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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was also interested in Diesel earlier but changed my mind after I talked with a few people.

    For models 2009 and above, you need to fill ad blue and this would cost you around $250 to $300 per year and also there are some additional charges during maintenance for diesel engines. So, you are looking at $400 per year additional expenses for diesel than Gas. Diesels give 5 miles more than the gas engines, so I did not think I could save money with Diesels.

    Again, this is what I was told, so it may be wrong. If you are planning to buy 2008 CDI then there is no ad blue for those engines and you should go for a diesel. But definitely there is a huge difference in driving the R350 and the Odyssey believe me. (I drove my friends Odyssey a few times and test drove a 2011 model as well)
  • Thanks for the advice Ram. How do you like your new R? Also, do you miss the sliding doors of a minivan? Thoughts? Would appreciate if you can IM me (if there is anything like that here). gmak169 at yahoo
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited November 2010
    I love it. I never owned a minivan to answer whether I missed the sliding door or not. It's depends on how do you like it. I did not see any problem with the big doors so far in my R350. I guess the automated sliding doors are cool too in Odyssey but I like the ride and comfort in R350.
  • manigopi, the price is for a gas model not diesel
  • thanks. How does the MB CPO compare to that of BMW? I had a BMW CPO that came with additional 2 yrs and 100K coverage. The bumper to bumper was phenomenal. I guess MB is 12 months and I have to pay extra for more coverage?
  • Does anyone know if the 2008s have 'curve illuminating' Xenons/HID? Or is it available only in later models?
  • Hello MBr, pretty useful info here. I am begining to be a R class convert from Odyssey. I see a 208 P2 listed for 36K 25K miles. What was the original price quoted to you before you got it down to 30K? That will be very useful for me to bring the price down.
  • Hi. I see that there are a few questions on this debate about which one of the two. I have an 08 Odyssey full loaded with the run flats (current mileage 20k). It's a lease which is due next summer. I started looking whether to replace it or keep it and the R is on my shortlist. My wife on the other hand wishes to keep the Honda but here's my two cents that I want to share. I believe the Odyssey has an inherent model mfg defect with the alignment and here is why: (1) I get increased road vibration in the steering wheel at speeds excess of 55mph. The road vibration is present in a steering wheel shimmy. I had brought it to the dealer three times within a month period after the 1st tire rotation. They did all sorts of 'rebalancing' and 'forced road tests' but couldn't correct the problem until they replaced one of the tires as it couldn't be balanced. Of course, in the process they scuffed and chipped two rims which they fixed. Nevertheless, it did correct the problem. However, this fall this shimmy or wobbling has returned. (2) The car leans/pulls to the left and it isn't just me. My neighbors' Odysseys without the runflats have the same misalignment issue. In addition, there is a whole forum on this issue on Edmunds. Nevertheless, I am not sure if the new 2011 may have corrected this problem but honestly my confidence in Honda is already shot. It looks like for the new model they did away with the run flats. So here's my two cents on this matter. I myself have to read up on the R and see what problems may be afoot with it. Nothing is perfect but before I had the Honda I had a 2004 BMW 330ci and and a 2006 X3 which never posed any problems. I have been told by the Honda techs at the dealership that it's a problem with the Michelin run flats. I doubt it as BMW and MB have run flats on their vehicles. So they could blow smoke elsewhere as I wasn't born yesterday.
  • 2008r3502008r350 Posts: 9
    edited November 2010
    Got my 2008 R350 CPO w/ 23301 miles for $30750 :) (listed sale price 34900)

    Hoehen Merc, Carlsbad, CA
    5 yr/100k bumper2bumper warranty
    Majestic Black/Macadami MBTex,
    P1, Panaromic roof, Liftgate, Heated front seats, Parktronic (without camera), Power Liftgate, iPod int kit, 6CD Chgr in glove box, Hands free voice ctrl,
    7 seat (second row mid) , Cargo Cover.

