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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • Having the same issue now. 2011 Grand Laredo. Roughly 58,000 miles on it, purchased from Franklin Sussex Auto mall with about 19,000 miles on it. The issue started with all my remotes not working properly, wont open or lock the truck, had to get up close and press the button on the door handle. In the past month, i would start the truck, put it in reverse and it would immediately turn off, all power gone. This has happened a couple of times. Most recently, among this, im having the same "crank" issue. Start the truck, sounds like its idling in the "ignition" stage but wont actually kick over for me. Scary stuff, god forbid something like this happens while im on the highway. Going to call the dealer and see whats up.
  • dsj70dsj70 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem, along with the fuel pump still running after vechiele is turned off. I have 67,000 miles and no warrenty.. Going to mechanic Monday to see if its just the crank position sensor... Either way no help from Chrysler... All they want is $$$$.
  • Seems like everyone is having the same issue but no surprise that Jeep will not issue any sort of recall! The problem is the Totally Integrated Power Module- engine won't start, just cranks and cranks. Mine finally turned off for good and has been sitting at the Jeep Dealership for almost 3 weeks b/c the part has been backordered!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, same problem everyone is having and NO ONE CAN FIX without the correct replacement part from JEEP/CHRYSLER. Get it together guys- there are 2000 TIPM being released TODAY. Good luck getting your hands on one- another disappointment Jeep.
  • I am having the same problem that everyone else is. I bought my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee used. It has 44,863 miles on it. My problem, which is similar to what others have described, started last week. I went to AutoZone, to my regular mechanic, a mechanic who specializes in electrical work and Sears. Because the Check Engine light did not turn on, I was told that there was no way to check it. We replaced the battery at Sears and things were okay; however, the problem started up again. I, too, am out of warranty and the one that I just got will not kick in until September 15th.
  • After reading the posts and living through this experience, I called Jeep and was given the royal send-off. The woman who took my call was rude and extremely dismissive. I told her that many folks have reported this problem not only this forum, but on others. She said that the same person could write different posts. I told her that she was dismissive. She said that I needed to have it diagnosed, even though I told her verbatim what I had written here. She said that the problem does not warrant a recall. I told her that I cannot afford to be without a vehicle. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me that the person would be telling me the same thing.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    edited August 2013
    Our 2011 GC Overland 5.7 is having the same issue. Does this start out as a rough idle problem then turns into an occasional "will not start". The dealer ordered the TIPM and said they did not know when the part would come. This is a joke - I just waited 3 weeks for a water pump earlier this year. Somehow everyone at Chrysler thinks this is OK...
  • That's how mine started. There was an occasional idle issue which turned into a crank issue when trying to start the vehicle but I could at least get it going after a few tries or using the remote start. I took it in 2 weeks ago and when they said the TIPM was on backorder, I tried to pick up my Jeep only to be told it was no longer running AT ALL forcing me to leave it with Jeep and wait for the part. Still waiting... It was supposed to ship on Tuesday but now I am getting the run around from the Jeep service dept. I have no idea when/if my Jeep will run again.....
  • And the vehicle is only 2 years old- haven't had ANY issues until this. 2011 GC Limited. No extended warranty so I'm screwed... They won't even cover a rental for me!!!!!!!!!!
  • My 2011 Larado with 41k miles on it started have problems with long cranks and stalling. I took it to the dealership and instantly they diagnosed the problem as being the TIPM. The good news is that shiney $3,000 Max Care warranty will cover the $1k replacement. The bad news is that I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks! What the hell am I supposed to do with no reliable car for two months??? How is there no recall on this? So far my Jeep still starts after a few attempts. I hope it stays that way and I hope I don't get stranded anywhere.
  • moozie1moozie1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 JGCL 4.0 6cyl, been having lots of issues with brakes, exhaust ect but husband has fixed most. But this one we cannot figure out, for the last year or so when sitting idle jeep will cough, sputter and stall then start right up again, has been happening a lot lately so my husband replaced fuel pump then o2 sensor but still happening. It seems to chug a lot then at times cannot go over 40mph no matter what. Any advice would be appreciated!
  • ornumornum Posts: 5

    Check the TPS (throttle position sensor), This can be a bear to get to, long thin arms and a good sense of feel are good to have for this job. Two bolts top of the flywheel cover. Usually has a lot of grease and dirt build up. This sensor helps in determining the timing of the engine. If it goes bad it will produce the symptoms you are describing.

