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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems



  • My truck was recently at the dealer and they couldn't replicate the start-up failure symptoms or find anything wrong after 5 days of variable testing, i.e., hot/cold, and repeated sequence starting. They checked for possible spark and fuel issues and found no codes or fuel pressure related problems.

    The truck failed to start at least 12X over a period of 7 weeks prior to taking it to the dealer. Since then, it hasn't failed to start in nearly two weeks, although it has rough started a couple times.

    The dealer advised me to observe whether the theft deterrent light flashes the next time the vehicle fails to start.

    I believe there might be an intermittent electrical issue associated with starting failure.

    Still seeking any helpful insight from knowledgeable gear-heads on the forum.
  • I had the same problem. The thief deterent system activaed and locked out my ignition system. I was told to turn off the car, wait 20 minutes and retry. It took 2 Hours of repeated efforts but if finally started. I drove it to the dealer and they had to replace a "Huge" module under the dashboard. I can't remember what they called it. But it was a good 20-22 inches long and had to be special ordered. Ever since then everything has been fine. Thank God it was covered under warranty.
    Wish I could be of more help. But describe the module to the dealer and see if they can run a check. It is and intermediate problem so they will have to keep the vehicle for a few days to spot it.
    Good luck
  • rcd2rcd2 Posts: 1
    Hey folks
    I just bought a 2009 Colorado LT1 with the 2.9 engine as part of the cash for clunkers, It has a total of 1200 miles on it. I had to take it in to the dealer already because it was back firing and they said there was a service bulletin about the exhaust seal between the caytiltic converter and the muffler. They fixed that but I'm still hearing a noise like a low farting (for lack of a better discription) noise when I accelerate. Also I have allot of carbon buildup in the tailpipe when its seems like there should be next to none at this point. Finally its shifting poorly on the highway, it seems to gear back and forth between 2nd and third harshly when pulling into traffic. I cant help but this this is related somehow to the engine, possibly a torque issue. This is my first ever new car, I have service my own cars in the past and if I were to guess Id say it has a bad exhaust valve but I know these new engine are complicated.
    Generally its running ok. It seems to idle a little rough. Im going to take it back to the dealer later in the week. If there is anyone out there who has any information regarding these issues please let me know. Im hoping I didn't just trade in my Clunker Safari which ran till the wheels were falling off for another brand new clunker.
  • Carbon build up sounds as if it's running very rich. They should check your fuel system. Don't know about the tranny. Maybe related thru the central computer.
  • I have a 2004 Canyon with 46,000 miles with the L5 engine. I had a engine miss and check engine light was on. I have a friend that is a GM tec and he put the scanner on it and we found #1 cylinder was missing. I already put new plugs and the head was replaced at 26,000 miles. We also looked on the factory GM repair database site and noticed that there were MANY problems with heads and fuel injectors. I decided to take it to Jim Lupient Chev in Bloomington Minnesota where I bought the vehicle. They called me and stated that #1 and #3 fuel injectors were bad and that it would cost me about $1300.00. I asked them about the oil consumption and they stated that it could be a blocked passage in the valve cover and that would cost me about $450.00 to have them look at that. I told them no on that repair. Called me 2 days later and told me my vehicle was done but now #4 was bad and that it would of cost me additional $940.00 if they had replaced them when the did the original repair. Got in a argument with them and left. Got a block away and the check engine light came back on! Long story short, the dealer and regional GM service told me to bad. I am writting many letters!! GM charged me $218.00 per injector. I decided to fix it myself. I found NEW injectors on Amazon for $85.00 each. Was not a easy job but it took me about 5 hours to do the complete job. It runs good now but I might just be driving it to a Ford dealer and buying a quality vehicle from a company that does't have all our money and even more of mine. GM either makes junk injectors for this vehicle so at 46,000 mile you need to spend $2300.00 to GM to replace them all or the mechanic needs to learn his job. I beleive its the first. I will never buy another GM and will never do business with Lupient Chev of Bloomington Minnesota.