    Traded 2004 Odyssey /w 74k miles for $7000. :)
    Down payment : $5k
    BOA pre-app: 3.12% 60 months for used cars.
    Dealer broke BofA rate by 0.5 points - and got 2.59% for 60 months. :)
  • that was a great deal. Congrats, 2008r350
  • Thanks Ram. How do you like R350? I miss my Odyssey's big sliding door and that was big fancy hifi stuff back in 2003. But my kids grown big and not much a 'wow; do-it-again'. But you can't beat the buttery smooth, floating the clouds ride of 350. This is my second Merc and I was totally taken by surprise :)
  • We are enjoying our R350.I know the sliding door would be easier to get in and out but you will enjoy this one better in terms of comfort and ride. We have a 1 year old and she enjoys the panaroma sunroof and we did not feel that the back doors were a problem. We just avoid parking in the compact car parking lot, thats it.
  • Oh yeah; I gave a very nice instruction to my wife to look for a big parking space again and again. Poor Odyssey, it had enough scratch marks :). Hope my wife does not see this forum, lol!
  • Im in the market for a 2008 R350, but concerned about the warranty - really only going out 2 year plus a few months. I am willing to pay a bit more for a 5 year warranty.

    Is the warranty through Mercedes Benz, where you can bring it to any dealership?

    Was the 5 year warranty a big part of the negotiations?

  • Sorry I gave the incorrect info about the warranty. 5 yrs from the original sale date. Means I have approximately 2 yrs 8 months or so.
  • csf3csf3 Posts: 1
    I just picked up a R500 Sak's edition for a little over $20K with 52k on the odometer. It is in very clean condition.
  • I posted a few months ago about our attempts to get a good deal on an Extended Warranty once our CPO coverage ended in Feb 2011. A few important lessons that we have learned:

    (1) I really dont think this is the right car to own without a warranty!! We've had some very costly repairs and I am guessing this will only get worse as the car passes 50k miles. I would suggest thinking about this when buying the car from a dealer. We probably could have negotiated an extended warranty for a much better deal at purchase.

    (2) Of course you can buy the extended warranty from anywhere you want, so shopping around can pay off. Our original dealer offered us $4600 in October, then more recently when we called back they quoted over $5000! We ultimately found a dealer in Oregon offering us 48 month up to 60,000 additional miles for $3579 (including taxes).

    (3) shame your original dealer! We called our dealer back and explained the 2 quotes we had gotten from them, plus the many, many more reasonable quotes. We also asked them to look at the service record of the car and ask if they thought it would be a wise move to continue owning this car without warranty coverage. Bingo, it got escalated pretty quickly to the owner, who agreed he would beat the lowest quote and come in at a round $3500 including taxes. I think it was pretty clear that we wouldn't have bought another car there in the future (or even continued servicing this one there) if they hadnt worked with us on this.
  • jtm1631jtm1631 Posts: 3
    I just saw a 2010 R350 with 6,700 miles. MB CPO with original sale date of April 2010. Car was a corporate fleet vehicle.

    Steel Grey, P1, 7 seat option, panorama sunroof, heated front seats. Dealer is asking $47,900.

    Seems like a good price based on the low miles and the remaining warranty. Any thoughts?
  • 2008r3502008r350 Posts: 9
    You may want to compare 2011 pricing before you jump in with 2010 model. 2011 R350 base invoice price is $46,723 (msrp $50,240). says there is dealer incentive of $3250 (

    Original 2010 msrp of vehicle+options you mentioned was ~ $55.7k. I saw a sale last month with same specs plus parktronics option - 14k miles here is San Diego listed by a dealer for $48,450. So, yours is OK deal to go. I would go for $45k.
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    In January I bought a 2010 R350 CPO with 5800 miles. It had been a dealer courtesy car and with CPO warranty extending to over 4 years and 100k miles. $46500 with P1 options with pano roof, rear dvd entertainment, iPod interface, Nav, backup camera,19" AMG wheels, etc. Sticker price new over $60k.

    I have been checking the forums and think that the reliability problems have improved since 2008. I have plenty of time to find out.
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