shape and was offended at the notion that all of those things weren't completely normal and I would be lucky to buy it RIGHT NOW!.......BU BYE! Mind you this was the biggest and nicest MB dealer ship I had ever seen too, not some hole in the wall small town dealership.

    got a ticket to Atlanta, GA next day and purchased a real cherry from Carmax of all people.

    FYI: had the best search parameters for me.
  • Does anybody have their residual price on 2007 and or 2008 R320 CDI? Or better yet, do you know what lease returns are selling for at Manheim?

    Looking to buy a 2007 or 2008 R320 CDI with mileage below 50K and just trying to get another reference along with TMV.

  • We are about 8 months away from our certified pre-owned warranty expiring and I really like this car and plan to hold onto it for a while. However, I've already seen a few things that could add up in the maintenance category. I have about 50k on the car, what would I expect to pay from the dealer for an extended warranty plan?
  • Edmunds TMV for 2010 R350 base shows 40K which is 5K below invoice. Is it true or some kind of error? In that case I am considering putting an offer for a used 2008 R 350 which has 10K miles on it for around 30K. Dealer is asking 40K. Is it a reasonable price? Any comments, help, tips would be appreciated.
  • I am in pretty much the same situation, have an 06 R350 and am going to lose coverage in Feb '11. My wife just asked the dealer today and was quoted $4800 for 4 years/40k miles. That seems steep. Even worse, the warranty has to start in Oct, or else we have to pay extra! WTF, so we either buy a warranty starting in Oct or we have to pay about $500 more if we buy it in Feb. BTW, you dont want to wait until the warranty has expired, then it's an extra $1500.

    Curious what others have paid, $4.8k seems steep. Is this negotiable, I figure the dealer must have some profit built in to this. If so, can we shop around to different dealers or is it best to try to lean on the sales person who sold us the car?
  • I emailed several dealerships for warranty prices, and was surprised to see a wide variation in prices.. I bought the cheapest one from a dealership 400 miles away, and have had no issues getting everything covered with it at my local dealership.
  • i am comparing (2010 - New) LR4 V6 4ltr engine with 2009 (pre-Owned 5.5K KM) MB R350 4 Matic.

    Should i go for the MB or an LR?

    Need urgent reply as i need to decide the fate by tomorrow.
  • Thanks for the suggestion bmwgal3, my wife called a range of the WA and OR MB dealers and we already have shaved $1200 off the price our dealer wanted AND bumped coverage up to 60k miles (as opposed to only 40k). Will move on to CA next and then start playing a few guys off each other. Best person so far was at the dealership Eugene, OR who worked to beat other offers and is now the best deal we have. 4 yrs/60k miles for $3600. My guess is that there is still some room to shave it down.
  • Thought I would share my buying experience with the board.
    R350 2010, P1, Heated Seats, Parktronic, DVD Pre-Wiring, Pano Sunroof
    42,995 on MSRP of $57k+
    Closed deal last day of the month. I think I got a good deal. Beautiful car.
  • agrawalagrawal Posts: 49
    edited October 2010
    what was actual MSRP, any fleet discount deducted in this deal, was a demo? or any miles on the car? color? diesel or Gas, I am also looking for a R class diesel, which dealership did you buy it from?
  • $57,605
    $1,000 Fleet Discount
    Boston area Dealership
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited November 2010

    I got an offer for $48500 and the original MSRP was 62K. Is this a good deal on 2010 R 350 with 100 miles on it?
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