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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • ag30ag30 Posts: 2
    I had the catalytic converter replaced in my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee last year as part of a recall requirement so that I could get it registered in California. Two weeks afterward, it started dying on me at stop signs and red lights. I took it back to the dealer, where I got some vague explanations and another new catalytic converter. Car was fine afterwards and I took it two months ago for service. Three days after they serviced it, the check engine light came on. Against my better judgment, I took it back to the dealer and they claimed it was the converter again! I was able to get the part under warranty - but had to pay for two O2 sensors and labor, which was aggravating but fine - until ONE DAY after I picked the car up: it now makes a terrible rumbling sound when I start it up and the throttling is ridiculous. Anyone else have problems with this part??? I'm almost afraid to take it back to the dealer - every time they touch it, it just gets worse!
  • I solved my problem by doing a couple of things. In addition to the stalling or failing to start, (One of the symptoms was that I would get a small shock when I exited the vehicle.) I replaced the ground cable on the battery, cleaned and refastened all connections for ground. In addition I was having a problem with the auto door lock on the drivers side door. It appeared to me that I was getting the shock because of the current path through the "coil" of the door lock. I took off the door panels and disconnected all of the door modules from the cable assembly. I drove the car around, started it many times and then let it sit. Just to be sure I charged the battery, and then hooked everything back up except for the the electronic door lock on the drivers side. No more shocks, no more stalls, no more failure to start. I replaced the electronic door lock mechanism and put it back together. I haven't had a problem since. It appears to me that any path of current to ground even a small one, does some crazy things to the computer sensor board and problems ensue. Good luck.
  • I have a 2000 JGC with the 4.0. It will start and run fine then after a while it will stall out then it wont restart for 5 to 20 min. When it restarts it runs fine. I dont know what causes it to stall you can be sitting idle or driving 70mph never know when it is going to happen. I have run at least three bottles of dry gas through it and there are no check engine lights on. Any ideas? Thanks
  • dcb11dcb11 Posts: 1
    About 3 months ago, the jeep would not start. When I turned the key to the on position, all of the dashboard lights would come on and everything seemed normal, until I tried to start it. Nothing happened, it didn't crank, it didn't try at all. After sitting for a few hours it started fine. I took it to a mechanic and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I haven't had any issues until now. The same issue occured, however this time it wouldn't start at all. I towed it back to the mechanic and they replaced a relay switch and it started. They took the new relay switch out and placed the old one back in and it started. They couldn't get it not to start again. The next day, the issue is back, it still will not start. I moved the switches around as the mechanic suggested, however the jeep still will not start. There are no other symptoms displaying. I am open to any suggestions at this point.
  • Did you ever figure out what was wrong with the jeep? Mines doing the same thing.
  • im haveing a problum with a 98 jgc it starts fine some times and most of the time it starts but it has no power you tuch the gas it dies and thars no rpms ther you shut it off it will start and have the rpms i put in a new cam and crank sensor i tride a used computr and still the same thig it has a code fro cam and crank sensor intermitent short or grownd or bad pcm any help pleas
  • my problem was the wiring harness going to the pcm. try jiggling it while engine is running. three spliced conections in the wiring harness where bad on Mine. i wire nutted them. works good now. on mine theres also a small gauge ground wire coming off the neg. bat terminal. that connection can go bad also. good luck
  • small gauge ground wire is to the pcm
  • well i have not had this exact problem with my 2000 jgc mine would only stall when i was idleing and it was the sensor for the idle. but i had a honda and it would do exactly what you have said and it ended up being the fuel relay. we figured this out after replaceing the fuel pump and filter and the problem was still there so we replaced the relay switch for the fuel pump. and it ran perfect after that.
  • I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, V8. We have been having starting problems intermittently over the past 6 months. When turning key the gauges and lights come on, but the engine does not turn over. No clicking noise etc. We let the car sit for 5 -15 minutes and it would crank like a champ. We replaced the starter a week ago and all was fine until yesterday. My wife had the same problem starting the car, letting it sit and it started as before. When coming home she tried to start it and it acted up again. We let it sit 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 Hours and nothing. Before I have it towed to the dealership. Does anyone have any answer for this problem?
  • Start with the simple things like the battery connections and ground connection. Make sure they're clean and tight.
  • i had a big problem too mtry the coil . mine was idling irregulary ,back firing, surging,not wanting to start runs great now
  • At 8:00 AM, I drove out to our dead Jeep GCL and tried to start it before calling for a tow and you guessed it. It started like a champ just as before. By they way I have tried both keys we have and have narrowed it down to a non key issue but could be the module on board issue. There is a possibility it could be a bad cellenoid on the new starter (low probability though). Some where there is no voltage getting to the starter.

