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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • b_lindzyb_lindzy Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    I'm having a hell of a time with my 2001 JGC. It stalled on me two weeks ago and has not been able to run for more then a min or so since then. I can get it to start and idle for a bit but if I rev it up it will spit and sputter then die. I am gettin multiple random miss fire codes, codes on the cam and crank sensors and also on #1 and #3 coils. I replaced both sensors with no luck, got a coil pack and before istalling it I checked it against my old one with my multi meter and it checked out extactly the same. I replaced it anyway, also with no luck! I checked fuel PSI at the fuel rail ad it was great at 45 psi. figuring that it must be the PCM I orderd one, already flashed (plug and play). Installed it today and nothing!!! Still wont do anything but idle for a while. Anyone have any ideas that I have not thought of? Only thing I can think of is maybe I got a bad cam sensor from the parts store. Thanks for any help.
  • I wanted to email you as this reply won't help any other reader. Did you find out what was causing your issue? I'm having identical symptoms to you.
  • Hey

    My jeep grand cherokee laredo is doing the exact same thing. I had it tuned up, ingintion core put in it and I just put a brand new map sensor in it and not even a week later it did it again. i will try and replace the other 2 sensor but since you wrote this has you had and problems out of it and how long ago did you replace all 3 sensor? Please get incontact with me and let me know because I hate to be paying for something that it might not need like the ingintion core that I had put on it which was probably not need. Please contact me am a single mother and money is tight and this is my only ride to work so you know that if its not working right am in trouble.

    Thanks for your time am on facebook you can locate me there. :sick:
  • Ok so a mechanic told me that for $600 he could change out my radiator fan motor and fan relay. I told him to go blank him self. So I didn't have any money to fix it and I let the jeep be. 8 months later I come to find out my wife didn't move or even turn on the jeep like we had agreed and now it wouldn't start. I had recently replaced the fuel pump and filter so that's not the problem. My jeep will start only of I throw gas in the throttle body and will only run if I keep it reved up to 2000 rpm not only that my manifold on the exauhst is turning cherry red at some points. Can anyone plz help me I'm at a stand still and I'm tired of walking
  • I have a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo. I can drive it down the road for little bit and it will die on me. I have put a new ignition switch in and a new ICV, but it will still stop running. It if as if it has no gas, but it does have gas. It will turn over just not fire up. It has a new battery as well. It runs good when it will stay running I love the truck, but just can't keep it running.
  • i have a 93 jeep grand cherokee with the 5.2 v-8 . has the same issues. my problem is the ignition coil. go to your local part's store and pick up a spark detector. on mine when the coil start's to fail it will knock off and will start with the spark detecter in place then after a few time's of doing this the ignition coil will fail permantly. i purchased two ignition coils with the lifetime warranty. when the one on the vehicle fail's completely i just change the coil with the spare then take the bad one back for a free replacement. it's a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] but it's the only issue i have. i have been through bout 5 coils in a year. still cant figure out why they fail. doe's not give problem code's. good luck and the spark detecter is only bout ten buck's but worth every penny. just like a spare tire i keep the coil and a 10 mm wrench and the spark tool. take's about ten minutes to change. REMEMBER THIS, A YELLOW SPARK IS THE SAME AS NO SPARK. it must be blue.
  • mine was having the EXACT same problem. I replaced the fuel filter, MAP Sensor, Crank Sensor, Spark Plugs, O2 Sensors, Catalytic turned out the problem was a bad fuel injector. Fuel injector on cylinder 3 was sticking. My friend is a mechanic and he replaced the fuel injector for me. It's been running spectacularly since.

    Take it to AutoZone to have them pull your engine codes and see if you are getting a cylinder misfire code. If so, it's going to be your fuel injector giving you the problem. Good luck!
  • This reply was for an earlier discussion but it applies to your problem as well.
    Mine was having the EXACT same problem (1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0). I replaced the fuel filter, MAP Sensor, Crank Sensor, Spark Plugs, O2 Sensors, Catalytic turned out the problem was a bad fuel injector. Fuel injector on cylinder 3 was sticking. My friend is a mechanic and he replaced the fuel injector for me. It's been running spectacularly since.

    Take it to AutoZone to have them pull your engine codes and see if you are getting a cylinder misfire code. If so, it's going to be your fuel injector giving you the problem. Good luck!
  • i'm having this same problem and the mechanic can find no errors on the "computer". mine starts everytime but just loses power without warning. seems like it always early in the morning or early in a trip. after driving out on the highway for a few miles, with the jeep warmed up, it won't do it. it won't do it for the mechanic either!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,970
    From Edmunds Answers (scroll down to the bottom):

    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo stalling problem

    Apparently some web site is selling this information on the net and YouTube for $20, when the spacer fix has been around for a while on the net for free.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • figure it out yet? I am having the SAME problem. my mechanic replaced the starter a while ago because the pin was sticking. still wouldnt crank right up. then it started dying on me while driving and the crank problem persisted. he checked the fuel pump - psi 20 - replaced it 2 days ago. still having crank problems and died on me while driving down the road twice today
  • Which eBay reseller did you buy your PCM from? I've read mixed reviews on the rebuilt PCMs from eBay resellers. There's two with lifetime warranties. All Computer Resources and Auto Computer Exchange. The latter gets crap reviews but there's really nothing on ACR. How's the car running now?

