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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • Definitely IN.
  • I would be very suspicious of your "new TIPM". Are you certain that your dealer did not just install one of the faulty TIPMs? I have been told by several people at Chrysler/Jeep that the new TIPM is not available and is on a national backorder. The original TIPM is faulty and an entirely new designed TIPM is what is underway. It appears that the original TIPMs are lasting for about 40,000 miles so if you were to receive one of the original TIPMs and plan on keeping your Jeep, good luck trying to get them to replace it 40,000 miles from now.
  • 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 59,000 miles: Just wanted to make a note here that we too have been experiencing the same starting issues. It began last week barely starting and then dying, then just cranking with nothing. Sometimes it would start right up but other times it wouldn't. Finally tried the remote start and it worked first thing. We were able to start it today after not driving it over the weekend after many tries by using the remote start. Took it in today 9/23 and asked them to check the TIPM as I have read all of the replies on here. We got word that it is definitely bad and that, like everyone else has reported, on backorder with no due date. Service guy told me they have 4 in the dealership right now waiting on the part. One had been there for over 2 months. It doesn't sound good. I called the Chrysler line and got a case number so we'll see. We don't have the extended warranty. This $1200 repair will cost me over $4500 in car pymts and rental if I have to wait 2 months or longer!! And who is to say that the new part will be any better. Has it been improved or is the same thing going to happen 25,000 miles later? Insanity!!!
  • WOW!! I wish I had done a Google search prior to buying my Jeep back in December/2012 ... I can't believe all the posters with the same problem!!

    I too am getting the same messaging from Jeep and the dealership - what's worse is there is no path to resolution!! Forgetting about "WHO" is going to pay ... there are NO replacement TIPM parts available!! This is the worst situation, no reliable vehicle, no way to fix the situation ... WTF!!

    The only helpful advice I can give to fellow frustrated posters - I have been able to get my Cherokee to "somewhat" reliably start (>90% of the time) is to use the remote start feature on the key fob first instead of starting inside the vehicle. Sometimes when I do this the car will start and then shut down after 15-30 seconds, but then it will start again when I get it. When it fails is when I just try to start it inside the vehicle first ... if that happens, I have to wait at least 1/2 hour to an hour to retry.

    I too have been stranded 4-5 times now ... 3 of which required towing (maxed out my AAA towing allowances!!). Speaking of which, shouldn't we get AAA in on this potential lawsuit?? I got to believe that AAA has had thousands of additional towing calls because of this problem!!
  • You guys are exactly right, they don't care and can't fix it. That's why we need a lawsuit with teeth. If they cannot get this part, they need to replace our vehicles with new versions of the same thing or the cash to buy a new one from a different manufacturer. I don't care if they go bankrupt again and the government has to bail them out. This is such [non-permissible content removed]. This is what happens in third world countries, not America. My "BS Artist" from Chrysler called to tell me that the dealership never ordered the part, which is absolutely not true. I called them five times just to follow up and make sure I was on the list. All they are doing is pointing fingers at each other (the dealership, Chrysler, MoPar, Enterprise, etc.), but never take responsibility for this huge mess. They will not do the right thing. We have got to sue the crap out them.
  • Just got my 2011 grand cherokee overland back from service after waiting 50 days to get a warraunteed TIPM module in. Chrysler is "DECIDING" whether to give me any compensation to pay my lease , insurance and garage payments which will total over 2900.00 $. They were able to give me a rental for half of the time in the shop but it was a crappy compass. Will keep you apprised on their decision on compensation. Its a cluster f*%K over there. When you call the dealership they just want to sell you a new car and its not their problem and refer you to chrysler. The service guys are at the mercy of the parts distributor. Chrysler says read the fine print, they are doing you a favor by giving you anything. Have wasted way to much time dealing with this.
  • johnoyed - did they replace your TIPM, or are you still waiting?
  • Yes after 50 days of waiting. There are so many jeeps coming in with TIPM problems, there is a waiting list for the part. My service place had over 10 cars in with the same problem.
  • I am on day 43 myself. Today my Chrysler guy called to tell me the TIPM was never ordered. It's not true. They ordered it almost two months ago. They just make things up in order to keep dragging it out. I'm glad you got yours fixed. At least there is hope for us. I heard that the part is made in another country, the company that makes it went out of business and Chrysler does not have the rights to manufacture it themselves. Hopefully that isn't true. Keep us posted on how the new one works.
  • There might be hope, they kept pushing the part arrival date back. For me it was 64 days but i got it in on the 50th day. The car is working fine with no problems. My initial problems were all the warning lights staying on for about 4 months. Then the brake would not depress before starting it . so the starting sensor wouldn't connect and it wouldn't start. Good Luck, hope it comes in soon, will keep you posted on if they give me any money to cover the lease payments. Should know this week.
  • I left my car 4 weeks ago at Hudson Chrysler in Jersey City Nj
    They don't provide a car loan.
    the Service Manager have no clue when the part will be at the dealer
    I called costumer service almost everyday, they will give you a "case number"
    they say "we have a team working the get this part faster" Its BS.
    and after call them almost everyday they transfer to "case manager" there is nothing they can do about it, also I ask if the new tipm goes bad again what should I do? the "case manager" says the warranty its 12 months or 12000 miles.

