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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mbr350mbr350 Posts: 3
    That's a good deal. Is it a 2007? I would have gone with a warranty extension over the dealer maintenance pack.
  • Dealer is asking 43K for this car:


    Has anybody here bought a demo? Does this deal make sense?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Clarify -- 55000 miles on a demo?
  • sorry I meant 55 miles...corrected subject
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    55 miles is a new car -- hardly a demo. How could the warranty start in feb ? The answer is that they bought it at auction from some dealer who dumped it for financial reasons perhaps. Review the carfax and find out where the car came from. They could make it cpo which would restore the warranty a bit.
  • Bought a 07 R350 on labor day weekend. 29K miles, 4Matic, Premium 1 pkg (panorama sunroof, Harmon Kardon, etc), navigation, and Buetooth. It has 2.5 year warranty including 1 year from CPO.

    I paid $32K OTD and got 4.7% finance for 60 months. I am in SF bay area so the tax itself is 10%.

    Dealer try to sell another 2-year 10K mile warranty for additional $2500. Shall I go for it?
  • Recently purchased a 2008 R320 CDI with 38k miles. They were origianlly asking 38k, I was able to get OTD $34kish (haggler I am), white/black, Dallas, Tx area. Most dealers I spoke with were all asking high 30's to low $40's. I almost lost the deal once, or at least was "told" someone already had a down payment. Called back later to speak with someone else and the deal apparently fell through. This was NOT from a MB dealership and the only one on their lot.

    I locked in 3.7% financing though my credit union (Randolf Brooks Federal Credit Union) for 66 months! Best I found at the time. High miles for a 2008 but who cares for a diesel? Does not have the panoramic roof but not a requirement. Has basically everything else. I did not pick up a warranty just yet, will run the rest of the 50k manufactures warranty and purchase an extended from my credit union at that time.

    Looks to be the best deal I have found all together! Happy hunting. Not many around these days and sellers were very quick to point this out. Regards.
  • It is worth purchasing the extended warranty. One mechanical/electrical problem and you'll easily out spend the cost of your warranty three times over. Mercs are notoriously expensive to maintain. I'd recommend it. I think you got a good deal on the car. Don't short change yourself on the coverage.
  • Thanks for your suggestion, mbr350. I checked edmunds true maintain cost and they put ~$2000 repair per year after warranty. I need think twice about the extended coverage. Anyway, I very enjoy my MB r350 so far. I can get 24+ mpg in highway. A great car!
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    Are you saying another 2 year 100K or do you mean exactly what you're typing: 2 year, 10,000, as in ten thousand mile warranty for $2,500 dollars? If so, BS for 10K miles. Also, he can do far better on that price and mileage. I would have gotten a far better deal btw. Last year, I bought a dealer's demo 2008, never titled with under 11K miles, with the extended 100K warranty from the dealer for an additional $800 dollars. My out the door price on my R320 CDI, P2, with Bluetooth, white, MB hex mats, 2 Invision DVD's with four headsets made for Mercedes Benz and color matched to my vehicle's interior link title, Ipod, Harmon-Kardon, and more... $42K even out the door.
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I have a correction on my post. I think I have the P1 package now that I think about it. I have a sunroof, not the pano. I don't have navigation. I have a phone, aluminum wheels, six seats.... I can't remember all of the packages actually now. Electric seats, and power liftgate.... I also paid $42,200. I forgot to mention the videos before when I've posted because they weren't the MB brands. These are the kind that aren't drilled in the seats, but look like they were born in the MB. They look BETTER than MB brand and are more functional. Even the MB employees like the Invision brand better than the MB brand video players from what I hear. Anyway, these are BEAUTIFUL... and pricey to have installed; but you can put them in another vehicle and Invision will color match them for free to your NEXT vehicle if you call them directly, but MB doesn't want you to KNOW that! Ask me how I know that. :) :)
  • I have the panoramic roof on my R350. I just bought this 2006 car used and am so far really enjoying it. The headlights are awful in the normal setting on dark roads so I need to do something about that. Also, every once in awhile I hear what sounds like a sliding metal noise under the car. I've heard it a few times when my son gets out and slams his door shut. Not sure what that could be. ??

