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Dodge Dakota Engine and Underhood Questions



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I looked up the code 12 on the official list of mopar codes and it confirms what you decoded. Code "12" equates to "memory standby power lost".

    Here is what this means...

    First of all, you need to understand that the computer on your Dak. LEARNS as you drive. Over the course of driving under differing conditions, it LEARNS the best setting for ignition timings, Idle speed, Shift points (automatic), injection timings and other critical things. These LEARNED datapoints are stored in a "map" which relate the proper settings to external conditions such as throttle-position, ambient-temperature, engine-temparture...etc.

    Then, as these same conditions are seen again, the computer can instantly apply the "tweaks" to tune the engine because it proviously LEARNED what the best settings were and stored them in memory. This "memory" is lost if power to the computer is lost. (battery is disconected, computer is unplugged, fuse blows...etc)

    Given the above..... we can now understand that "memory standby power lost" means that the power-supply that maintains all of the LEARNED datapoints was lost.

    The only way to recover from this condition is to DRIVE THE VEHICLE. Over time, the computer will reLEARN the correct datapoints. The errorcode will reset itself over time.
  • thanx for the reply on code twelve
  • I have a 1999 Dakota 3.9L and i am experience problems at a higher RPM both in gear and in nuetral. The truck just won't rev above 3,500 RPM's like it cuts out. But runs fine at low RPM's. Any ideas?????
  • I have a 1990 dakota with 5.2L. I want to put a 5.9L in it. The 5.2L is internnaly balanced, and the 5.9L is externnaly balanced . What else has to be changed? Jeg has a flex plate for 5.9L w/904tf, will this bolt to the A500 converter? Or does the converter/flex got to be switched? The engine is also getting a cam upgrade. Where can the computer get upgraded? Or can I leave it?
  • my 1999 Dodge Dakota start fine but after running a minute or two will act like its running out of gas, it will backfire, and create a smelly exhaust. This occures for maby 15 seconds then you can drive the truck for hours with no problems unless you shut it off for a few minutes.

    Does not seen to be as bad when the engine is real cool or after you fill up the gas tank.
  • I recently replaced the engine with a used one, everything went well in the change and started right up, but the Idle is very high, almost wide open, is this something to do with the computer settings, this was my first engine change and Im not up to date on the newer stuff with computers. Can anyone help me out?
  • did you check for vacume leaks?
  • used to be when the truck got hot sitting in traffic (temp gauge past center/normal) fan would sound like it was slipping or "whirring" as soon as i started moving air, it would stop and normal engine sounds and temp would resume. now it does it all the time. i could be wrong but i heard the fan had a "gel" type coupling that would "melt" when the engine temp got hot(ter) is it the fan? I dont know....a little help???
  • Very nice forum!
    I recently rebuilt the oil pump in my 98 Dakota 2.5-liter. But, I can't get any oil pressure. Do I need to prime it first? (is there an easy way?). Or, is there another possible cause? I'm pretty sure the oil pressure sensor is ok. Thanks!
  • I have a 1993 Dakota with a V6 and standard shift, I bought a wrecked 1995 with a 318 in it and a auto shift. I used all the wiring from the truck the 318 came out of and the computer also. The install went easy and the truck runs awesome, BUT now the code 12 Mem power loss and all the transmision codes for the automatic comes up because the whipes were left unhooked. Now the truck will run fine but when putting it in the forward gears it will drive for a undetermined length of time or distance and shut right down, the tach drops to 0 and the engine slowly dies down to nothing. Now I took it for a ride last week and it did ok but it of course died and wouldnt stay running when shifted from park to 1st gear etc. , I tried it in revearse and it ran great and I drove it in revearse all the way home about 5 miles and it didnt die out at all untill I pulled in the driveway and went to pull it forward into the parking spot and it died. HELP!!! I want my dakota back for the winter, Thanks ahead of time for any replies :confuse:
  • My cruise control doesn't work. I checked the fuse and it's fine.
    I have a 93 dodge dakota V6. 3.9L
    I've been searching for seven years on how to fix the problem.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Does speedo work? check for codes for speed sensor fault Check throttle cable for cruise control
  • 2000 4.7 Dakota. All systems check good reads po171 lean.....Should be simple Tried every thing, but blows black smoke. 02 sensors working no leaks data all good. even tried ecm.Any one had same problem.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The computer *thinks* the engine is running lean but it is blowing black smoke (running rich). This really points to a problem with the O2 sensors.

    The 2000 4.7L was available with 2 emmissions packages depending on where your truck was sold.

    1) The "standard" emmissions package had 1 catalitic converter and one O2 sensor.

    2) The "boarder state emmissions package" had 3 catalitic converter and 4 O2 sensors.

    Which emmissions package does your 2000 have?
  • 2 O2 1 cat both o2 been changed....thinking fuel presser regulator 45psi still but maybe too much volume?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Not the fuel pressure (or flow)!

    Since the computer is reporting a "lean" condition... then it is the computer which is telling the injectors to squirt too much fuel (and blow black smoke)

    You need to keep looking into why the computer *thinks* the engine is running too lean.... this is usually the MAP sensor or the O2 sensors.

    A good diagnostic software installed on a laptop computer can actually show your all the signals going into the computer. (Including the MAP and O2 signals) That is what I use to diagnose these kinds of issues.
  • I snap-on scanner on truck all sensors working, but I am looking at vacuum changing from 16" to 13'' and back but have not found vacuum leaks. Even pulled intake off to look for cracks . Throttle body sounds like it's pulling a lot of air. I've been looking for leaks. as vacuum changes so does map voltage. Funny I'm ase cert master tech, been fixing every one elses car, truck or motorcycle but my own. Thank you for any input.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Are you suggesting that the MAP sensor is showing some kind of "spiking" in its vacuum readings? If the vacuum is not *actually* spiking, then consider flaky electrical conneciton to the sensor. Bad electrical connections can REALLY confuse the engine-computer into doing all kinds of goofy things.

    As a professionl technician , somtimes you have to think "outside the box". Ask youself what else besides the obvious can cause the engine-computer to *think* the engine is running too lean.

    I have heard of a weak battery causing Dakota engine-computer to behave weird.... have you validated that the battery is fully charged and all cells check out with hydrometer?
  • i want to put a small block 350 in my dakota but before that i want to do a frame swap dose anyone know what kind of frame i should go to?
  • jlockjlock Posts: 4
    I'm hoping someone can help me, I own a 2003 Dodge Dakota it came equipped with a 4.7 magnum engine, I had to have the engine replaced and opted for a 4.7 2006 engine. Since the installation I don't have as much power as before, is there a difference in computers between the 2003 and 2006? I have begun to notice when I drive and let off the throttle I get popping nosies in the exhaust like it's almost backfiring, sounds like the timing is off, also before cranking I have to turn the ignition on let the instrument panel light up a few seconds before I crank otherwise the engine will turn over a few times before it fires up.
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