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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • Hi there. My question is why did they agree to pay to fix it? I own same year and model has you with the miles with no warranty. Of course a warranty doesn't do any good without a part. I have been on the phone with Jeep since August 23rd. They are so irritating. They don't want to fix the problem. They want to half way take blame but then not pay up and fix it. It isn't my fault. This is not a inexpensive vehicle. But either way, how can you make a living if you don't have a car that the bank still wants your $700.00 payment. Pissed off.
  • Thank you for sharing your experience on this forum. I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo just 2,500 miles out of warranty and having the same hard-starting issues (I have to crank it 5 - 6+ times before it will start - and the last time I drove it almost stalled in traffic.) I took it to my dealer on October 16th, 2013 and they confirmed the cause is a faulty TIPM. They quoted me more than $1,300- parts & labor and wanted a $500 deposit to order the part -but after 3 weeks they still have no idea how long it will take to get it. The folks at the parts counter said there were at least 800 on national backorder.

    This is my wife's daily driver and I really can't afford to wait until who knows when. So I carefully removed the TIPM by first disconnecting the negative battery lead under the passenger seat, then disconnecting the power lead in the TIPM itself, and labeling each wiring harness and corresponding socket before disconnecting the unit. It was easy enough, just be gentle. Most of them have lever catch that pivots to release the harness from the socket; one has a conventional slide-pin (red) that a small flat-head screw driver will depress to remove.

    I called Alan at AR Speedometer in Tulsa, OK this morning at (918-640-0659) I told him what was happening, and he seemed confident their repair would address the issues. He has a repair offer EBAY with his address. I will be shipping my TIPM to him this afternoon, and will let y'all know how things work out.
  • 2 weeks in and not one problem. I would advise anyone without a lot of patience time or money to get this issue resolved, quickly, call Allen.

    Best of luck.
  • That's very encouraging. Mine shipped out this afternoon via UPS for $28.00 plus $12.00 to be packed as a computer part; $40+tax all-in. I went through Alan's EBAY posting & PAYPAL for convenience' sake and taped a copy of the confirmation with a note detailing the symptoms to the unit.

    Hopefully he will have it in a few days and be able to cure what ails it.

    I'll let y'all know how it works out.
  • Had the same problem with my 2011 GC dealer would not pay fro the $110 visit plus $1300 to replace it ok and it would be 6-8 weeks ( maybe)!!! Wow my GC is just 4 months and 7000mi over warranty. Luckily it still runs so took it home and the following day went to the same dealers Parts Depart (not service depart) and asked for a TIPM and guess what they (Part Depart) had TWO in stock!!!!! I bought one (thinking now should have bought both!!!). Walked over to service depart and sch. To install the next day ($157).
    Now in contact with Jeep on getting cost covered (have a case manager)
  • Has anyone heard anything about the lawsuit? I finally had my battery die yesterday (was at about 1.6 when it should be at a 12). I was/am trying to hold out for the recall. Working on calling area mechanics (I live in Denver) to see what they know. Have an appointment set for next week with a Jeep dealer who told me to a) get a case number (the lady at Jeep told me it helps with the expedition of parts, yeah right). and b) that there were 2000 parts shipped out to warehouses last week.

    I REFUSE to pay for this as I just bought this Jeep in August. I am desperate to find a solution. I do have the fortune of having Allan, the mechanic from Oklahoma, coming to Denver this week but even with that option, it's still about a week without a car...
  • I thought that "left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing" was unique to my dealer, but the more I read about this problem, the more it appears it to be an issue with the whole company. I suppose confusion is what happens when there are so many changes in ownership in such a short period of time.
  • In order to get the recall process going, we must all call the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (I was given this number after speaking with Jeep Customer Service). I called and left a message since it was after hours and the message I received in return is that there is no recall in progress but we can file a complaint.

    Please call: 1-888-327-4236, 8-8 eastern M-F and FILE YOUR COMPLAINT ABOUT THE TIPM!

    If you live in the Denver area, contact me before tomorrow regarding the repair of your TIPM.
  • I am hoping to remove my TIPM tonight and get it to Allen tomorrow. Can you help me figure out how to remove it????
  • Thanks so much for your helpful post here. Our 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee had the same issues. Dealing with the dealer has been a huge pain, as they wouldn't do their job and charged us huge money. After sending the emails to CEO, our problem got fixed right away. Now we are going to get reimbursement for the money the dealer shouldn't have charged at the very beginning, plus the car rental expenses. We are a one car family, so it has been very inconvenience for us. But feels so much better now. We will just be patient now and hopefully to get our Jeep back ASAP. So just write this response here for all the Jeep owners who has been suffering as we did. And hope everyone got a fair treat from Chrysler.