  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    sorry do not remember. The car ran great as soon as i plugged in the rebuilt one..... what an easy install too.... supposedly there are no new ones.... only rebuilt.
  • good to hear the rebuilt off ebay is working well for you. turns out even mopar isn't making new pcms. only remans and charging $682! And NOT programmed. 3rd party resellers like on ebay are charging $200 fully programmed. just need to find one you can trust. if you recall who you got yours from, please post. thanks!
  • jeepercreeeperjeepercreeeper Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Hey everyone, had all these stalling, intermittently, and bad idling just like all you all. I am so broke I can't pay attention but anyway here was my fix. Two hex screws hold the PCM module under the harnesses, and these according to a airplane mechanic who was an angel of a man to troubleshoot this and let me know. These screws are too long and cause some kind of short. I put spacers on screws($0.10) to make them about half as long and stalling stopped this was around two months ago. I also had an tension pulley replaced cause the belt was jumping and causing a stall. It looks great and a cheap fix. Try the spacers first, please do not spend all those big bucks I have been reading...Thanks for your time....E...
  • I have a 2000 GC Laredo 4.0....this past Monday night, my daughter was driving it and it cut off at a stop light. When she went to try to restart it, all the gauges went haywire, the gas gauge went from 1/8 to below empty, the volt meter went below 9 and it never re-fired. It was towed to a mechanic friend's business. At first I thought it was the fuel pump as I could not hear it running as I turned the key on, but the mechanics could not get any readings from a diagnostics computer, so we assumed it was the ECM/PCM. I have just changed the computer and it still will not start. I've cleaned battery terminals, checked luck. The fuel gauge still indicates below empty, and I have put roughly 6 gallons in the tank, so it should be registering more the 1/4 of a tank. Battery volts still read 9v, and the key in the circle indicator on the dash is illuminated( there was not an owners manual in the vehicle when we purchased it). I have seen all the discussions on GC problems....any ideas????
  • These vehicles are insanely sensitive to engine and chassis grounds. Two jumper cables (from ground battery to engine, from ground batter to frame) will give you an idea if it is that. The problems sound EXACTLY like the PCM died. The gauges going fritz is like a huge flag. From a distance and based on my own experience, I would still say it is the PCM. Was the new one programmed for your vehicle? The connectors (I remember three on mine) have to be TOTALLY cleaned and spotless when they get plugged back into the new PCM. Any grungy old silicone grease will kill the deal. they need to be totally spotless and new grease used to keep out any corrosion. I wish you the best. After the 2nd PCM in 50,000 I traded for a Kia. I don't like it at all but it never stops, it won't quit. Good luck.
  • Hey Scotti...thanks, I will check the grounds tomorrow. Yes, the new PCM was programmed for my vehicle. It is so weird, it turns over, but no fire. The mechanics yesterday told me they had sprayed started fluid in the tbi, but it never fired up. This has me baffled as I can diagnose a lot and have some good mechanic friends that help also, but this is just weird. I will get some contact cleaner and spray the 3 pcm plugs and see if that helps also. I had a battery charger on the battery for the last 3 hours and it never came off of 9amps on the charge meter......that has me puzzled too....I tried to jump the car with another car and the volt meter in the car never got above indicating 9volts.....
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    well i am currently 2 and 1/2 weeks into the same guage problem.... a year an 1/2 ago i had a stalling probem (but no guage problem) when i came to a stop..... changed a few sensors cleaned trottle body...and no luck. so i replaced the computer and that worked perfectly. then about a year later i started having guage problems when the outside temp was below say 50 degrees. skim light came on first, and sometimes it would just die. put it in park and it would start right back up. some times it stalled once or twice, rarely three times (skim always came on before) then it would run and be ok except for the guages, they would work at random..... Now the skim light still came on (along with every other light) but the car would run fine. the guages would bounce on and off until the outside temp rose to 60 plus or minus .... drove it this way all winter last year . this year i decided to get it fixed (figured $1000 to $1500) as a wishful estimate.
    the dealer (have to go to a dealer for this) took it and put his best electric guy on it. he tracked to the instument cluster ($800), replaced it and a sensor (total $1250). i picke it up, drove it 2 mile skim light came on, it died and the guages did the same thing. took it back that next morning, (1 1/2 weeks ago), they have been tracking it (when the temp is below 50) and they tried replacing the skim unit.... still no luck. when they did that then they ran a scan on the computer and the computer said it was a diesel truck (not a 2000 grand cherokee) and the computer was now he problem. they ordered that part ($800) and it is on the way and that is where we are right now..... I told them up front i do not want to get into this for over $1500. the service rep says he knows and they will work with me.... If they do, then they will have my business for sure, (i have never used a dealer in the past) but i have not got that far yet... i am calling today because i really need my car back.. will try to keep you posted.....
  • Thanks Alan for the info.....I'm getting ready to go out and work on this thing now. Your info is helpful and where to do some checking. I'll update as I go along....

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