    Good luck all!! GO FORD!!!!!!!!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Has anyone noticed that the plant that builds these trucks (Shreveport, La) was not transferred to the "new" GM company that emerged from bankruptcy? I think that says a lot about this plant and the quality of the product. The "old" GM exists only to sell off the assets that the new GM does not want.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I don't think this has anything to do with the quality of what the plant builds. The H3 Hummers are built there and are being sold to China company and will only be built for 2 years. The Colorado has been around in this style for about 5 or 6 years and my guess will be phased out with the hummer and the new small truck will be built in one of the current plants that will hav room as Saturn and Pontiac goes away. The people who work at these plants can only build with what they are given and in the amount of time they are given to perform their work. I had a Colorado CrewCab for over 4 years without a major hiccup as has many many thousands. For the most part the people here are the minority who have a problem or think they have a problem. There have been many who have bought this vehicle or another vehicle USED and then blamed the manufacturer for not producing a quality product even though they have no idea who owned it before or how/if they even took proper care of it.
  • sean91sean91 Posts: 10
    My wife and I bought a 22,000 mi 2006 Canyon from the original owner in May. The REDUCED POWER and EMISSIONS lights came on a few months ago. I pulled over and restarted the car. The EMISSIONS light stayed on, and as there was less than a 1/4 tank I thought it might need some clean gas. After filling the tank the EMISSIONS light didn't come back on. But last week my wife used the truck early in the morning and she told me after that the REDUCED POWER light came on for her and the truck wouldn't respond. A master mechanic friend at a local gas station did a free diagnostic and found the report: P2138 ACCELERATOR PEDAL POSITION (APP) SENSOR 1-2 CORRELATION. He said it was a sensor for the gas pedal or perhaps the whole pedal unit. I took it to the Morgan GMC in Shreveport (ironically) where our other friend purchased it, and they want $95 just to do the diagnostic and at least a few hours wait just for that. So I said I'd come back. Instead I am researching it further here....And the Morgan dealer service rep informed me that the manufacturers warranty had run out in April 2009...we bought it in May. The seller said it ran great. But I am wondering if our seller "friend" may have had the signal as well. (I can't call it a "problem" yet as it has only happened twice.)
  • Has any one had a problem with the welds breaking at the exhaust manifold and pipe. It happened today coming from work. I hit a bump and went from quiet to race truck. Called the dealer and they wanted to replace the exhaust manifold and I asked is the pipe already welded on and he said he didn't know ???????? So I called a muffler place and there going to look at it tomorrow. He said if he can get in there to weld he'll do it. I hope he can..........Zippy
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I would do further diagnostics. If there is something wrong with the emissions system (catalytic convertor, power module, etc.) it's still under the emissions warranty which runs for 5 years (?) or 80,000 miles (?). Check your warranty booklet for the items covered by the emissions warranty. I had an S10 that was over 4 years old and had over 70,000 miles and the catalytic convertor was replaced free of charge because it was covered by the emissions warranty. Good luck.
  • Well no welding. Theres another converter thats apart of the exhaust manifold. They got to replace the exhaust manifold which will cost over a grand. The warranty is 8 yrs/ 80,000 miles. I got over 85,000. SUCKS. This is the first time I had to sink some money into this truck, so I feel pretty good about it. Hope this doesn't start a chain reaction.
    later zippy
  • I have a 09 chevy colorado with 1863 miles on it two months old.On saturday Oct 24 I was on the highway when all of a sudden I felt a shudder in the truck I thought it was just the wind so I kept going about a mile farther down there was a explosion
    under the truck sparks and smoke all over.I thought i blew a tire when we got over to the side of the road all tires wer all right.i discovered the there was no drive shaft under the truck and the front end of the differential had been blown off. I had the truck towed into the dealer and awaiting word the truck is brand new with one thousand eight hundred miles on it.I am wondering if anyone else has had thi problem
  • Well that sounds like a royal assembly line screw-up at best and a part failure at worst. I'd report that one to NHTSA asap. You are very very lucky actually---this type of failure (which I have seen now and then even on very expensive cars) can cause real mayhem---either the driveshaft coming through the floor, or half the driveshaft hanging down, causing a "pole-vault" effect to flip the vehicle over.
  • Thank you for your concern and info i filed a complaint with the NHTSA on monday
    you are right it is just really sinking in we could have been killed
  • Very dangerous situation. If you hear of any other similar occurrences, please let us know. Perhaps there's something brewing here --although for the sake of other drivers, I hope it's just a one-time glitch.
  • gmerazgmeraz Posts: 5
    Hey hows it going i have the same problem with my truck but only the low fartting noise after start up at about 10mph- 13 before second gear i took it to the dealer ship and they said that the truck does a system check at frirst gear but i think that there is a real problem with my truck help let me know whats going on and what should i do to it. by the way my truck is a 2009 2.9 4 cyl i had it for 1 year and 3 months i was the first one in California to get a 2009 model.
  • lbdjrlbdjr Posts: 1
    Similar problem with my 06 Colorado (I-5) rwd crew cab. The car would indicate reduced power and just die at stop lights. Turning ignition key did NOTHING for about 5 minutes. Then it would start and then die on me. At 35,000 miles and 3 1/2 years ownership car was out of warrantee (or so I thought). I took to Advance Auto for free check eng. code diagnosis which was "P0601". I googled the trouble code and learned it was the "PCM Control Module" or brain for the engine. Because this PCM has everything to do with emissions the PCM has a factory warrantee of 8 years or 80,000 miles. The Chev dealer replaced it at no charge.
    Car runs fine once again...hope it lasts. I hope this info might be helpful to other Colorado/Canyon owners.
  • Yes, when I started looking up information about the problem I'm with my 2006 GMC canyon, u guys gave me some insight. I started tearing my room apart for that letter, and thank GOD, I found it. I took my truck at first to a GMC dealer, they told me it was bad gas, burn the gas out, then fill again with a higher octane and treatment. So, I was waiting to do all that within 2 weeks. So when I found the letter, I called them back and told me the same thing. So I called another GMC dealer and they told me to bring it in, they got a feeling that the letter I got is whats causing my truck to act up. The other dealer just probably took my 75.00 for nothing, just for running a test on it, then to tell me it's the gas. So I'm taking the truck in tomorrow morning, pray for me that this is what the problem is, and I want be out of pocket. Thanks Discussion Board for you imput.
  • I always have to laugh when a mechanic tells you it's 'bad gas'. That translates to 'I don't have any clue what's wrong' or 'I don't want to fix it'... these trucks are built to run on regular 87 octane. The worst that would happen if the octane was too low would be pinging. Next time someone gives you that song and dance, push back and insist that they fix what they built and guaranteed. If you don't get satisfaction, go up the management tree. I had that happen one time with a Ford Ranger with a bad u-joint. they tried to tell me that nothing was wrong. I took it to another Ford dealer that fixed it on warranty. I then went back to the original deal, got the boss's name and called Ford. Don't know that it did any good, but at least he probably got a phone call. And these clowns wonder why people want to buy a Toyota....
  • You are so right. The other gmc place i'm taking it too, said almost the same thing u said. Why would he tell me something like that (bad Gas). But I just pray that when I take it tomorrow, that will be the problem and they can fix it. Do you think I can get my 75.00 back from the first dealership that told me it was bad gas, from the company that sent out the letter? I'm gonna try it and see, that's if the other company fix it. Then if they do, I just may give the 1st company a call and tell them that I got it fixed and ask will I get my money back. But, I'll let u guys know if it work when they check it out.
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