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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • agrawalagrawal Posts: 49
    It does not adds up right. MSRP 58215 must have metallic color to add up to 58215 with pkg you have. Invoice comes out to be 54201. With 10K from Mb and 1721.70 hold back dealer owe this car for 42479.30. Don't understand how dealer can sell for less then that. Until unless you got some fleet incentive. Do you know why he sold for less or any body can come up with the math.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    The r class is not a great seller. Dealer may have been sending it off to auction to pay the light bill and had a buyer so he unloaded it. Of course this assumes the deal is real. 58k msrp truecar says real cost is 43k. Could have been a monthly spiff to 40k 3 months ago.
  • Hi I am just curious - the TMV pricing for the base model is about 33000 for this vehicle - is that the price anyone is getting ? I looked at the vehicle and would love to get this one for that price !
  • I don't understand why this is not a great seller. Its truly and amazing car. AMAZING seating, even for 7 people. It certainly is a crossover between SUV/Station wagon/ and Minivan.
    Other than maintenance, I don't see a negative point.
  • TMV for base may be 33000 but none of the car comes out of factory without some packages. So low 40k will be your TMV once you get barely packaged vehicle.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    I personally really like the look. Saw one in a parking lot and pointed it out to my wife and she said it was UGLY!!! It's different looking and so people like or dislike -- kind of like the nissan quest.
  • I got an offer for new 2009 R350 Class (70miles, MSRP $58484) for $45,792.
    (P01 Package, Panorama Sunroof, Heated Front Seats, Rear Seat Entertainment..)

    Is this good deals or I'd better wait for new 2010 MB promotion?
  • thats not a bad deal, but I just lease a 2010 R350 with P1 package...salesman said it was $56,000 msrp..he was giving it to me for $49,000...12,000 miles/year, 39 months,$2100 due at signing and payments are $749..i thought that was a pretty good deal
  • Want to build one. Does any one share some experience? Saw someone got 15% off on 2009(new) in this forum. I did not know if I should wait.

    Thank you!!!
  • dl_amgdl_amg Posts: 39
    No need to wait. You probably can find dealer offer 13-15% off on MY2010 now which I just did.
    My purchase experiance with this car is roller coster. We want the White on Black with P1, Parktronic and Front heated seat. Most dealers in LA don't have exact match and some even said it not possible to find one since most white come with cream interior.... One dealer has Silver/Black with P1 and front heated seat and offer me 13% off MSRP but they have to get it from other dealer (after we did all the finance work and lease return paper work, they told me the car is sold that night and next day it shows up again?!) so need to wait one more day. When I got home, I come to edmunds and checked all dealer inventories and looked for dealer that has most inventories on R-class with sticker >$55k and emailed them for the color & options and also the price I'm welling to pay.
    Just 10 mins before my dealer going to bring the Silver/Black car in to dealer lot and before I left my house, I got a call from one of the dealer and they have the color, options and some special options that was truely special ordered and welling to do the same % discount (actually a little 14.5% at the end)!! So I went ahead in got exact car we like...$59K MSRP in White with Black. Options: P1, Front heated seat, Pana-roof, 7-seat, pre-wire ent., PLUS speical options: Rear heated seat, passanger side memory seat and rear sun-shade!! I got luck out since this car is speical ordered by dealer.
    We lease the car since the money factor is too good to pass by @0.00134 now.
  • Congratulation!!!

    Thank you so much for your great information!!!!

    Can you give me an email for the dealer/salesmen name and you first name? So I can try to get the same deal from them.

    Thank you so much for share.

    P.S. Just got Toyota prius II in $20995+fee(best deal we knew so far here) on Jan 16. I did share all information to others here for their purchase. The dealer always asks where my information from (name). after they confirm it, dealer will follow the same price again.
  • Congrats on your great deal!! I'm also in the market to buy a R350. Can you also share the dealer info with me?! I'm looking for one with P02, 7 seater, mbrace, climate control, and trailer hitch. Thank you.
  • I am really impressed at the great deals people have found on this board!

    How did you go about finding your RCLASS? Did you do an internet search, go to your local dealer, ect?

    We have been looking into purchasing a RCLASS for about a month now. We have been able to test drive a 2009 P1. It is black exterior and interior. The dark interior is lovely but seems to show dirt. With children it may be more practical to have the light interior.

    Ideally, we would want a P2 package and rear entertainment. We would want a single sunroof. The panoramic sunroof is great, however, the single sunroof works better for us.

