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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Brake Questions

KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
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  • My rear brakes will not astay adjusted. The master cylinder was replaced without any improvement. No one can give me the procedure for adjusting them. The dealer doesn't know but says it's the parking brake does it, but on my Z71 it doesn't last. The standard backing up also only lasts a short time. Any clues will be helpful.
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    What year is the vehicle?
    Not sure why the dealer replaced the master cylinder, that has nothing whatsoever to do with rear brake adjustment. Perhaps it's time to try a different dealer.

    I think most vehicles now use the parking brake as rear brake adjustment, however, if you don't use the parking brake all the time then they will get out of adjustment from wear. If the parking brake is not effectively adjusting the brakes then it may need servicing/adjustment.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I agree with the previous post, its time to find a new shop. A dealership that can't figure out how to adjust brakes is blowing smoke. I don't understand why they changed out the master cylinder, unless it was leaking. Even if that was the case it doesn't have anything to do with rear brake adjusters backing off. What are the symtoms that make you feel its a problem with the adjuster backing off? Now days with disk brakes in front and drums in the back, most of the braking energy comes from the front. Some autos in the past with rear drum brakes used the parking brake to adjust the rear brakes by a pumping action on the parking brake handle. :)
  • When the temperature gets to 10 degrees F or lower the parking brake on my '05 Colorado freezes. Even when I haven't applied the brake the night before. First time I took it to the dealer they cleaned and adjusted the shoes. Next cold snap I had the same problem. Dealer removed plug from backing plate "to assist in venting". Those occurences were at 16K and 19K miles. I now have 38K (just beyond warranty of course) and problem is back big time. I'm trying to get it back to dealer when weather is cold enough but my schedule adn the weather's aren't meshing.

    Anybody else in the north country having this problem? I'm in western Pennsylvania. It's a manual trans so I need to use the park brake from time to time. I carry a brick in the cab to use as a wheel chock. I never expected to have to resort to measures such as this on a relatively new vehicle.
  • I just bought an 05 Colorado 4x4 Crew with the auto tran and have had the same issue. I live in British Columbia and winter is here so temps are below freezing. I thought it initially because I washed it then it got cold but it happens quite often. Did you resolve your issue?
  • The emergency brake spring on my 04 colorado broke and caused the parking brake cable to snap. When I went to the Chevy dealer to get a new spring, they told me that it was not on the parts list. Talked to engineers at GM coroporate and they did not show a spring on that truck for the parking break. Mitchell's shows the spring on their parts list. I know what was taken off my truck and there has got to be a replacement somewhere. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?
  • Yep same problem. There is a fix for it now, my vehicle just got fixed today. Something about changing adjusters in rear, etc. Said the brakes would absorb moisture.

    The problems I now have. In cold it is difficult to downshift (manual) into 1st or 2nd gear until I'm almost completely stopped. Chevy said this is normal. Also difficult to shift into reverse some time to time. Chevy has a bulletin on this (TSB 611), but said it is normal. Anyone else with these problems?

    I'm in the process of Chevy buying it back (about 23,000 miles on it). If interested, I'll let you know how it went. Also may just do the lemon law (these problems meet Pennsylvania's criteria).
  • Forgot to mention, I have a 2005 Colorado.
  • gmbluesgmblues Posts: 7
    I have a 2005 Colorado with about 50k on it. Started having a brake sticking problem and found the right side rotor rusted, pads glazed with rust etc. As a temporary fix I cleaned it all up so it work right for a while until I can replace the rotor.

    Does anyone know if GM had any kind of recall on these things? Rotors should be rusting out on a three year old truck....

