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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    Is anyone buying these cars??? An attempt was made to buy a car in South Florida -- all dealers had the same pitch; sounded like a broken record, until realization set in and the knowledge that most of the dealers were "AutoNation". So, you can't move from dealer to dealer, because they're all under the same ownership. Anyway, here was the situation there, nothing available for the specs required; take what we have or --- nothing! How about ordering one? O.K., but we can't give you a price until it comes in. Sounds terrific! A $60,000 + purchase and no guarantee of what you'll pay when it arrives. If, and that was a BIG "IF", they would even order it.

    Next step, go out of town; find a dealer in a small town to order the car. That happened, promised it in mid-march, now it's to be late April, but said he'd call to see what could be done. Two days past his promised call date, and we find out the salesman went on vacation -- forget about calling the customer. Talked with the sales manager. "Wait" he says, "let me see what's going on". These cars are very scarce, he says, as a matter of fact I just checked and there are only 3 R500's on the boat coming to the U.S. THREE!!!! for the entire U.S.!!!

    Of course, how does one know if the info is correct? But this transaction isn't even about the purchase price, it's about getting the car! Either M-B can't or doesn't want to sell these things, or nobody is buying them and they won't manufacture any to put in inventory.

    So, can anyone tell me, after this long tale of woe, where are the R500's???? Has anyone bought any in any significant numbers? Are they a disaster and destined to go the way of the Edsel? Or, does anyone know where to go to see a selection of the vehicles?

    There's a $60,000.00, plus check out here waiting to be spent!

    Next step
  • What I was told by a dealer was that Mercedes switched production resources from the R500 to the GL450 which has been selling like hotcakes. The R500 has only had poor sales, so it only makes sense. I don't think we'll see the screaming deals of a few months ago at the end of this year because there just won't be the extra inventory. I think there are plenty of R350s around and a few R320s.

    If you really want an R500 then I would be casting a wider net. I'd check the Atlanta dealers and google 2007 mercedes r500 inventory or in stock and see if there are any near.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    The MB dealer in Fort Myers, FL on Route 41 has a white R 350 CDI diesel in stock with a list price of about $47,000. It has leather an I think GPS.
  • There are a bunch in the Dallas area of 350s and 500s - check out Ewing in Plano, TX - Larry Reeg.
  • Got virtually this same offer for an 07 R350 at the dealership in Columbia, South Carolina. Are you happy with the vehicle? Thanks.
  • kjostkjost Posts: 3
    Interesting that the sales manager says the R500s are on a boat and there are only three for the US.
    They're made in Alabama along with the M and GL classes. These are not German cars in the real sense, any more than a Camry from Tennessee (or wherever they're making them now)is a Japanese car. I believe on the sticker on the R says 20% content from Germany.
  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    Is there a good place to find the invoice price of a car?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    Right here on!!

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • matcarolmatcarol Posts: 3
    thinking of buying a r350. like it a lot, but what is a good price??

    r350 with premium 1 pkg, parktronic, panoramic sunroof, and heated seats.
    invoice price is around 47k. how much has anybody else gotten their r350s for?

  • matcarolmatcarol Posts: 3
    i know that the r320 has less hp, aside from having a better gas mileage, any other advantage? the sells person seems to be saying a lot of good things about mb's diesel new and improved diesel engine. any thoughts?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    All I know is that I would never buy one of these cars without the new diesel. It's the best engine they make, and has been for years - we finally get to buy them in this country, and the gasoline engine still sells better[???]. Once you've tried one, you should be convinced.

    Right now, the difference between diesel and premium gasoline in the Northwest is 40-50 cents a gallon in favor of diesel [a complete reversal of recent history - it was always a mystery to me why diesel was so high relative to gasoline for so many years - the current situation makes more sense, based on how most refineries work]. That by itself is not a good reason, but it surely doesn't hurt.

    Maintenance costs are probably close to a wash - no advantage to either engine these days. But the torque of the diesel, combined with the lower fuel consumption, is all the reason you should need...
  • matcarolmatcarol Posts: 3
    would 1000 below invoice for a r320cdi too much to ask?
  • lemondmbzlemondmbz Posts: 2
    Bought a 2007 Alpine Rain R350 base , with navigation added at the dealership (bought it for my wife to replace a previous car that was totaled) about a week ago. Negotiated down to $41700, about $1250 below Edmunds invoice price. They probably could have gone lower, but it was my 3rd trip to the dealer, and I didn't feel like haggling over a couple hundred dollars at that point.
  • colby3colby3 Posts: 4
    Should I be able to get something, anything, off the MSRP of the R320 CDI and still get the MB 0% financing for 72 months? Looking at black on black MB Tex with P1 and heated seats. They will do $1,500 above invoice without financing or 0% for 72 months if pay MSRP. If you do the math, the 0% is more "off" but they won't take an equivalent amount off if I pay cash. Should I push harder? The R doesn't seem very popular at all, we like it because it is diesel and think the interior configuration works well for us since we do not want a minivan - even if they are really nice. Looking to pull the trigger soon so any thoughts appreciated. :)
  • colby3colby3 Posts: 4
    Would like rear view camera on R320 CDI but don't necessarily want P2 package and don't think dealer has what I want in any case. Can I have MB or after market add rear view camera after the fact?? Thanks.
  • sascarsascar Posts: 1
    Bought R500 silver Metallic with #1 package, sunroof package and navi. Got it for 48200 + tax and 750 dest. Tested the 350 but felt sluggish. Wanted to try the Diesel but wife did not like the idea that not all the gas stations have the fuel for it. The 500 drives like a dream. It loves speed and feels very nice well into 3 digits. I dont like the navi system. My wife has the new Odyssey and Honda GPS is way, way better. Great buying experience, Pembroke Pines MB.
  • bluebabebluebabe Posts: 3
    mercedes willnot add a rear view camera aftermarket.. it will cost about 3 thousand to get installed by a shop, and it may not be compatible fully with comand. rear center console and the parktronic are other options that are ONLY available as factory installs. there may be more.. call the part department at the dealer and ask them about parts you want installed.. the blue tooth phone option is great.. you do need a $300 part (receiver) to get it to work.. ask the dealer to throw it in when you are negotiating the car price.
  • bluebabebluebabe Posts: 3
    i got a r320 cdi demo (had 700 miles on it and was 6 mos into warranty) alpine rain with macademia interior, front heated seats and package 1 for $44,000 also got the rear cargo tray, bluetooth adapter, all season floor mats for all 3 rows, rear cargo net and 3m paint protective film on the door edges -- for an extra $300 (about $110 retail worth of stuff.. basically got it at their cost i would estimate)

    total 44,300 (with out tax and title)

    financed at 2.9% for 72 mos
  • max22max22 Posts: 2
    I'm looking for either a New, or CPO R350.

    I've found a 2006 R350 CPO with 13,000 miles, Sunroof, and Parktronic. Original list was $52,300, and the dealer is selling it for $39,925.

    They also have several 2007 new ones that list for $49,940. They have the P1 package.

    Has anyone bought a new one in the last 45 days, what has been the price paid? What do you think of the CPO deal?

  • rbautorbauto Posts: 5
    Would like to buy 2007 R350 base or close to base. Does anyone know the discounts MB is offering as of July 30, 2007.
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