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Dodge Intrepid Transmission



  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    My 1999 ES is a baby at 92K miles. It had 8 miles on it when I purchased it. I had the DS window controller replaced under warranty. The only repairs it has needed were replacement of both front wheel bearings/hubs and the heater blower resistor block. It still has the original battery and we are talking MO, KS and E WA winters. The resistor block has gone out again after about 6 months so the blower fan motor may be bad. I intend to change the timing belt this summer and maybe replace the heater blower motor/assembly and then my soon to be 16 year old son can drive it. I told hime that i would disconnect two of the coils first!!!
    It gets 22 mpg in town, 28-30 mpg on the highway and the car is pretty quick.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Ours 1999 ES is now at 125,000 miles. Recently had to have some work: new radiator, even though I had replaced the coolant as recommended and the inner tie rod bushings needed to be replaced. The originals were rubber but the replacements were plastic (polyethylene?) or similar harder, more durable stuff. The rubber had worn away. Also needed a brake master cylinder.

    Son and I replaced the clips on the driver's side window that had broken in the door.
    I finally have the full size spare that came with the car on as one of the tires matching up the Goodyear with a new one, although not exactly the same tread.

    He has it home for spring break, going back to Clemson on Easter. :shades:
  • I was wondering if anyone can post some links to fair honest places that sell rebuilt Transmissions for a 2001 Dodge Intrepid? (2.7 block if that matters) Thanks in advance for any help.
  • This is my first message. I have a 1998 Intrepid 2.7, auto trans, approximately 85,000 miles. I had trouble with the transmission six months ago. It would stall at intersections. I found the problem to be the input sensor. Recently I was leaving my house and when I came to a stop, the check engine light came on. It felt like the lock up torque converter was still applied, as the trans cluncked when the car came to a stop.I checked the input and output sensors, they checked ok. I put a code scanner on it and code P1698, no CCD message from Transmission Control Module.Apparently the TCM and Body Control Module communicate with each other. Also I have no speedometer, tachometer, or temp gauge. I understand that the transmission and body control modules are re-programable. I guess that dealer has a scanner that that can only re-program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi..Recently while driving my "brake" light comes on while driving. Then the "airbag" light came on while driving. Now, when i frist start driving my car, all the transaxel lights (PRND32) stay on, all the gauges read zero, and the car says its in drive, but wont shift out of 3. Finally when it feels like it, it shifts into drive and all the gauges start working. Any ideas?
    ohh by the way...i have a 93 dodge intrepid
  • OK. I bought a 1995 Intrepid with an automatic transmission from a guy about a week ago. He totally screwed me over and now I have a car that has these problems:
    It runs just fine on city streets as far as I know. After it gets to warmed up (20+ miles on the highway) it won't shift. It runs in 2nd gear (?) only. The problem happens more quickly if the A/c is on but my suspicion is that it is because it gets warmer faster. It also starts overheating once this problem starts.
    A couple things I noticed that are odd:
    When the problem starts the car distinctly pulls to the left.
    The problem seems to only start after braking while driving at highway speeds (this may or may not be true but it is what I've seen)
    Any help would be great!
  • had kinda the same prob with mine i went as far as to replace the computer! all it was a bad battery connection that even ixed my gauges
  • ok so i have had a few problems with my 96 intrepid wich after i spent big money usually turned out to be minor! but now the car makes this wierd humming noise and doesnt want to shift outta 2nd gear (automatic) how ever it isnt constant! it literally changes from one minute to the next while i am driving! what could this be?
  • Bad battery connection? Really???
  • Have you found out whet the problem is? I have the same thing and had the trans module replaced but that was not it. The deler said the instrument cluster could be bad. They said all the electrical circuits go through the trans module. I disagree. I think it has somthing to do with the body control module since my aiur bag lights are on, the cruse control is out and the fuel gage is screwed up.
  • tmguytmguy Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your problem resolved? My 2001 does the same thing. We had the control module replaced and it lasted for about a year.
  • I took the Intrepid to my local Dodge dealer. $1,160 dollars later, all my problems were repaired. It turned out to be a bad PCM causing all those problems.
  • what is PCM my 2002 dodge intrepid ran fine until i put it in crusie control going down the highway and when i came into a town i took it out of cc and came to a red light and the light turned green and my car would not go .it doesnt have reverse at all and if i turn the car off and start it up again it will go in drive for about a block and quit pulling i can keep turning it off and on and it will go again for about a block then out again it has all gears when i do that except reverse can any body help me figure this out its a 4 speed automatic with 2.7 motor
  • m_w06m_w06 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Dodge with transmission problem!!! I have had two transmission in this car and i'm still dealing with it not shifting and the transmission light coming on. It seems to do it now when it get warm and then the light will come on and it wont shift...But if i let it sit for a few hours it will shift again...What could this be??? I feel like everytime i take it into the shop all they are doing is taking my money and not fixing the problem!!!! I need help on this!!!
  • jaded13640jaded13640 Posts: 3
    I'm changed the fluid and filter. There was a trouble code that said that the o2 sensor was giving the trans bad info. So I changed it. It still has a catalitic converter code but that shoudlnt' have anything to do with it.

    I think it's the trans control module but I don't know where it's located. could someone please tell me where it is so I can change it. I think that's the problem and if not I'll have the trans rebuilt.

    The dealer tells me the control module is part of the pcu. and it's 590 bucks exchange. I hate to spend that kind of money on a part that I don't even know what the problem is. Please help

    Thanks in advance

    Wayne Thomas,
  • dodge1977dodge1977 Posts: 5
    open hood and look behind the driverside headlight connected to the fender well underneath the cruise control modgel which is a round looking bottle piece of plastic it will be a sliver colored aluminum box thats bolted on with two 10 milameter bolts it will have 3 or 4 electrical plug in jacks depending on the year of the car in it coming from the transmission wiring harness but pulling up the codes the dealer ship told me i had the same problem but i went looking for the problem now my transmission is seating on my work bench in 500 pieces turns out i have stripped out clutch housing flow gears at the cost of 370 bucks so i need a new transmission gonna get one at pull apart for 75 dollars so good luck
  • jaded13640jaded13640 Posts: 3
    So it wasn't the computer it was the trans?

    Did you replace the computer?

    And if so it still didn't resolve the problem?

    I'm not going to attempt to rebuild myself. I can rebuild rear wheel drive trannys but this front drive stuff is way past my ability.


    Wayne Thomas
  • jaded13640jaded13640 Posts: 3

    it usually goes into limp mode when coasting to a stop or to slower speeds. Today I tried something new. I would click it into neutral when coming to a stop and it never did it once I tried it that way.

    This is sounding like it's in need of a rebuild. It doesn't seem like the computer could do that.


  • zbeeksmazbeeksma Posts: 1
    My 99 dodge intrepid gives a check engine light and goes into limp mode at times after either a long drive, or driving in warm weather. After a few starts, the check engine light goes off and the car drives normally. It has OBD codes P0700 and P0605, which seem to say there is an ROM failure in the transmission control module. I can't find the location of the TCM in any repair manual. Where is it, and what does it take to replace it?
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