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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Owner Experiences



  • :D Thank God I don't have that problem. Then again, my truck is a 2005. They must have worked out the bugs from 2004 on the 2005 Colorado's.

    On my 2000 Silverado, I did have that problem. Found out water was getting into the doors because the seal that separates the window from the door wirings had a gap. Whenever it gets wet inside, the door lock and windows wouldn't work right. I took the door apart, found where the wrinkle is on the sheeting. Thoroughly dried everything that was wet, lubricate moving parts, and installed the sheeting back. Problem did not occur since then. Then again, I traded the old Silverado for a 2005 Colorado.
  • You know, I do hear windnoise from my 2005 Colorado also. But it is not that loud that my stereo can't handle it. Also, don't forget to make sure that the external pressure cab release valve is able to close all the way. If that is kept open, you will hear all the road noise from the bed and rear tires.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    Island, I understand what you're saying, but keep one thing in mind. If your cab is inherently loud due to wind noise, and you crank the stereo to drown it out, you've created a really loud environment. Over the long term, this could cause hearing damage. Secondly, you may not hear warnings from car horns, emergency sirens, etc.

    Don't worry, I'm not a panic inducing freak, but I worked around loud equipment at my job for a long time, and as a result, I now live with continual "ringing" in my ears. It's subtle, but it's still there.

    That being said, I also enjoy a good sound system, both at home and in the car/truck. I was considering upgrading the setup in my Canyon, but until I can get the cab noise level down a little more, I don't consider it a worthwhile modification.
  • Having tried all that you have, I would begin to wonder if it isn't the glass or body gap issue. I would hate to make more work for you; but first you could have a friend in the truck listening to see if they can pinpoint the source of the sound. Once found the fix ought to be easier. Chasing these things is brutal. I had a screeching sound like a brake dragging. It took me months to find the cause and 15 minutes to fix it. So it goes when you expect a $25,000 vehicle to perform like one.
  • Well I just got back from the dealer for this problem; apparently there are many Colorados with this problem but no GM fix.
    1. check all fuses.
    2. remove driver's side control panel and check that all of the plugs are tightly in place.( this was my problem.
    3. According to the Colorado Owners list, the final repair is to replace the control panel with part# 15141484.

    Although this an intermittent problem and mine started workin g again on the way to the dealer (naturally), the tech got it to stop working again by driving over a bumpy road. It was his guess that repalcing the control panel simply resulted in properly attaching the connectors. They are holding a new control panel for me just in case. I hope this is the cure, I'll let you know. I hope you find this helpful. Mike
  • Mike, I appreciate what you're saying, however there doesn't seem to be any single source for the noise. It just seems to be a general wind "roar" from air hitting the back window at speed.

    One of my co-worker's fathers has a Colorado similar to mine, and he's driven it several times. He recently rode in my Canyon and commented on how much quieter my truck was. Personally, I think I've done all I can, and the source is actually the shape of the rear pillars of the truck, which are creating some sort of turbulence.

