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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    had the problem of guages going wild below 50 degrees..... turned out to be the security key module and the computer..... car would stall periodically but always restarted.......2000 grand cherokee 4.7l
  • I have a 93 grand cherokee. Here recently it has begun to drop rpms while sitting at a stop light and then will go back up to normal, acting like it wants to die. Also when I am driving, sometimes it acts like it isn't getting any gas. I'll push on the gas pedal, it will sputter and act like it isn't getting any gas then if I stomp on the gas, it will go. Also when on the freeway in cruise control, it acts like it isn't getting gas but then after a couple of seconds, will pick back up and go. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter. I have no idea where to start at figuring out what the issue is and if I have to take it to the dealership, I would like to have some indication as to what the problem may be before they change everything and charge me a lot of money.
  • I have the same problem with my jeep and im trying to fix mine to and can't figure it out so please if you find out the problem, please let me know thank you
  • mine was the crankshaft pos. sentser
  • so i just boght a 1996 jeep grand cherokee straight 6 4.0L, it starts fine but about 15-20 minutes into me driving it, it shuts off, i try to start it it cranks but wont start, and it only seems to do it when i stop, i let it sit for a couple minutes and it starts fine, but then a couple miutes later it shts off again, its not showing any check engine lights or anything. i just change the radio in it and thats when i started haveing problems, i doubt the radio is the problem, it seems like just coinsondence, also the belt is kind of squeaking when i start it, and my brake pedal is raise more at some points more then others. ive read alot about it being the ECM and i dont want to replace it and find out that it wasnt the problem, if any one has had the same problem could you please tell me how to fix it, im not the greatest when it comes to cars.

    Thanks :)
  • Could be a few things:

    Crankshaft Position Sensor
    Intermittent Fuel Pump
    Intermittent Fuel Pump Relay
    Intermittent ASD Relay

    Good Luck
  • it is the ecu becas my 97 grand was doing the stalling bite then finally it stalled and wont fire back up becas my break pedle does the same thing and belt squeking can be a few differnt things but any ways it is the ecu
  • Most definitely try the Crank sensor. What you have described is exactly what my 96 did. I replaced the sensor and it has been fine since. Besides its a lot cheaper than a ECM.
  • yes i would do the crank senor.that is what was wrong with mine and it was doing the same thing
  • So i 96 jgc and it just die on me in the middle of the street and it wont start at all. it cranks but no start. i have no spark to the spark plugs and none of my gauges are reading. ive tried used ecms and same thing happens.

    can anybody help with any suggestions

  • marlermarler Posts: 4
    i think your sounds more like what mine did and i say did i fix it it was pumping fuel but the pressure was not up quit rite it is needing hold in psi and after it runs for a min but mine was fuel pump tou can test very easy look up correct psi on line check it if that ont get it it can be cumputer hook ups
  • Hey. My jeep doesnt have a anti theft system. Not that I know of. I used the key everyday to open the driver door and start it before the issues. I dont know what else to do.
  • Hi, my first post here! Yesterday as I was filling up the tank with gas, I got in the 96' Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited I have, turned on the ignition to check the fuel gauge as it was filling up and heard a strange whirring noise under the hood. It freaked me out! I turned off the ignition, opened the hood and a guy at the gas station said it was the A/C condensor motor recharging. Does that make sense?? With the key off?? I finished filling up the tank. Drove a few miles to my house, and the noise was gone. It hasn't come on since. I am not used to newer vehicles. Everything I have owned was from the 50's! Those cars never made strange noises like the newer ones do! Any ideas what this might have been? It was coming from the driver's side and sounded like it was coming from the condensor. I also have a flickering dash/radio/overhead console problem which is very annoying!! If I push under the dash or on the light switch, the lights are brighter and don't flicker. Thanks for any help! I just bought this thing a month ago to replace my 56' Mercury station wagon and it's just not the same!
  • My Jeep has this HUGE Idle problem. I replaced the Idle Control valve but still acts up. Its driving me insane! I can't even let her warm up while I'm cleaning her off without her acting up.
    I start her up (happened in all seasons) goes up to 1000 rpms. Thinking "normal" since she just started up but if it goes longer than 10-15 mins. That's just odd. Then drops down to 600 rpms, now that's normal. Then Idle just acts up. Goes from 600 down to 400 rpms then up to 1000 rpms and jumps down to 400. She stalled on me twice and she only does that when she's sitting still. I think its the computer but I'm not positive and I don't know what else it could be.
  • Purchased an 01 GC, has a inline 6, 4.0.
    having problems with it running, ill turn on but stall 3-5 secs later, before i go changing all the sensors id like to know where i should start, i thought it might be electrical so ive tried the backing off the screws/cleaning connecters to the comp, i cleaned the IAC vavle. also oil pressure rising once its running with the help of pumping the gas, no codes on odmeter/code reader/
    Cutting the air off to the intake seems to help it run smooth??
    id prefer to upload a vid to show exactly issues accuring, if someone know a bit about these issues id love to know where to start, BEFORE i go on a spending spree on sensors/filters/fuel pump/ and a comp!
  • I start up my 01 jeep grand cherokee, gas lights off and gas in the tank, runs roughly then suddenly, after a bit like a minute gas light pops on and dings and gas gauge falls to empty and shuts the jeep off.

    inline 6/4.0
  • Hello, I have a 2000 jgcl 4x4 with a 4.0l head gasget, I changed out the gasget put everything back together and started it and it ran but ran at 4000 rpms. we pu a new intake gasget on and a different intake. a different problem occured, it started and idled fine but then after about a minute of running the rpms started to get higher until it hit about 3500 rpms we shut it off. checked all connections, all the vacume hoses and injector wires, also the tps, map, iac, crank sensor every thing seems connected. So we started it again now it wont start fuel injector fuse keeps blowing. Any help?
  • if it stalls after 2 to 3 sec after start its the alarm smart key try reseting remove 1 screw from bottom of colom and you will see a black box that reads the key un plug it and turn the key on the acc then dissconect neg batt what 5 min put colom back together conect batt and you should be all set
  • I have a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cylinder. For about the last two weeks it has been hard to start about half the time and stalls probably half the time it starts. I replaced the fuel filter. Dealer said it was the crank position sensor and replaced that. It has pretty new (15K miles) plugs and wires. I removed the battery, cleaned + and - connections and cleaned the chassis ground next to the battery. Pretty maddening not to be certain it will start when I need it. Any ideas? Dealer mentioned the PCM was a possible cause - it is $226 at O'Reilly so I am hoping there are other ideas out there.
  • We seem to be having the same problem with our 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Did you ever figure yours out? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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