  • rukus2rukus2 Posts: 13
    I have a 2006 bought in August of '06. Back Brakes ahve went out already. worn as far as you can. WOW
    At the same time Front brakes/rotors had heat cracks in them. Pads had 1/2 life still in them. Swappe dout pads and rotors. 15K miles later I get back sqweek from rear when I let off of the peddle and the front sqweel. I get more brake dust on the front then you coudl imagine. It has now ruined the rims. ( I wash once a week) I love that I paid extra for the Extream rims!
    I have owned the s-10 5 times and now this truck. I have also owned my '94 jeep with lift kit and 35 on it and the brakes are 1000 times better.
    This has to be the worst brake set up I have ever used. Week feel, long stopping distance.
    Has anyone fixed these? :mad:
  • puregreenpuregreen Posts: 24
    I just replaced my front pads and rotors at 50000 with duralst ceramics from auto zone and have had no problem yet alot less dust to.
  • mjones7mjones7 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. I was just told that my back breaks need to be replaced and with only 28,000 (mostly highway) miles on the vehicle. I have also had some trouble with the emergency brake sticking.
    I think that 28,000 miles is way too soon to have breaks going bad.
  • rukus2rukus2 Posts: 13
    I have swapped the rear out 3 time and I now have 78K on the truck. I have owned the truck in Aug. of '06. All my miles are highway. (as you can tell by high miles) I have spoken tot he dealership Srvc. Dept. and he said that they get complaints all the time. He said he has never seen anything like it. He suggest I NOT use any GM parts and upgrade to slotted rotors and Brembo Cals. He said this will add more stopping power tot he front to try and ofset the rear wearing so much. The fornt brakes are very small/weak for the truck. (crew cab) The front heat up and fade way to quick because they can not take the weight.
    some have also suggest to remove the e brake. (I have auto trans) not sure I want to do this. I have never used it to date... but...
    Any suggestions on upgrade for rear?
  • my4x4my4x4 Posts: 1
    I bought an 06 Canyon Crew Cab 4X4 in March of 07, brand new from my local GMC dealer in Saint Charles IL. Since 1030 miles I have been to the dealer 10 times for the front brakes. This truck is rated to pull 4000 pounds. Well let me tell you... My boat weighs maybe 1100 lbs. At first when I pulled it I thought It was going to be a happy good long thing. After one month & 1000 miles, I was not pulling the boat for the first time till June. I could bore you with all the visits but I wont. I now have 25000 miles on my truck. Up to this time I have pulled my boat maybe 8-10 times. Your thinking, "wow". During the winter you cant go boating in Chicago. I was at the dealer three times for this condition form the middle of Sep. to March of 08. From all the visits to the dealer to find out what the problem was. The dealer replaced pads, turned rotors, replaced drums, turned drums, replace pads, (on and on it went). Finally a "SPECIALIST" in June of 08 paid a visit. He determined no more warranty on the brakes. Why? I have a factory hitch installed on my truck. Therefore all brake warranty is voided. I dont think so!! Now the BBB is involved and my Attorney. GMC now will deal with them and will probobly own this truck one more time. Let them use it in there design center for the brainiacs who dont know how to design a braking system.
  • rukus2rukus2 Posts: 13
    So I was at the dealer again... broke the internal mechanics on the tial gate latch. (how??? because 1/2 of it is plastic) so I bought a new one and the new one is all metal. This tells me that Gm figured they'd messed the original design right? Not covered under warrantee thogh becuase it is a wear and tear item. BS!!!
    So I got to talking to them about the barkes... the parts gus says, "ya, I sell more of these pads and rotors then anything it seems. they must wear quick." then the Shop manager that was behind him pulls him to the side. Says somehting and then walsk away. I bet GM know the screwed the pooch on this one! :sick:
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I suggest you stop by an independent brake shop for advice. They may be aware of better quality after market parts. It seems that the original OEM parts just don't do the trick. Good luck.
  • I bought my 06 chevy colorado brand new in august of 2006. I deliver mail and thought that this would hold up better. I have deliver mail for 18 years now and never had this many brake problems. This is the worst vehicle I bought. I wish there was something I could do. I just keep getting farther in debt. I put my first back brakes on at 8,000 miles replace the drum and shoes The dealership did pay for the cost because they told me the adjuster had malfunction because I back up to much. Then the front and back brakes went out at about 15,000 miles. After the third set of brakes the dealership told me to go to midas they could do lifetime brakes. I did go to a private repair shop that is great. They have tried different things to get me more miles on my brakes. But he's really getting tired of fixing my truck too. I'm on set number 10 for back brakes and about 6 for front brakes and I have about 58,000 miles right now. The brakes aren't the only problems I had with this truck I took it back twice to have the air bag control fix the light would blink that air bag malfunction. The handle on the tailgate broke at 36,025 miles pass the warranty but fell in my extended warranty so for 200 dollars I could have it fix. That's my deductable. The taillights and the headlights burn out all the time I have one or another out all the time. I couldn't keep the foglights from buring out so I quit replacing them to expensive. Any suggestions?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Trade it in for a Tacoma or Ranger. These are more reliable trucks. Good luck.
  • rukus2rukus2 Posts: 13
    To trade for another truck is of no help.
  • rukus2rukus2 Posts: 13
    YEP! That is my point. Brakes suck! My tail gate latch also broke. Fog lamps burn out all the time. then they last time I replaced it the wire harness broke. $187 please. Windshield wiper motor gone. Don't even get me started on tail lights!!! This truck is a piece of crap. I have bough a chevy truck every 2-3 years since 1994. I will never by another one! Toyota here I come. thanks Gm for making another life long American buyer leave. I will say though... i did enjoy the review I just wrote on the new Colorado. Hope sales drop even more jerks
    (I wish I could use other 4 letter works but try'n to keep it PG 13)
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