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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • Well I got some sort of victory today. I spoke with Chrysler case manager who has been trying to get with the dealer to get more information in order to proceed. The dealer called me late today and told me they talked with Chrysler who will cover the part. However, since I have the car in my possession, they won't cover rental until the car is totally dead. I explained to the dealer that I am not driving the car around with this being a safety issue. It could go out at any time and I need my car to perform my job. I can't be left stranded or worse have it go out while driving. Once again, the dealer will get back to me. I will gladly bring it back to them if they pay my rental. Once I get this car back, it will be traded in!!!! No more American made crap. I will stick with the foreign cars as the ones I've had have never given me as much trouble as Jeep/Chrysler. I should've learned my lesson with our 96 Caravan...had many issues with that. So we will see.....
  • 2011 Jeep Cherokee fuel pump continued to run after shutdown and would run battery down. Mechanic couldnt find a TIPM so he found a company to rebuild faulty TIPM, cost 269.00 and works fine, Finally back on the road again .

    Check with AR Speedometer & Gauge 918-640-0659
  • badazhic2 - Was your car under warranty? Did you get a case # from Chrysler? Just wondering as ours is out of warranty and we did not get extended warranty. We have started a case with Chrysler and still working to get them to do anything. They won't pay for the part and only going to pay for rental for 7 far.
  • Found out today from dealer that they can only order 1 TIPM per week and they've already ordered 1 this week. Is that not the craziest thing you've ever heard? I find that a little unreal. The dealer has agreed to pay for ours...I guess we pay the labor. Chrysler has only agreed to 7 days far. The dealer wants us to keep driving the car and when it breaks down, tow it in. Now isn't that dandy? I couldn't believe it!!!! I've already planned to trade this baby in once it gets fixed. I can't wait!!!
  • My car [2011 overland grand cherokee] is a lease, TIPM part was still under warranty, Got a case # from chrysler, went thru 3 case workers. I wasn't very POLITE! They gave me hard time about the rental saying they were doing me a favor by giving me one, its in the fine print. Kept at them for the rental, don't be afraid to make them feel guilty about this. I ended up getting around 32 days rental out of them. Also make sure the rental company is getting the rental extensions from chrysler thru your case worker. I had initial 5 days of rental from service/repair company, then chrysler took over the rest of the rental time. Good luck, don't let it make you crazy like i did.
  • roughride2roughride2 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    My 2011 Durango Citadel 5.7L has had electrical issues since it was still under warranty. We took it to the original dealership when the starting/stalling issue first popped up with about 34k miles on it, but they could not replicate the issue and did not run a scan on the TIPM to see that it was faulty. At 50k miles the starting issue really got bad, and it stalled several times and nearly stranded us on a road trip. Took it to a second dealership around the end of July, and they immediately diagnosed the TIPM (and told me the fault was stored in memory from the first incident while still under warranty). Called Chrysler and they agreed to replace the part if I paid for the labor. First TIPM delivery date was the end of August. When that passed they updated the system to the end of September. When that passed it went to the end of October. I finally got hold of someone at Dodge Customer Care that understood the TIPM issue, and I was assigned a case number and case manager for my TIPM delivery. I'm now told my TIPM might be shipped next week, but I'm not holding my breath. My wife loves her Durango and really doesn't want to replace it, but this has got to get better. They should warranty the replacement TIPM to 10yr/100k, and not just 12/12k.
  • Yes it was covered under the warranty. Not the Chrysler warranty I have but my extended warranty which is Zurich. I had a case Number with Chrysler and my case worker was Doug (he never returned my calls). They only covered my rental for 6 days. I called them everyday and demanded some answers. Right now I am awaiting my refund check for my car note I paid.
  • Our 2011 Grand Cherokee is sitting in a garage in Mew Mexico while we are home now in Nevada with a rental van. The dealership was told that there are over 2000 of the "distribution modules" on backorder with 350 people 'stranded" and on emergency status and they only have about 250 of them available to ship sometime within the next 10 days. The rest of them are on an undetermined schedule. We got an email from Chrysler telling us that there is nothing to confirm yet and they'll send another message on the 30th. It's unfortunate that Chrysler doesn't step up and admit there's a huge problem..
  • SIMPLE FIX to the TIPM issue with comments:

    I Love JEEP and all American built cars and believe that our economy would be in a greater position if most of us invested in American built items. The problem, however, is that many of the American car corporations do not have as much faith in the consumers as they do in them.

