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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems



  • nogmfannogmfan Posts: 4

    It's possible you have the cylinder head problem. If you haven't already done so, take it in to the dealer and have them check it out.

    There's a coloradofans website with lots of technical and first hand owner info about the head problems on the I4 and I5 GM engine.
  • cairncairn Posts: 1
    Does the four cylinder engine exhibit the same forementioned problems with the cylider heads as the five cylinder? Just curious as I recently purchased a Colorado with the 2.8L four cylinder. Thanks.
  • donn2390donn2390 Posts: 23
    It depends on the year of the vehicle. The I-4 did have the problem, but all cylinder head/valve problems seem to have been solved with the 2007 model year
  • I recently had the head replaced on my 06 Canyon due to rough idle and a mis-fire in cylinder one. I got the truck back and it's definately running better, smoother idle etc. however I drive over a very steep mountain and it has totally lost its umph in that situation. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I played dumb on the phone and asked if the head replacement was a wide spread problem and the guy said no. Riiiight... I've done my research buddy! :shades:
  • gmbluesgmblues Posts: 7
    Luckily for me I haven't had any real serious problems with my 05 Colorado. But I just found out about this valve problem when I got a notice in the mail from GM. So I'm just starting to research the issue. Basically they are extending the warranty for this issue to 7 years (I think that is the number, I don't have the letter in front of me) or 100,000 miles.

    I have about 37k miles on the truck now. The only problem I'm seeing is during cold starts the engine will misfire while cranking.

    My question is should I start chasing after a dealer now to replace the heads. My gut tells me to wait and let the mileage rack up and see how it goes. But I also don't want to get stuck some place or have the truck down for an extended amount of time if the dealer has to order parts.

    Any advice??


    BTW Over the years I have definitely been a GM fan and loyal to the bow tie. I made a conscious decision to purchase the Colorado over a Toyota because it being a US built truck by a US company. Well I'm afraid this may be the last GM product for me. I also had a Bonneville with intake manifold problems (costing me $2,000) which GM hung me out to dry on....
  • febrilefebrile Posts: 9
    What is your mileage figure? My '05 Z85 LS I5/5speed manual went from 24mpg down to about 20mpg. After the head was replaced, it is back to 24. It doesn't pull hills in 3rd @ 20 mph as well as it did when new. 30K now.
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    You got a notice in the mail? When did GM start handing those out? Is everyone else getting them too? So far I have not had any trouble since the head was replaced on my 06 I-5. But it would be nice peace of mind to know that the waranty has been extended.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    I got my notice yesterday. I have an '05 with 18,000 miles on it. So far, so good..........
  • gmbluesgmblues Posts: 7
    Sure did. It's good to see GM taking this step but you know it's because the problem is significant. I don't know who will qualify for the extended warranty.

    Here is another forum that has a lot of good info

    Here is a copy of the letter....

  • cdf1cdf1 Posts: 3
    If you have not got your letter from GM it's coming and it's paid by GM if you still have warr. this is a new warr. they have just started it not a recall because is not a safety item
  • Just reached 47K miles on 05 Z71 and have the head problem. Fortunately I received the warranty letter last week. The heads are presently on back order.

  • What kinds of symptoms were you seeing?

    Also I'll be interested in your opinion on how the truck runs with the new head. Some people have complained about less power.

  • "Check Engine" light was on and I experienced an intermittent idle roughness...more a vibration. The head is on back order and I have not been given an ETA as yet. I have two acquaintances with 2006 models and they have experienced the same problem and head replacement at 32K and 36K mi. I'll keep you posted on the "after head" performance.
    In their defense the dealer gave me NO trouble or doubletalk...checked OBD codes and ordered the head. (Harbor Chevy in LB CA)

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Does anyone know how common this is percentage wise? Even though the trucks haven't been out 5-years, I wonder how many with high mileage have not experienced this problem? I am a little concerned about this because my nephew bought a 2005 GMC with 5-cylinder this past winter brand new. It is his first vehicle.
  • I don't know if I have ever heard a percentage given. I would imagine only GM has those figures. I don't think you will get anything from them. You read about a lot of problems, but the vast majority have never had a problem, so those people aren't in here writing.
    It is obviously a serious problem does exist, hence the extended warrantee that recently came out. The problem seems to have been completely resolved in the 2007 model. Owners of trucks manufactured before 2007 should not have to worry with the 100k mile warrantee. By that time, you have either already had your head replaced under warrantee, or you're not going to ever have a problem.
    The 2007 heads have no problem, GM found out the problem and fixed it successfully, and use the same knowledge in the replacement heads. Heads replaced on older models will now be bulletproof.
    Tell your nephew to rest easy.
  • Dealer replaced head, but took 2 weeks to get all the parts in and another full week to do the work. Has been running ok now, 25-26 mpg highway. I have discovered I really don't like the HUGE turning radius of this truck, wow, rented a Lincoln Town Car and it turns MUCH shorter.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Maybe after you load a half ton of dirt in the trunk of the town car you will change your mind. Come on lets compare apples to apples :P
  • Ahh the Ranger. Prior to the Colorado I had a 1999 Ranger. The truck served me well but looking at a new Rangers it was literally identical to the one I had. So I couldn't get myself to buy one. I've always been a GM person so going to the Colorado was not to difficult even though I thought Ford did a better job detailing the Ranger.

    Now I'm totally pissed off at GM and will probably never purchase another GM product. I should have gotten the Ranger or even the Tacoma if I could get past the foreign car thing.
  • You got your head replaced for free, the truck runs great and you get 25-26 miles per gallon. Sure sounds to me like you have plenty of reason to be upset with GM.
    I guess driving Fords for a few years screwed up your reasoning abilities......
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