    Thanks again for providing the CEO's email address!
  • I have just drafted my email to Mr. Manley.

    I also recommend that everyone file an official complaint with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. I was told that it doesn't matter the amount of complaints they get however, I feel it will make an impact if we do.

    888-327-4236 8-8 M-F Eastern Standard Time or go to to file a complaint.

    I will report back in about a week as my TIPM will be repaired and returned. I will also post a video on YouTube showing the removal and install of the TIPM for those who want to do it. It really is quite easy but you do need an extra set of hands.
  • Here is another story on a Class Action suit underway.
    link title

    Detroit, MI: Further to reports of alleged defects with the Chrysler Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) in 2011-2012 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos and Dodge Grand Caravans, investigations are underway to determine if Chrysler knew about the defect and failed to warn consumers.

    The alleged defective Chrysler TIPMs can cause numerous electrical problems and serious safety risks. Problems range from difficulty starting the vehicles to stalling to fuel pumps not shutting off. Additional the affected vehicles may experience random activation of the built in alarm systems, windshield wipers or horns. The alleged defective TIPMs are so common that the replacement parts are backordered for weeks.
  • I am pleased to report the TIPM I sent to AR Speedometer in Tulsa, OK on November 4th has been repaired and returned, arriving in day's mail.

    I carefully re-connected the wiring harnesses to the sockets as labeled them, bolted in the battery lead, and re-connected the battery under the passenger seat. Then I got in the driver's seat, pressed the brake pedal, said a short prayer for deliverance... and it started just fine!

    I just came back from a short ride after it had been sitting idle for the past 8 days, and all systems appear to be operating normally again.

    Thanks again to Blakeburch and everyone else who posted in this forum to share their experience - I doubt I would have found this solution without it. Much appreciated.

    I'll circle back in two weeks or so.
  • Just a note to say that I put my repaired TIPM in last night and my 2011 JGC is working just fine! No starting issues whatsoever (and I tested it! Many times!), no running fuel pump. And it was SUPER easy! I will try to make a video of removal and replacement this weekend but honestly, if you search for the steps and following them with patience and care, it's not hard at all. I recommend using 2 people, though!

    If you want information on how to get your's repaired (~$300 including shipping) reply to me.
  • Glad to hear it, Trishg23.

    Mine has been in for two days now, and everything is working properly again.

    Now I can go back to work on my '85 CJ7. (It's a hobby, not a project.)
  • I need immediate help and advice on where and how to order/get one and how to put it in. I don't have the $1,300 that was quoted to me this past Friday at the dealership.

    Any direction that you can provide will be helpful and much appreciated.
  • First, contact Allen at arspeedometer, 918-640-0659 to get info on getting your part to him for repair or visit: and scroll all the way to the bottom to see the cost/order for the TIPM repair.

    Second, park your car in a safe location.

    Third, follow the steps listed for removal and then replacement of your TIPM:
    Tools needed.
    1) 13mm socket with a ratchet.
    1) 10mm wrench.
    1) Small tip flathead screwdriver.
    1) Watch with a second hand or a stopwatch.
    1) Extra pair of hands.

    #1. Remove the negative battery cable found underneath passenger seat.

    #2. Open the lid of the tipm.

    #3. Remove the lead to the tipm (small nut on lefthand side)

    #4. Remove tipm pop in clips on top that secure tipm to the jeep. DO SO CAREFULLY - use a flat head to release all of the clips GENTLY.

    #5. Carefully unplug all of the connections on the bottom of the tipm.(These have gray rotating clips that attached to the plug).They are all color coded/idiot proof to reinstall. There is a small black release in the center push them in with the screw driver then rotate the gray clip downward to release.

    #6. Remove the old tipm.

    ***It helps so much to have one person stand in front of the jeep holding and rotating the tipm and one on the passenger side removing and installing the plugs.***

    To replace the tipm do this in reverse order.

    1. Place your ignition key into the ignition.

    2. Turn the key to the on position for 12 seconds.( I used a stop watch)

    3. Then turn the key to the off position.

    4. Then start your jeep as normal and check all of your functions to ensure normal operation.

    My repaired TIPM has been in since last Thursday and I have not had ONE SINGLE issue! Many thanks to Allen and AR Speedometer!

    Hope this helps. Just take your time, it really is not too difficult.
  • Thank you so much.... I've got a call into Allen and am in process of following your outlined instructions... I will certainly pay attention to the details and hope to share the success story as soon as we can get it done!

  • As idiot proof as the connections might be, I suggest labeling the wiring harness and the TIPM sockets to be absolutely certain you remember which one goes where when you re-install it.

    I wrapped a piece of masking tape around each wire harness and put another piece on the socket housing, numbering them to match as I took them out.

    My GC is back online for a week now, and still working fine.
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