    I have been having similar problems with my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo at 68,000 miles.

    I would attempt to crank but the car would not turn over due to issue with the fuel pump which are located in the fuel tank. My issue is that my pump would not turn on when I needed it nor would it turn off when the vehicle is turned off. This, of course, causes the battery to drain. For the JGC 2011, there are two pumps. One that starts the vehicle and the other allows the vehicle to continue running.

    For most parts on most cars when they fail, a blown fuse is in indication of the problem and a new fuse or relay would be the resolution. The fuse for the fuel pumps in 2011 JGC are actually built inside the pump.

    Jeep indicates that to resolve the issue the TIPM or the entire FUSE BOX must be changed out. it costs $924 for the part and it is on national back order.

    The resolution, therefore, could not be to change out the TIPM but to do make a connection from the fuel pump(s) to the fuse panel with a switch inside the vehicle that allows the driver to turn the pump on & off as needed.

    This is exactly what I did on 09/28/2013. My jeep appears to working perfectly now.

    My AWESOME mechanic dropped the fuel tank, connected a wire directly to the fuel pumps and attached it to the fuse box. The wire was entered through the driver side passenger seat and is hidden beneath the plastic panels as it taken through the driver side area and out to the engine and into the fuse box. A connecting wire is added below the steering wheel area to add the toggle switch that allows me to turn the pump on & off as needed.

    I will definitely share an update on this form on if I have future issues. I do not believe that I will future issue simply because I have an AWESOME mechanic. This guy is like Einstein when it comes to cars. My faith in his ability is not because of his in depth knowledge of all vehicles but because he is driven by problem resolution and not by money. For the record, I only paid him $100. It was what he asked for and it was just what I had.

    I do not believe that consumers should be forced to pay thousands of dollars for faulty equipment on the part of the manufacturer. I expect a recall soon.

    I hope this helps.
  • Great information...I did not know that the fault was stored in memory since the first incident. I know we had several times where our car started and stalled with me thinking it was just my error or one time thing. The dealer has never provided me with a printout of the scan of the TIPM - which I have requested for my records....I paid for it, I should get a copy. Keep us updated. I can't believe you've been out of a car since July and still waiting...that is ridiculous. A 2-3 yr old car should be more reliable than that.
  • Will Do

    I have spoken with a few other mechanics regarding what my AWESOME mechanic did and all agreed that they believe that it was the only true viable solution to the issue and will try same approach
  • alhegalheg Posts: 2
    Found a guy to rebuild TIPM, finally back on the road again, So far seems to work good.
  • Hey all! I feel like we all have so much in common!!

    My wife and I bought a 2011 Cherokee Laredo 3.7 last November and have had it trouble free (Id hope so being 3 years old right?) Until this past week.

    I am having the no start issues everyone is talking about. Hit the button and the engine just cranks and cranks. I'm somewhat familiar with auto mechanics so I started digging around. The thing I have noticed when this first happened is, If I cycle the push button to ACC on, then press brake and start, it would fire up. Most of the time. If it started at all, it would either stay running or it would hiccup and die. One at the house, I checked over all fuses and relays and all seemed to be fine.

    After getting it started and home, I started to reenact the no start troubles. Id cycles to ACC on and listen for the fuel pump to prime. If I can hear it prime continuously for 2-4 seconds, it would start right away. Sometimes it would prime for .5-1 second, stop, kick on again for another second. This time the engine would start but immediately die. Other times it would just crank. I think the fuel pump is extra loud while priming but that could just be because I'm consciously listing to it and in my garage.

    This happened maybe 2 times over the last 10 months but it would always start after trying a second time. So we just chalked it up to a weird occurrence.

    I don't believe I've had an issue with the pump staying on at all times. I've also never lost charge in my battery. I'm hoping someone else has had this issue with the fuel pump not getting a signal to prime and believe these issues are one in the same.

    I am in Houston and the local to me dealer and the dealer we purchased the Cherokee from both have a dozen vehicles waiting for the TIPM. They have both confirmed Chrysler has put a limit on order 1 TIPM per dealer per week.