    A bad ignition coil can produce similar results too.

    or if your cat cvt was not replaced during the exhaust work, look there.
  • My 2011 Jeep GC Overland has been at the dealer since August 6th with the same issue. It cranks but will not start. We got stuck at the airport after a family vacation.
    The Jeep customer service people told me today the part will ship on September 23rd. They agreed to pay for a rental today, only on 5 day increments. I don't really follow that logic.
    The dealer told me the part would cost $1153, elsewhere on the web it appears the correct cost is $600. I feel I may be getting taken advantage by the dealer. The vehicle has 62,000 miles, the transmission is starting to slip and the sunroof has leaked since day one.
    Never again, I am all done with Jeep/Chrysler.
  • I got very similar news today from my Chrysler case manager. He said they are hoping to have the part on 9/12, but that nothing is set in stone. He also said they would cover the rental, but the local Jeep dealership doesn't want to give me one, even though Chrysler will pay. The service director said that their loaners are for people that need them for a day or two, not several weeks. I was also told the dealer would have to get reauthorization every five days. I guess that's just how they do it.

    They told me the part would be $1,033. Mine is a JGC Larado 4x4 5.7, but I don't think it matters what model you have. This problem seems to affect any Jeep Grand Cherokee, especially 2011 models once they pass 40k miles.

    I think there are enough people on here to get a class action suit started. For me it is inconvenient and dangerous so far, but to those that have to pay out of pocket because they have no warranty, this is even more serious. I hope no one gets hurt or badly stranded.
  • Hi 8isenough - I have a 95 grand cher with the exact issues you are seeing with the cold starting - works great in warm weather but does not seem to start well with cold - i hear the clicking at start up the same and all - if I leave the key on prior to starting it fires right up - did u find your issue?
  • cmeeducmeedu Posts: 5
    My Jeep Grand Cherokee has been at the dealers since July 12. I was having the same issues as described here (engine won't turn over and start). I was told I need a new TIPM. Someone at Jeep Chrysler head quarters told me yesterday that the part was on backorder until September 19 now and that they cannot promise it will be in even then. The person told me that there are over 25,000 TIPMs on backorder and that the company that manufacturers them may be going bankrupt over this and that Jeep does not own the rights to reproduce the part!!!
    This is serious ridiculous! Who knows how long it will be until this part is fixed and available again!!!!
  • I have a 2011 Jeep grand Cherokee, and was experiencing the same cold start issues as everyone else. I brought the car in for an oil change (June 28th with 35,363 miles) and explained what was happening with the ignition. Of course it did not do it for them. I drove it for about another 2 weeks and on one trip I drove about an hour out of town and had to run into a bank. when I got back in my car i started it and died right in the middle of the driveway I was exiting. Took 30 minutes for it to restart. At this point i was pretty mad and called the dealership and drove the car right up (july 15th with 35,515) but this time I decided to capture what was going on my iPhone making sure I had the odometer in the picture, to ensure I would be covered. Ask about a rental because my car was still under warranty and the rental dealership had nothing available until the 18th to compound things I was going on vacation and they nothing on the lot. I ended up getting a car/ minivan to take on my trip. I was away for 11 days and when I returned the rental car cost me $252.19. Pickup my car on July 29th. The paperwork says they Replaced the WIN (Wireless ignition node). 11 days in the shop. The Next morning i went out to go to work and the car would not start. Called dealership told me to bring it back up. i did the next day, this time getting a Dodge dart from the rental company 8 days in the shop when I received a call that it was ready, this time they replaced the ignition module and gave me a new remote key. The next day Aug 8th went to go to work and the car wouldn't start. half hour later got the car started and back to dealership, this time i received a Nissan Versa rental. They have had it ever since 14 days and counting. I talk to service department on Thursday August 15th. And they told me they got it not to start and that it was the fuel injectors, i interjected and told him about this forum and to check the Tipm and they just released 2000 from the factory on the 13th. Said he would speak with technician and get back to me. Called me Friday and said they were replacing the tipm and he would have a better idea on a time frame by the middle of this week. I called today and they are telling me that its back ordered to Sept. not giving me any specifics of when in Sept. The service manager gave me Chryslers number to call and complain 1-800-992-1997, to see if they could speed things up. I feel I am one of the fortunate ones because it happened under the warranty period. This is ridiculous
  • I think we need to file a class action lawsuit against Chrysler. I found out that the problem with my Jeep 2011 Grand Cherokee is the dreaded TPIM. This has gotten ridiculous. As everyone else has noted, I have to wait six to eight weeks. We need answers. Chrysler has given me the run around.
  • Did you find out yet that it is your TIPM and you won't get the new part till mid to end of September if your lucky?
  • I'm in
    Any owners out there as a sad jeep owner that want's to take on the mighty giant Chrysler? I think we would have better luck if we all write to the National Transportation Safety Board and keep telling everyone you know about this problem on all the social media networks. CarComplaints dot com is loaded with these stories.
  • cmeeducmeedu Posts: 5
    I've been without my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee since July 12th. I'm being told that there are over 25,000 TIPMs on backorder. Supposedly the company that makes the TIPM (it is not Chrysler that makes it) is going bankrupt and Chrysler does not own the rights to manufacture the part. It's such a shame. Such a fabulous car up until this point and now I'm just disgusted with it!
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