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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    It sounds like a good price to me. The R class will not be sold any more in the US though it will be sold in most other countries.
  • you should be able to get at least 10k if not 12k off
  • adkoladkol Posts: 5
    edited August 2012
    Hi, would you consider a price of 25k on a 'good' condition 2008 R350 gas with the Harman stereo / backup camera and less than 40k miles fair?

    private party sale (I am the buyer in this transaction)
  • gforakergforaker Posts: 14
    I just did a search on autotrader for 2008 and 2009 models within a 500 mile radius and that seems like a decent price. It depends on options and condition. Having the car checked over by a dealer or good German independent garage would be recommended.
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I guess you mean R350, not R380. That sounds like a good buy. Tires are expensive, so I don't know what 'good' means. However, if you have the back-up camera, you have a good package of upgrades. Snatch up the extended 100K warranty before the 50K runs out. You have to buy it from a MB dealership... with these cars you WANT THE EXTENDED warranty, in my very experienced opinion.
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