    I have 2 options I'm willing to take with this car.
    -hard wire a switch to the fuel pump that bypasses the TIPM and wait for a recall or
    -I have found a company who will rebuild the TIPM for a reasonable amount. They claim to have found a fix for the "Fuel pump stays on and drains the battery" issue but I don't think I'm having that problem. Although I believe my issue is caused by the same "section" of the TIPM. If anyone is interested, search ebay for Cherokee TIPM and you will see his listing.
  • my 2000 grand cherokee has the same stalling problem. mine has 198000 miles, and i have only had it about 3 months. the funny thing is i took it on a trip across the country 5000 miles without any issue, now this happens. when i go for a drive somtimes 30 minutes or so, it stalls out without warning, usually while approaching a stop from 40 mph, and sometimes while parked. but never while under throttle. the gas guage shows empty, the gas light comes on, the other guages go to zero, and the sentry key light comes on. it will crank, but sounds like there is no fuel and no spark. i have replaced the crankshaft position sensor, and the auto shutdown relay, cleaned the mass airflow sensor, cleaned the battery terminals untill shiny, tested and charged the battery, (tested good)and inspected all wiring i can see under the hood and under the jeep, (found no visible rubbing to make a short). I have narrowed the problem down to 1 thing but not really sure.... if i wiggle the connector to the pcm (the one of the 3 on the inside closest to the engine) the jeep will usually start again, but sometimes dies again within a few minutes or 40 minutes. it's very random. today i removed that connector, removed the elec tape and wire sheild and inspected the wiring as far as i could see but found no evidence of bare wires... any suggestions?
  • After having to abandoned our vehicle at the dealership in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Sept 13th with a faulty TIPM, new fuel pump and one week old battery. We rented a vehicle to get back to our home 750 miles away. We have worked directly with Chrysler Jeep and they have done their best for us. We got a call from the dealership yesterday saying that our Jeep was repaired with a new TIPM !! Chrysler is covering the cost of the part and most of the cost of the rental car. They would probably cover the entire amount but we will be dropping it off where we live which will incur a "dropoff" fee and we will have to leave in in NM until mid November when we can get back down there to pick up the vehicle. They have asked us to submit the receipts for the battery and fuel pump and they will consider covering those repairs also. The dealership in Las Cruces is not very big so that could be the reason that they were able to get the part so quickly. Whatever the case, we feel fortunate that they took care of it so quickly and that some of the costs are being covered.
  • darnold50darnold50 Posts: 9
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    blakeburch - Welcome fellow Houstonian! I'm still waiting for my part to be ordered. The dealer, Tomball Chrysler Jeep & Dodge told me they ordered the part 9/20. Then didn't return calls to Chrysler Care with the order information. I learned on 9/27 that it couldn't be ordered for 5 more days as they can only order 1 per week. Then I got a call from Chrysler Care who has been following this, that the dealer can't order until 10/10. So we are 3 weeks before a part is even ordered. I don't know how long it will take after that or if it will ever get ordered. I have a friend who says he knows some people at Chrysler and is trying to get more info or help. Anything would be great. I just want to be able to drive something I'm paying for!!! A 3 yr old car shouldn't have this major of a problem. I hope you fair better than me if you go thru a dealer to fix. My case manager at Chrysler Care has been very helpful and appears to be on top of the situation. We have yet to set up the rental but that is partly my fault due to a family emergency. If you are out of warranty, Chrysler will give you some help with rental and paying for expenses. Good luck!!
  • Wow...that's a quick turnaround. It's been 3 weeks and mine isn't even ordered yet. Hope all works out once you receive.
  • You will experience the same issue in another 1 to 2 years. The problem is that the fuse for the fuel pump may be in the pump itself which is located in the tank. I hard wired a switch to the TIPM that allows me to turn on and off as needed.

    I've had zero problems

    If you proceed and wait for a new one, what will you do if it fails again??

    The manufacturer took such deliberate effort in not placing a fuse or relay in the TIPM, would it not stand to reason that increased revenue is the motive.

    I spent a grand total of $150 to hardwire and obtain a guaranteed solution. How much are you willing to spend?

    Look at the pros and cons then make an informed decision.

    Good Luck
  • Ifelipe,

    Can you tell us how to do that or what to tell a mechanic so they would understand? Where is the switch? Inside the cab or under the hood?

    Thanks for the info!
  • The mechanic first dropped the fuel tank where the fuel pumps are and attached a hard wire entering into the cab from the driver side passenger seat. From there, he ran the wire under the paneling on driver side all the way and out to the engine to the current TIPM. A fuse is attached and is left in the fuse box. The mechanic the spliced the same wire underneath the steering area in order to create a toggle switch that will allow me to turn on when I crank and to turn off when I exit the vehicle so as not to drain battery especially since the fuel pump has tendency to stay on once car is off.

    I can send pics if needed.
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