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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • bsoule I agree and I'm in the same boat. I sent the details to a class action law firm last week. After their first pass, the screeners said there is enough to send it over to a lawyer for review to make a decision on whether or not to take the case. I'll keep everyone posted.
  • I purchased my 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo just over 2 weeks ago. Thought my issue was my push start button but when the car wouldn't start even with the key I figured there was more to the story. I am very curious to see if Jeep will do anything about this as it seems to be a common issue. I can only hope my warranty covers it! Otherwise, I've wasted good money on the extended warranty!
  • The warranty will cover it, but Chrysler cannot get the part. This is a huge mess. Lots of people are affected. We may sue for a recall, but if the company that makes the TIPM goes out of business and Chrysler doesn't have the rights to make it themselves, I'm not sure how that would work. I guess they will have to replace our Jeeps with new ones. Either way, it's their problem, not ours. It's their responsibility to fix this and they are not doing it satisfactorily.
  • To all the TIPM patients out there waiting for their transplants we all need to file our complaints with the government. Chrysler won't do the right thing period. They will have to be forced into the recall and I think it gets worse than we know. The NHTSB has on file 5 complaints where the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee was in a serious accident and the air bags did not deploy. NHTSB Complaint ID Numbers: 10430083; 10445572;10463107;10482929;1056377

    This TIPM thing is now a life, health and safety issue because the air bags are wired into the TIPM as well. There are thousands of us out there that have very high odds that our air bags won't deploy when we need them. This is the case where we now have to help the Government connect the dots, they must force a recall - keep up the pressure. I've been stuck since early July and now I won't have a TIPM until September 25th, this is absurd and revolting.
  • I am also having the same issue with the TIPM. My car has been on a dealer lot for almost a month now not starting at all. I have called the Chrysler complaint line 4 times. This last time that had erased the first 2 times I called to make it look like I had just called before Labor Day. These folks are despicable and have no business in the customer service business. There has to be a way to get this issue national so the company will have to address it.
  • Bad News/Good News/BadNews,
    Along with everyone else, my jeep went down due to the TIPM issue with my 2011 . I had it towed to the local dealer on 8/5. Good news, they received a TIPM today, installed it and I have my truck back ... Exactly one month later.!! I also experienced less than satisfactory customer service. No rental or loaner, and a $600 bill (the dealership split the cost of the repair with me ). I have been a loyal Jeep customer for many years (This is my 5th Grand Cherokee ). Words cannot describe how frustrating this experience has been.

    If a class action law suit happens, count me in!
  • Tonight 3:02 AM, home at last, after being left stranded at work and no way to get home. My 2011 jeep grand Cherokee would not start. The battery was dead as a hammer. For the past few days I have been having some trouble with my jeep, to where it would not start when cold but after a few tries it would crank. Today was different. Went out this morning got in it, and nothing... not even a light on the dash so I went and bought a new $200.00 battery thinking that had solved my problem drove it to work after 10 hours and at 1am get in to go home again dead on the new battery. I find a charger at work and hook it up. While charging and dead quiet in the early am I notice a humming sound coming from underneath. It is apparently the in tank fuel pump. Every thing is turned off so there should be nothing running at all. Please if there is a class action or Chrysler decides to recall the defective parts let everyone know. I believe I will call my local news station here in Houston giving a report to a journalist who exposes consumer issues like this.
  • pstrinicpstrinic Posts: 3
    edited September 2013
    My 2011 Dodge Durango Crew has been at the dealer for over a month, waiting for a TIMP. The service guy yesterday referred to it as "the eternally backordered TIMP" and mentioned there were 1500 on backorder right now. There's got to be a class action suit in this. They can't expect us to accept being without our vehicles for months at a time. :mad:

    I just found this:

    I'm going to write them and Chrysler.
  • Thanks for that link pstrinic. I have been speaking with a couple of law firms as well. I hope for big news next week or the week of 9/22. If Chrysler cannot ensure our safety or the reliability of their product, they should replace the whole vehicle or refund our money so that we can go buy one from a car manufacturer that gives a crap about its customers. I'm mad too. Not just at this terrible situation, but at the way they are treating us like we are a pain in their rears. They lie every time that I talk to them. They cannot keep their stories straight and they blame everyone they can except for themselves. Classic for a government-owned organization.
  • Someone posted about emailing the CEO of Chrysler. Can you share the email address so we can ALL email him/her?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,915
    Knowing how big corporations work, even if you got Sergio's office line, you'd still get bounced to customer service. Even the Investor Relations site sends you to customer service.
  • Count me in for a class action member. This is ridiculous.
  • Glad to hear u got ur car back but what state are u in? Im in NY and my car has been at the dealer since Aug 28... I keep calling Chrysler Corp office and they don't have any updated news and don't have an ETA on my part.
  • My fuel pump runs also when I turn my jeep off! I've been pulling out fuse M10 from the fuse box to disconnect it from draining my battery. My lease is up in 4 weeks can't wait to dump it!!!
  • Same thing with mine...the fuel pump continues to run once the car is turned off, causing the battery to run dead. My car has been in the shop since August 19th, and just found out last week that I'm number 1290 on a list to receive the new TIPM sensor...who says the new one will work?!?!
  • Unfortunately my 2011 Dodge Durango Crew has been at the dealership since August 15th waiting for a TIPM module just like everyone else. I have only had the vehicle for 6 months. Luckily I have the extended warranty but that doesn't help me much when there is a national backorder. I have been on the phone with the Chrysler customer care at 1-800-992-1997 several times this week but they are completely useless. They can't tell me when the part will be available and don't seem to care. They claim a case manager will call you back 24-48 hours after the case is opened but that still hasn't happened yet. The woman I complained to today absolutely refused to transfer me to a case manager, a supervisor or to the parts department. At this point it has been 4 long weeks and there is no hope that it will be resolved soon. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!
  • There will be a recall and more when we sue them. Stay tuned. Plans are in the works. We will all be part of it.
  • Thanks for the post, I too have been experiencing the same issue. I noticed it a few weeks ago when my battery started showing signs of going dead. I also heard the noise after exiting the truck in the evenings. I thought the noise was some electronics resetting itself, but thought it would eventually shutoff. I did not think this could be killing my battery. I too had to buy a battery thanks cost me a pretty penny now to learn it too would be dead soon. After going to the dealership today for an oil change the truck died in their service bay. Not even five minutes after leaving, the service rep called me and explained how they had to push my truck to their service bay due to a bad Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). We are now with out a vehicle for an undisclosed time and still have the obligation to pay for a product of no use. Chrysler has to find way to address this or it can cost them dearly in reputation and in the pocket if the results don't get better. A recall would be a start but people are without vehicles with monthly payments! Not a good look Chrysler looks like a class action situation.
  • check the throttle position sensor and fuel pump

    Here is a link to a law firm that is investigating the issue with tipm. I have been able to use my jeep with the issues but in order to avoid a dead battery I must disconnect the terminal on the battery if its going to be off for more than a few minuets. I simply leave the negative terminal loose and slip it on and off as I need to. I'm unsure if is any risks of fire or damage from the fuel pump not working properly but I am able to use my vehicle.
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