    Anyhow, my car has the glass roof/sunroof and has the sliding screen cover. I get AWFUL wind noise from the roof when it is open. The roof was a very attractive feature in my opinion when buying the car. Of course, I bought it on a rainy day and it rained the first 10 days I had the car so I had never really tested the roof in a driving state. :( Anyhow, I can't carry on a conversation or hear my radio at all when it's open. Does anyone else have this problem? I am finding very few places that say they carry a deflector and I'm not even sure this will solve the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or have you had this issue and corrected it? Thanks so much!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Have you tried cracking the back windows open? Other than that --- ????
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    You bought 'my' car. I love mine. I don't know what power package you bought and options, but no matter, it sounds like you still got an OK deal. I would have done the same on buying that car. Buy the warranty... and haggle it down, too. You should be able to get it for around $800. =D

    My favorite features are the gear shift, auto phone sync, power lift gate, power seats, and the POSITION of the cruise; and well most everything on the steering column. It's la basic Mercedes with just enough perks to be luxury. And I love the back trunk space. Make sure you buy the hex mat for the trunk. It's INVALUABLE.

    This SUV is like a modern wagon. I just love it. I am not toting four kids and their friends anymore, so I don't need a van. This is just perfect since my kiddos now drive. I just need the ability to haul those that live in our home at one time when we go somewhere as a family in one vehicle... which is rare. :cry:

    Here's a link to a site that makes a decent Hex Mat for the R-Class. Congratulations on your great deal.

    link title
  • My wife and I picked up a very well equipped 2006 this weekend. We had been looking for a 2007 (or even a 320 diesel), but after realizing we couldnt live without all the things we have on our current car, xenon, heated seats, NAV, real leather, etc, etc, we found only one car in our area that had everything. It was a one owner (actually bought from dealer we purchased it used from), had a whole range of things replaced during the certificiation process (new tires, brakes, etc) and has a warranty for another 18 months as a result of the certification. Dealer was looking for around $33k for the car, which I knew was way more than we should pay. We were happy to leave with it at $29k and they were willing to do that without much fuss. It seems to have litterally EVERY option that you could get for 2006 (including many we didnt necessarily need, like center console for second row) and a fabulous aftermarket DVD system in the headrests of the front seats, with 2 separate DVD players that can either be used through wireless headsets or the car's audio system. We were in and out with the car in under 1.5 hours, which to me is worth another $1000...
    Incidentally, the supply of used R350's in the PACNW has really dwindled in the last 3 months. So we were starting to face slim pickings. This one really seems like a gem though.
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I dunno. I hate xenon lights. I think that's high for an '06 this late in the year. Sorry. Wouldn't have done it. I think you could have gotten a bit better deal. I know it's late, but... I'm posting anyway in case anyone else is reading.

    And I have SL Active DVD Invisions, but I have the kind that are not in the headrests because I did not want holes drilled in the back of my headrests. My Invisions LOOK LIKE THEY were born there, but they can be removed with no holes drilled in my seat. They were installed by Invision techs with their latest and greatest technology and I don't see them on their website! I only see the 'built in the headset versions. My DVD's are so slim and are the EXACT color of my MB interior seat color and blend perfectly with the headrest. I also have four wireless headsets and remotes so four people can hear if I don't have it coming through the radio speakers. Cool, isn't it?

    And for anyone that wants to know. GET THIS KIND. If you do, Invision will transfer this kind to any other vehicle you buy and MATCH IT TO YOUR NEXT VEHICLE'S INTERIOR. The company where you bought it doesn't want you to know. You have to call INVISION for them to do it. :D Ask me how I KNOW THIS!!! (OK, I'll tell you, they came to my house to switch mine out and did mine to my R-Class to match my interior... for about $250) link title
  • art14art14 Posts: 6
    I bought a 2009 R Class and love this car. I think we got a good deal. The MSRP on the car was $58,215. It has the

    P01 Package, Panorama Sunroof, Heated Front Seats, Rear Seat Entertainment. Mercedes was offering $10,000 off the car and was able to get the dealer to take off $7465.00. I bought the car for $ 40,750.00 with tax and Doc Fees brought the price to $42,265.00. This is my and my wife's first new car and I hope we did well with the price.
  • Congratulations on your new R350. I'm assuming it is a brand new car? If you don't mind, may I ask which dealership gave you this deal?
  • agrawalagrawal Posts: 49
    What model? Any mileage in your car? does not fit in to calculation. Why would dealer took another 7465 off after 10k?
  • art14art14 Posts: 6
    The miles on the car when I got it 3 months ago was 37. The $10,000 came from Mercedes not the dealer. The dealer is out nothing that came from mercedes benz..The salesman said the samething we took $10,000 off the car and I said no Mercedes Benz took $10,000 off the car not the dealer. I then asked what will the dealer take off they took 12.5% off the MSRP and I was looking for 15% but my wife loved the car so much. I am happy with the price and the car. The model of the car is the RClass 350 4 Matic.
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