    We have started our internet searches. Any advice on how you found your great and impressive deals would be great!

    Thanks for the help!
  • dl_amgdl_amg Posts: 39
    Not sure where u located. I got my R350 at MB of Encino (ask for David M. and tell him the guy bought the car from him at last min. on raining sunday refer u). Rclass production is pretty limited lately so not sure you can find that many P2 pkg around. Usually best deal is they have the car in stock.
    If dealer has the car you want, they will always able to deal range from 10-15%.
  • Thank you. Will it be about the same for leasing as well?!
  • We own a 2006 R350 w/42,000mi. Expect to keep until 75,000+. What's a good deal for an extended warranty? MBF has one offer for a comprehensive ext wrnty 36mnth/75,000 for $3,109. Are these negotiable? thanks MC
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    edited March 2010
    We bought our car from the Pensacola MB dealership near the base; a 2008 R-Class CDI with 11,000 miles courtesy car never titled. We bought an extended warranty up to 100,000 for an additional five years. I wheeled and deal-ed a warranty down to $1,800. I've talked to other people that paid twice as much. I know our car is still under manufacturer warranty and at least the last year is definitely worth the money. I've had the car 20 months and have only put on 17,000 miles on the car. I would try to negotiate with a dealership if possible. Making some money is better than nothing. They may not make much on those warranties, until the work comes into the dealership; so approach your pitch from that angle when you try to get them to make you a deal. Best of blessings to you.
  • jab18jab18 Posts: 1
    Need some help? This is my 1st MB lease. a guy is wanting me to assume his lease on a 2008 R350 4matoc it has low miles less than 17,000 and is allowed 27,500. the lease ends in 1/11, the payment will be $415.00 mth and was asking for 2100 down but will take 1800. He is asking for that amount down because he said they put a lot down to get it at that note. the car is fully load with the P2 packet. my concern is the short time frame of the lease and me putting the money down, i wish i knew for certain i will be able to extend the lease. i called MB Financial they said if i want to extend the lease i have to wait 90days prior to the time it's due back and will have the option of 6 mths or 1yr is this a common practice and have anyone every did this :confuse: ? i only want to go through with the deal if i can extend it for another year, but they won't let me do it up front. The condition of the car is great, it was there extra car and they have no kids, it look brand new, Do you think this is a good deal? :confuse: :confuse:
  • Yesterday I just bought a used 2008 R350, with 11,899 miles, at $35,188 + TAX (8.25%) + TTL($85 USD), OTD=$38,180.99, at W.I. SIMONSON/MECEDNES at Santa Monica, CA.

    The vehicle is in excellent condition, clean and very low miles.
    It has the following options:

    The vehicle was certified, and it will have warranty until Feb, 2013, or 100K miles.

    I noticed that its retail price in 2008 is $47,625.00.

    This is a good deal?

    The sales manager is great, good guy, I don't have to haggle at all. He accepted my offer right way, total cost me 1 hour, I drove the vehicle back.

    MAR 6,2010
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    Jay, you'd have to research my posts to see exactly what I paid, but if I recall, I bought a 2008 320 CDI R-Class Courtesy car, never titled from a MB dealership with 11,000 miles and a 100,000 mile warranty for an additional five years '13, P2, Sunroof, no 7th seat, I pod, Car phone module, back cover screening of purchases, floor grid mat for back floor, Aftermarket matching Dual DVD Entertainment System with four head phones, swivel DVD's with matching headrests and remotes. AWESOME system approved by MB and made for R Class. This system looks like it was born in the R Class and can be moved to another car and the company will match the new system to your new car interior for free.... just pay for the install and removal. Maybe $200~250. Worth every penny. (Once you buy the system, it's yours and no drilling into the MB headrest like other systems do. It's BETTER than the MB system!) It's a slim line system. It will also receive TV, if you have TV reception, which I don't. OK.. enough about this...

    OK... let's see... I paid out the door, tag, tax, & title I believe $42,500.00, in June of 2008. I've put almost 17,000 miles on my car now.

    So, you have to decide whether or not you got a good deal or not yourself. I KNOW I got a good deal at the time. It's relative. I paid more for gas. I would have been happier paying less for gas earlier when I purchased, because right after I purchased, gas shot up to almost $5 a gallon for diesel. I get more miles per gallon than other people I know with the 320 CDI vs 350 R Class. Overall, I love the vehicle. Would I buy it again? ABSOLUTELY.
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