    I've spoken with a couple of people who have the extended, or crew cabs, and they don't hear the noise that I do. This reaffirms, in my mind anyway, that it's realted to the rear pillar, and since the longer cabs place the driver further away from it, it isn't as noticible.
  • Starting to sound like a broken record, but I have experienced the same thing twice in my '06 LT Crew cab. Problem is intermittent, with driver's window not working and power locks shutting down altogether. It seems to correspond to cold, wet weather, and the problem disappears after a couple of hours of driving. Doesn't look the problem has been fixed in later model years.
  • I recently posted about my experience with the same problem, Here in Florida we don't have cold weather so I knew it had to be something else. I took it back to my dealer who actually has a service department that doesn't let phantom problems go. The mechanic who worked on the truck told me it primarily happens on crew cabs and is aresult of the electrical clips on the bottom of the control module not being properly locked place. Repeated slamming the door and riding over bumps dislodge and then intermintedly cause the problem. He properly reattached the power plugs after applying dielectric grease to the contacts. So far so good.
  • You should have them make an attempt to fix it. I didn't have them look at mine for the reason that you suggest and now I regret it. There may be some other things down the road that they won't do anything about, others that won't completely get fixed and there are always the ones that they know about but won't tell you about unless you describe it properly. So I say have them fix anything you find. Mine has been at the dealer going on three weeks now and they haven't had an opportunity to start it cold to check for one of the several problems that I took it in for. It has been sitting outside most of the time though, waiting for the next round of parts that GM authorizes.
  • I have a 2004 Colorado with what I think is the same problems with the power locks and windows. In February of 2006 the remote locking system, the power locks, and the driver's side power window stopped working out of the blue. It was a nice sunny day I recall. The passenger power window continued to work; and so did the power side view mirror controls. Later in the day, out of the blue, the power locks and windows returned to their proper function. I took it directly to the dealer. They checked the driver's side control panel, the wiring, and the connections. They test drove the vehicle; and couldn't replicate the problem. They told me to bring my Colorado in while the problem was occurring so they could hook it to their diagnostic equipment. The problem re-occurred again in January 0f 2007. Two times in January the problems went away while I was in the service bay waiting for service. One of those times they went through the same diagnostic procedures they had gone through the previous February. The same problems re-occurred this week. I printed all the comments from this website to show them. This time the problems went away after they had started checking the vehicle out. They then contacted GM for help. They found something on the GM website that seemed to reference a similar problem. The reference was PIT3164A (10/17/2006). GM said power window fuse #42 was causing the power locks and windows not to function. The vehicle commuter was sensing a overload to fuse #42's circuit and shut down the power lock and power window system functions before fuse #42 actually blew. They said the overload was occurring when both power window controls were used at they same time, or the power window and the power lock controls were pressed at the same time. GM said the controls would start working properly once the on-board computer sensed the cooling of the circuit or the nonexistence of an overload. They told the dealers not to attempt repairs, but to tell the vehicles owners to modify their behavior. I have my doubts because I don't do what they say causes the problem. The problems goes away long after the circuit has cooled down. The dealer said they would contact GM with my problem. The dealer guessed the problem might require some re-programing by GM of the on-board computer. They said they would contact me once GM got back with them with a solution. I am not confident. They might have isolated the circuitry problem; but not the proper cause of those problems.
  • mike2250mike2250 Posts: 29
    I understand what GM told the dealer but why do nothing. Either refresh the BCM to recailebrate when the fuse results become a factor or simply up the amps on the fuse.
    Really how many people ride around pushing both buttons at the same time. If you think about it, it would be hard to do. I have to say since my dealer removed the electrical connections and re-greased them, I haven't the problem re-occur. Good luck and hopefully this problem will get resolved with-in our lifetime.
  • iball1iball1 Posts: 1
    Just figured I'd let you all know that I am another '04 Crew Cab owner who just experienced the same issue. I appreciate your input here, hopefully it will help my dealer zero in on the solution quicker. Hopefully GM will take notice of the pattern.
  • kerrdogkerrdog Posts: 1
    I traded in an '05 Envoy XL XUV for an '06 Canyon Crew Cab 4WD Off Road model. Now kinda wish I'd kept the Envoy but after the accident and 2 months of repairs, reliability took over my mindset so I traded. Purchased in Jan, I have 2000 miles and have been back to the dealer once for dead battery (3 days after picking up the truck) - passenger heated seat grounding draining the battery and twice (so far) for air noise in the drivers door and sunroof. In reading an earlier post, I have turned up the radio but this is a temporary "solution". My 3rd trip to the dealer is next Friday when the weatherstripping on the driver's door will be replaced (the door has already been adjusted) and part/all of the sunroof will be replaced. We'll for mileage, normal driving is getting me about 15 mpg in town. I do like the truck, but starting to wonder.
  • I've had my Canyon for two and a half years. I average 19 MPG around town, and 23 on the highway. I traded a 2002 FX4 F-150 extended cab to get better mileage in Oct 2004. This truck has run great. It is quiet, smooth, and efficient. I towed a 2500lb trailer from Florida to Michigan in June 2005, and averaged 17mpg the whole way. The traction control has worked beautifully during the last two winters in Michigan. I recently drove a 2001 F-150 crew cab 4WD lariat w/5.4 triton. The seats were nice, but the truck felt like a dog compared to my Canyon in performance, and handling. I hear all the people with complaints, how about a few more that enjoy this beautiful little truck.
  • mjd5mjd5 Posts: 1
    Today, April 7, 2007, I encountered the SAME EXACT thing.....every word of your symptoms above are exactly the same as mine. I took apart the controls, checked the wiring and the fuses and nothing was apparently wrong. I reconnected the controls and everything was working again, but for only one time and then the problem reoccured (thankfully with the window up this time). I then went online and found your problem on the first search I made. I will let you know what I find out, hopefully my window and locks will work in a little while. I also have had the rear passenger (I have a crew cab Colorado 2004) window periodically not work from time to time and it seems to work itself out and function again.
  • pondscumpondscum Posts: 20
    I have had my Colorado now 27 months, not single glitch, with anything, I am happy to say.. 2005 Z71, 5 cyl auto, 2WD, I live somewhat rural so my "local" MPG is around 21, interstate as much as 25+. Seemed like the mileage significantly improved AFTER I towed a trailerful of furniture (maybe 3500lbs trailer and contents) for about 750 miles, then 750 empty trailer. Maybe I'm lucky, but the only complaint I have is the seat belt on the passenger side rattles against the side when not in use.
  • goody4ugoody4u Posts: 1
    I've had my colorado(2005) for not quite a year yet and my paint is starting to bubble up on the passenger side and down along my faring, its coming off! For the most part i'm happy with the truck as far as it meeting my needs. But the paint becoming an issue, and is really starting to make me mad! Does any one else have this problem? :mad: :surprise:
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    What color if your truck? I know there have been some folks on the Impala board complaining about problems with red paints (inc. maroon) chipping and bubbling.
  • jeepinjeepin Posts: 1
    I didn't make it through all of the posts but it sounds as if I have one of the higher mileage ones here, at 60,000.
    I have the 2005 extended cab 5 cyl, 2wd, and love it. With 60K on a 2 year old truck, obviously I do a lot of highway driving. My only issues have been a fluke O2 sensor back under warranty, and a dash panel that twice now in 2 years, has lit all up when I started it, concerning me, then I shut the car off, turned it back on and gone. I change oil when it says to, no more frequent (which scared me for a while), have not yet replaced anything other than tires, and swapped out for a K&N air filter, and I consistently get 22 mpg. No fuel filter yet, no premium, no additives. I'd say my highway is up towards 25, for trips, and recorded once as high as 27 for a very smooth 5 hour trip.
  • Just had the exact same problem occur on my '04 crew cab. Would definately like to nip this in the bud, as it were.
    When you say the electric clips on the bottom of the control module, are you talking the control switches that are located on the arm rest of the door?
    Thanks for the tips, I appreciate your input.

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