    I have to pay $1200 to fix my card and I know the tipm only going to last another 40000 miles.
    I already made my mind : fix the car, sale and by another brand, jeep left me with no car and no help with the cost to fix it. im done with them.

    Lets get together and file against them.
  • Did y'all have to pay for the part before they ordered it? I was told today that I would have to pay for the part before they order because it is not covered by warranty. I also called another dealer and they told me the TIPM issues resemble "computer software" issues as well and there is a software update which came out about 2 weeks ago. No one has mentioned this...anyone know about this?
  • I paid $100 for the computer software update and it did absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Don't waste your money.
  • Just got off the phone with Chrysler. My leased 2011 jeep overland was in the shop waiting for TIPM for 50 days. Got it installed, car seams to be running fine,. The are going to send me a check matching my lease payments for the time it was in the shop. When i get the check, will post to let you guys know if its a reality. I just wish they would of of thrown in a little xtra for the serious time and major pain in the [non-permissible content removed] it was dealing with this.
  • Dealer says they won't order until I pay for the part. If it's not under warranty it has to be paid UPFRONT! I almost lost it!!! Finally spoke to Chrysler case manager...nothing yet. They said they called the dealer twice for info but never got a call back. And on we go.....
  • I bought my 2011, used at the beginning of august. It had almost 35,000 miles on it when my fiance' and I bought it. After just a week it started failing. At first I just thought it was me trying to start it too quick or not pushing the brake hard enough, but then it got worse. It would start, but just have super low RPM, and never fully start. When that happened, I did a google search and saw all these posts about the TIPM. So, the next morning I called the Dealer and told them my dilemma and they said bring it in. I told them about the posts I read and that I was certain it was the TIPM, and they said ok they would look at it. That was last Wednesday, and they reprogrammed the main computer. I got the jeep back Thursday, went to start it up to come home and it did it again. Was able to bring it back to them that same Thursday, and told them again about the blogs, forums, and youtube videos I saw and read. They had it until Monday and replaced the fuel module, and told me I needed to bring the other key in to have that reprogrammed as well. I brought the car home and the other key didn't work! I am furious at this point!! Then the jeep did the same thing again and wouldn't start! It took three times before it started, unfortunately the dealership was closed by this point. The next morning it took my fiance' three times again to get it started to go to work. When she tried to leave for lunch it wouldn't start at all. Before I was just dealing with the service manager, but this time I called the GM. I explained the whole situation to him and told him he needed to make this right! We haven't even had the jeep for 60 days. The jeep was towed yesterday and they gave us a rental all free of charge. The service manager called me today and said (like he figured out what was wrong) "Well we ran some tests and it turns out it is the TIPM". The thing is....he said the part would be in, in a few days. I keep reading how this part is back ordered. So IDK. Has anyone on here got the part relatively quickly? If not, I will let you know if it is just a "FEW DAYS".
  • Hello, its not on the Jeep I have the same problem with my Durango. The day I was to get my truck inspected for the extended warranty my truck wouldnt start. The dealer said it was the gas pump, and a new battery. I paid 1900 for that, the day i came in to pick the truck up it wouldnt start, the dealer got it started went home, next day car wouldnt start. Oh this was August 13, 2013, the truck is out of warranty, but chrysler said that they will pay for the part and for the rental, well that caused a red flag bcz why didnt chrysler offer to pay for the gas pumps. I did a little investigating and there are several blogs talking bout this issue, yes the push button start works to get u by, but all you are doing is killing the battery. I hate having to pay a car note on something that I cannot use, I hate having to drive this rental car, I bought this american made car bcz I called myself doing my part. If there is a lawsuit, I want in, if there is anyway Chrysler can pay my car note for Sept and Oct, I want in. They have changed my shipping date twice thus far.
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