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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Accessories and Mods



  • cbusradocbusrado Posts: 2
    anyone have any helpful suggestions on the topic as a whole. just wanted to see what the thing was about and whether the bumper lip has to come off or not
  • plutacplutac Posts: 2
    I'm looking to replace that crappy stock clutch fan on my 04 I5. does anyone know how bad one is to install, things look pretty tight. I'm thinkin the flex-o-lite brand. Can anyone tell me if its a do it yourself or no? THANKS.
  • anyone know the largest and most aggressive tire i can put on my colorado 2wd without a lift?
  • I purchased an aftermarket trans cooler for a 2004 colorado with 3.5L engine and the directions say to install it on the incoming flow side to the radiator but I have read it can go on the the return side which has a 6 inch section of rubber hose the can be cut and spliced into to make it easier.Anyone with any suggestions please help.
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