    We are frustrated and back to square one. It will be hard for a shop to diagnose if it is currently running.

    Any suggestions or advise on what to do? Frustrated in DFW!
  • I have an 2003 Grand Cherokee and it has been parked for 3 months, when I tried to start it, it would start but will not keep running it just dies after a few seconds, it will restart just fine but still won't keep running, and when I try to give it gas to keep it running it just dies again. If you can give me a direction on what to look for or replace please do..

  • that would be your throtle body sensor which is behind the air filter. there are two sensors placed behind there on the top behind the air filter cover. it wasn't that hard for me to replace the one on my 2000 JGC. mine was having problems starting and staying started here and there then it just wouldnt idle and would cut off if i wasn't driving a certain speed. it was hell jsut to get it to go with out stalling, what is you RPMs saying when you first try to start it before it cuts off?
  • I am not sure since I am not there doing the starting. It just starts no problem but won't idle. I parked it 3.5 months ago and had the guy at the storage lot start it for me. He said it would go up to around 1000 and then drop off and dye. I am leaving tomorrow to albuquerque to work on it. I will try the throttle body sensor first. If you think of anything else that it might be please let me know as it has been some time since I worked on engines the last one being my 89 grand wagoneer that I rebuilt the 360 in, but this is a totally different thing now with computers and sensors and the such. I am hoping for something simple like what you described otherwise I will have it towed to the dealership on saturday and have to leave it with them until I get back up there next month. Thanks again.
  • Hey All,

    Been looking at some of your posts to see if they mirror my problem but none quite do. Just got off the phone with my neighborhood service station who couldn't figure out what was wrong. Here's the problem:

    On cold days (especially) engine stalls and cuts out even after its been running for a good 20-30 minutes. Seems to happen especially when I'm moving slowly (<20 mph) down a side street and go to make a turn. Also happens just sitting in park and sometimes when I go to move out at a traffic light or stop sign. Thought maybe there is a fuel system problem but mechanic said no because it starts right back up. He put it on their diagnostic machine and it's not showing any codes or problems. Asked what to do and he said probably it's an electrical problem and will need to go to the dealership (AHHH!!).

    I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice.

  • Just ran across your post. Have a question for you. When your Jeep would stall were you applying the brakes at the time?

    I'm having a stalling problem and my mechanic can't figure it out. Said basically take it to the dealer or wait for it to get worse!

    Anyway, thanks.

  • myposmypos Posts: 5
    I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a rebuilt engine in it there are about 20,000 miles on the new engine and just turned the car over 249,000 the other day. Last week the water pump and the fuel pressure regulator were replaced and about a month ago i replaced the battery cables (and yes the whole wiring harness battery cables not just the ends). And now after the water pump was replaced the check engine light came on accompanied by a rough start. The engine turns over and over and over and then finally starts up soon to die with a jolt and a shake. It does this a few times until it stays running for a little bit longer then finally after about the fifth time i try to start it the car finally stays running. But it is idling rough and once i put it in drive it dies again. To make a long story short I finally get it running but just today it started to back fire while driving (we all know thats not a good thing) and it's having trouble finding the right gear to get optimum performance. PLEASE somebody tell me what the hell is wrong with this gd stupid POS! I don't want to put in a bunch of money to fix it being that it is only worth $700 I just want it to work and not die on me.
    :lemon: :sick: By big red needs some serious medical assistance so please reply if you know whats going on with her.
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