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Dodge Dakota Engine and Underhood Questions



  • 03 Dakota quad cab 4x4 4.7 magnum. Recently mil came on and truck died. Set then restarted drove home. Codes came up as p0339 p0340 and p0344 cam and crank sensor error. I reset the codes drove it around faulted again. Only got p0344 crank sensor. Replaced sensor drove beautiful for 10 mins no miss no shudder then you guessed it code back. Old sensor had resistance at b and c showing it was bad new sensor same. Something is causing the sensor to fail rapidly. I know this is lengthy but wanted as much info in as possible. Wonderring if since had bad cam sensor to start also if it can cause issue or hoping not pcm is causing to fail. Any suggestions much apreciated.
  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    Both the crank and cam sensors are Hall effect solid state. They operate
    between 0 and 5 volts max. While they can go squirrely and cause weird
    symptoms, generally they are reliable.
    Crank sensor provides timing info to the PCM for the injector system.
    Cam sensor provides timing info to the PCM for ignition.

    Did you measure the sensors before you changed them?
  • did you ever check the timing sounds like it may be out.
  • have you tried to put a shim between starter and engine because some GM truck are like that. the shim might stop it cause they might be to close
  • check your cat first if its good i would look towards the trany maybe it needs a service cause this will cause you to have lack of power
  • mine was the timing was out try that
  • i had the same problem i found out when you change the crank you must change the cam to then take it to a get it programed
  • did you get your truck reprogramed
  • it could be a relay thats overheating. check you engine relays :blush:
  • Are you replying to me? I'm not the one that changed the cam sensor.
    BTW..who told you that you need to reprogram the PCM after changing
    the cam (or crank) sensor?????
  • ok well my 1994 dakota v-6 has been down a year managed to tear up the motor and clean all the gunk out put it back together but now trying to replace the oil pump will turn on but after running around the drive way it turns off so we managed to have a friend help us to replace it truck jacked up bolts removed pan loose but needing 1/2 to an inch to come off any suggestions there were 2 posed to me put it under a tree lift the motor or loosen the bolts on the transmission and pop it back just enough to drop the pan well that was a week ago the friend that was doing it hurt his back now im stuck never lifted the motor before i was sick when he started so i couldnt get under to see what the heck he was doing another person said to unbolt 2 bolts on the side of the motor to drop the pan easily i know i can count on edmonds members to open my eyes on how to solve this delima other than just junking it :sick:
  • Pulled up to a stop about 20 seconds after starting car. Car stopped very jerkily; required a lot of pressure on brake. At first I thought my trailer brakes installed 6 weeks ago weren't set right but then I realized the engine was racing. When I released brake, truck jumped forward squealing tire. No more issues while I was out. Taking it in Monday for a look/see. Any ideas or known issues that may help me out? Thanks in advance. Side note. I sometimes, but infrequently, have engine idle fast at startup. This was definitely different than that.
  • ishakaishaka Posts: 1
    New to the site. Looking to replace my 3.9L engine that just went out. Used engines available range from year 2000 - 2004. Anyone know if any of these will be a perfect match for a replacement?

  • hawaiipuphawaiipup Posts: 28
    im hearing a humming sound under the middle of my 94 dakota could it be my fuel pump she does loose power at times and even stalls when i put her in gear please help :mad: :confuse:
  • cheeze74cheeze74 Posts: 30
    How many miles do you have on truck? Sounds like it could be fuel pump starting to fail. I had a 92 dakota that started to loose power and it ended up being the fuel pump. The first time it acted up I started the engine and when I put it in gear it stalled. Started up again and later stalled again.
  • hawaiipuphawaiipup Posts: 28
    she has too many miles but thanks i wasnt sure it could be the fuel pump but ive change about everything else but did suspect fuel pump so i guess 300.00 to replace it is worth it tore it down and cleaned the motor out i mean toothbrush clean thanks for your feedback :)
  • cheeze74cheeze74 Posts: 30
    If you wanted to be sure it is the fuel pump you coould take it to your regular service facility and have them check the pressure output on the pump. That wouldn't take long for them to do. I believe there is a connection near the engine that they can hook to and read the pressure.
  • HELP!! Truck was running fine one day and then went to start it up the next day and it would crank and then cut right off. I changed the fuel filter, rebuilt and cleaned the carb. changed vacuum hoses, replaced the pcv valve, spark plugs, wires, rotor and dis cap, and replaced MAP sensor (because the truck would run and drive without it plugged in) but then when i replaced it with a new one it did the same starting and then cutting off routine. So now I'm lost. I have no idea what else it could be. Right now I'm driving it without the MAP sensor plugged in, which is causing me to burn fuel like crazy. Anyone having the same problem or have any solutions? PLEASE!!!
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