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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee limited 5.2 and when i drive it , it will be doing fine then all of a sudden it looses rpms and is guttless. almost like it is getting no fuel. it is throwing a check engine light. but i don't have a way to read the code.
  • duffy2514duffy2514 Posts: 10
    edited January 2011
    you can get the codes by putting your key in the switch and turn it to the on and off positions three times. DO NOT START IT. on the last turn leave it in the on position and count the flashes of the check engine lite. there will be flashes then a slight pause then more flashes. when it is finished it will flash 5 times then pause then 5 more flashes . 55 is the code that let's you know it has finished it's cycle. after you get the codes you can go to autozones web site and it will tell you what the codes mean. or you can go and have a mechanic test it for you but they will charge you about 80.00 for something you can do free. the chiltons manual is a great investment cause it has all the codes listed in it and will tell you how to do the test i just described. i hope this helps. steve
  • Lets see if I can add a bit more to this. My daughter has an 03 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 4.7. It stalled on her last night. I went over and it started right up. Smelled real bad of gas after starting. When she got off work, I had my son driver me over so I could drive it home. 2 miles down the road, it dyed like the key was turned off. Started back up and down the road for about another 2 miles when it started to dye and the tach went nuts. Started back up and drove it home. When I got home, my son said it smelled like gas bad every time it stalled.
    Brought home the scanner and it had high air flow, Ign Crank Sensor, Knock Sensor, Evap System ( had this for a while), Trans engine Speed Input. I figured some of the codes where from the crank sensor going bad. My son inlaw brought home an aftermarket crank sensor and we put it in. Car starts right up and runs for a couple minutes and dyes. Crank Sensor code again. Maybe bad or the wrong one?? Run down to Chrysler and buy another one. Install and car starts right up. Dyes right away. No codes. Start up and runs for twenty minutes or more while I eat dinner. Keep going back to check and its still running. Go inside to grab my wallet to take it for a ride and it is dead again. WTF!! Try to start it and it just turns over and doesn't fire. Wait a while and go back out. Try to start is and it sounded out of time, rpm gauge is going crazy, and smells real bad of gas. Wait a minute and try again and now it sounds like it is just turning over with no spark and barley any compression!!!!! Jeep has 128k miles on it.
  • Without being there to check a few things, I am guessing. I know many Jeeps with far more mileage on them without jumping time or breaking a timing chain. BUT that is what it sounds like. That "free spinning, no compression" comment is what sort of rings the bell. To know for sure, pull the valve cover gasket and turn it over. I don't believe the 4.7 is an interference engine. (I don't think the valves kiss the pistons when the timing chain breaks) Check with your dealer to be sure. If not and if the chain is the problem, replace the chain and gears. Be sure to pull the oil pan and empty it and clean it thoroughly. Remember the oil pump and pickup as well. Best of luck...
  • bee007bee007 Posts: 12
    As of Feb 1 2011, I have changed battery, added ground from head to firewall, cleaned contacts, installed new skim module and had it programmed by dealer and two new keys at the same time, also installed a new ignition switch and it still stalls after 2.5 seconds and the gauges still dont work. Is it time for a new pcm/ecu ?. I am running out of patients with this thing but i love driving it and it looks like new. Any other suggestions.
    Thanks Brian
  • Brian; i thougth I had replied, possibly lost. I had the precise same problem. I got a new PCM, pre-flashed and programmed, from AutoZone. I had to take them the old unit, the VIN # and the exact mileage. I got the new PCM in like 4 days, about $250 total. It plugged in (three plugs) and has been running like a fine Swiss watch since. (a year ago, almost 30,000 miles ago) I had done everything you did except the SKIM, but I never got a SKIM light or failure. Honest, they PCM's die excactly like your symptoms. Gauges, few seconds, dead. Starts perfect, dies. I thought the Ign. switch myself, tried the battery and grounds, tried backing out the torx bolts holding the PCM, nothing helped. The new PCM was instant and perfect.
  • bee007bee007 Posts: 12
    To scottj1
    New pcm on its way from a company in Florida for $165.00 with a warranty.
    They were real helpfui also. Found them on E-bay. They are 95% sure this
    will fix my problem.
    Thanks for the help.
  • bee007bee007 Posts: 12
    I replaced the pcm and that was it , starts up does not stall, all the gauges work, windows ect. The best $165.00 i have ever spent. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
  • 94grandcher94grandcher Posts: 3
    edited February 2011
    I have a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the following symptons:
    Fuel pump comes on with key turn.
    Car starts fine.
    Car immediately dies with no fuel.
    Fuel pump does not seem to run after initial ignition.
    Car runs fine if gas provided through carbs.
    Alarm module has been removed.

    I'm working on getting an adapter so I can pressure test, but seems the fuel pump does not pressurize the system beyond the initial power-on.

    I'm curious if there are common culprits I can address here.
  • I did get fuel discharge from Schraeder valve when depressed. Seemed pretty continuous - I'm not sure if system was just pushing out pressure or if fuel pump was driving it.
  • thadrashthadrash Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I hope I'm posting in the correct place, so please forgive me if I didn't.

    I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 with 84,000 miles. We bought it for our daughter's first vehicle and now we are afraid to let her drive it. This is what it is doing: In park it will idle around 6,000rpms. Once you put it in drive and stop at a stop light it drops down to between 3,000 and 4,000rpms (or should that read 600 down to 300-400rpms?). It will randomly jump higher or lower once in a while and has died on me at a stop light twice in the nine months we've owned it. It seems like it is running a bit rough as well. We cleaned the throttle body and it did nothing. We put in all new plugs and cleaned the battery cables. Still running the same. It is not showing any kind of code. Looked for a vacuum leak but couldn't find any, but it could have been missed. When it died on me the first time, it did start right back up and the next day we took it in to a Jeep dealership. All they did was give it a quick test drive and charge us $80 to hook it up to their diagnostic unit only to tell us it was fine. It's not. Could it be a map sensor or TPS sensor?

    I have no clue if this has any link to the above issue, but the transmission often shifts hard. We added some Lucas Transmission fix and it seemed to help for a week or so but is now shifting hard at times again. And every once in a while when I get up to about 50mph, I swear it feels like it is going to stall for just a second--a quick sputter and that's it. It doesn't do that everytime I drive it but just once in a while. Can't quite figure out where to continue on with this vehicle and we want to fix it before our daughter takes over driving it. Thanks for any help offered.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    about the stalling. i had this same problem. cleaned the throttle body, changed out a few sensors like the throttle positon sensor, map sensor, but what fixed it was changing the pcu or ecu (power or engine control unit) passenger side fire wall behid the radiator resevoir. got it of ebay for $185. sent them my vin nbr., part, nbr, and mileage which they programed into the new one. very easy to repplace. pull resevoir, unplug 3 terminals and unscrew abotu 4 screws. swap it out and it fired right up and did not stall again. i really think this is your problem, mine stalled at stop signs and would hesitate just a second at high speeds on the expressway like it missed a beat or hesitated for a second.
    had the hard changing of gears as well . there are two sensors on the side of the transmission. an input and output sensor. replaced those and that problem went away too, do not remember the price from the parts store ..... good luck
  • dana70dana70 Posts: 7
    I have 1997 GC jeep. In 1 year have replaced many parts, from catalytic converters (2) to crank shaft sensors and all helped but nothing stops the stalling like non ethanol fuel. Walmart/Murphy gas sends my jeep into a tizzy.
    You can try running all the gas out as low as you can and add lucas gas treatment or whatever you prefer and fill it up with non ethanol fuel. It's working for me.
    1 tank sent me into a $1500 parts run (mechanic in the family). Every time I fill up at Walmart or Sam's it starts all over with missing, stalling, dying.
    The best way to get it going when it starts sputtering is to throw it in neutral, pump the gas and start turning it over and let it blow out whatever is throwing it off and continue on.
    Good Luck
  • drbe4tdrbe4t Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I have had the same symptoms! However, I've changed the TPS on the my jeep(1999) The gauges don't start. It'll start but after... I'd say 9 or so seconds it'll just die. Do you think it's the PCM?
  • 94grandcher94grandcher Posts: 3
    edited March 2011
    At key on, fuel pump runs.

    System pressurizes to about 30 lbs.

    At key start, car starts and then stalls quickly.

    Pressure remains strong.

    Car will continue to run if gas added at throttle body.
  • Hello once again im having problems with my jeep before it was idle then shutting off or acting funny i replaced all filters and pumps finally 3 months ago i replaced the Brain, now today i went to start it it started just fine.. but when i went to move it again it wouldnt start when i put the key in the ignition my lights come on and the door chimes but when i go to turn it over i get nada not even a click,, the battery is new please help if you can thanks so much
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    start with basics... clean terminals and hook up jumber cables..... new batteries go dead too if drained.... weak battery will still ring bells and run the lights
    good luck
  • A few weeks ago my cherokee stalled and wouldn't start. I have replaced the crankshaft position switch and the camshaft position switch. Ran it for a few days, no problem, (~124 miles). Yesterday after running around all afternoon it stalled while pulling into a parking lot. It re-started but when trying to pull out of the parking lot it stalled again. Could move it around the parking lot slowly to position it for the tow truck. No codes, no gauge fluctuation just stalls with no warning. Any ideas on what I should check next?
  • awhymsawhyms Posts: 3
    edited March 2011
    Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with their Jeep like this:

    Wife drove to AZ and Jeep wouldn't start. Took it to a mechanic who brought up a bunch of codes (catalytic converter, misfire, etc). Changed plugs & spark plug wires and changed the catalytic converter along with fuel sensors & PCV valves when she got back to California.

    Starting stalling 2 weeks later from time to time when she stopped at red lights. Check engine light comes on and codes say several misfires are occurring. One mechanic says it may be the wire harness on top of the engine... Huh????

    Now it seems to be stalling every other day...

    Been spending lots on this vehicle. Love this Jeep and could use a bit of advice to keep it from the junk pile.

    Thanks! :shades:
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