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Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems



  • jsmalljsmall Posts: 2
    my 1987 dakota v6 truck is not getting fire from the coil so it wont start. i replace the rotor, ign coil, dist cap, the ecm,and still no fire. if someone had this problem please help me thinks
  • henrymrhenrymr Posts: 1
    I have a 93 dodge dakota with the #198 of 206 Re: crazy dash problems [clif44] by ckachurch. Are there, or, were there any solutions to the problem?
  • ckachurchckachurch Posts: 4
    Crazy as this sounds. I have had no further problems. I think it is a ground, dont know where. ???
  • I just got my 2004 Dakota detailed, and I'm afraid the morons got water down in the dash and caused a short. I have all dash lights EXCEPT gauge lights, and tag lights are also out. All other lights work. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
  • I have a 95 dakota sport reg cab 4cyl 5 spd. The problem I am having is that the fuse that controls the dome light and radio keeps blowing. The light was out so I replace the bulb. It still didn't work so I checked and the fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse and it worked for about a minute and then it blew the fuse. I did this two more times and gave up. :mad: :cry: I haven't changed the radio or bulb since then to cause anything to happen. The radio is an aftermarket Kenwood but it has been in for awhile. I thought the light maybe had a short in it so I unplugged it and put in a new fuse and the radio worked for a minute and it blew. Now when I put a new fuse in, it blows when it touches the contacts. It is the 5 amp in the box under the hood. I'm not sure what the problem could be. Any help would be appreciated!!
  • ckachurchckachurch Posts: 4
    You have a conductor going to ground. AKA a short. it is inthe wire going to the dome light. The wire rubs wherever the wire bundle goes around a tight turn. I have pulled apart my interior to chase that problem. The Dodge Dakota, you got to love them. I think that they were all built on a Friday
  • I did just pull out the headliner to re-upholster it. Maybe I pinched something when I re-installed it? I'll have to pull it out again to check it out. Thanks!
  • The problem isn't the dome light. At least I don't think it is. I took the radio out and replaced the fuse and everything worked. When I move the radio around and play with the wires, it blows the fuse. If the radio itself touches and metal, it blows the fuse. The metal braided ground wire is connected to the ground on the radio. It just lays behind the radio. Should it be fastened to a metal bracket or something? It wasn't before and worked fine. Could there be a short in the wiring in the radio? Would a new radio fix the problem? After hours in the garage and many times of thinking I fixed it, I am ready to drive the stupid thing off a cliff. Please help!!!!!!
  • 01dak01dak Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 4.7L Dakota. After I start it, and take off, it will start dinging. It is the same noise as when I turn it on and it dings a few times. Some days it only happens once, some days it happens every 15 seconds. I checked for codes and nothing comes up. No dummy lights are on in the dash. Any ideas as to what it might be?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Windshied squirter fluid being low may ding at random times.
  • andy55andy55 Posts: 2
    I have an 2003 Dakota 4wd club cab STX . Recently, when you open the door to get in, the dome light strobes or flickers with a constant frequency. If you then put the key in the ignition(not "on" or "accy") and open the door the key warning sounds with the same freq. as the dome light blinks. If you turn the key to"on "or "accy" or start the truck, the dome light and key warning chime goes back to normal. I put in a new battery and this did not help. The (original) battery was getting weak and went dead from a few days of sitting. The only reason i bring up the battery is when I hooked up the new one I was in a very quiet place and as I touched the positive cable to the terminal to push it on and tighten I had a slight arc and I heard a very faint buzzing, which was the same frequency as the light blinks and key warning chime sounds when it is acting up. Sorry for being long winded but I was trying to include everything I could. Thanks Andy
  • sborovatzsborovatz Posts: 1

    I have the same problem as you with my 99 Dokata trun signals. Did you ever find where the relay was located? I would appreciate any help you could offer.

  • andy55andy55 Posts: 2
    No but if i figure it out I will post.
  • 01dak01dak Posts: 6
    Well, I added washer fluid. And it was fairly low. Everything was fine for a couple of days, until I was on my way to work today. There seems to be no pattern or consistency at all. Any other advice?
  • 66gt66gt Posts: 5
    This sounds a lot like the initial symptoms of my '99 3.6L.
    Mine would ding but no lights would come on. It progressevly got worse until the bing was accompanied by the "check guages" light coming on. I would check guages and they were all reading fine....light would only stay on for a few second and go out. After a few weeks of this the light started staying on longer..I'g check the guages which all read fine for a few seconds, but would then move to their highest mark..except the amps guage show a serious discharge. After a few moments of this the "Check guages" light would go out and all would be fine. All this was completely random it might start as soon as I started the truck and continue until a shut it off or not occur at all or a mix of once to rapid succession to nothing at all. Eventually the ABS and/or the Airbag light would also come on. I also determined that during these "events" voltage output increased to 16.5v. I ended up taking it to a small town never acted up..not once for them..and they were using it to run errands around the town. After 6 weeks it finally happened to them..they determined that the computer was bad. I sent the computer to be remanufactured....returned computer worked for 1 day then problem returns. I took the truck to the big town dealer figuring they had more volume and more experience...I explained the problem...three weeks later they said that the connector for the guage cluster was shorted and that was causing the problem. $625 and two hours later it was back at the dealer. Seven months later..they didn't know what was wrong, but I don't get my money back because they fixed the connector...I have the old one and it is not shorted. SO...what was the fix? I sold it to a friend who just needed something to run around his property. He took it to a small repair shop in a really small town...after one day he said computer..which has fixed the problem.
    If your problem gets worse and starts showing similar symptoms...your computer may be bad.
    Keep in mind the voltage output is controled by the my case the voltage increase was causing all thge problems.
    Another possible fix would be a fresh coat of fire.
  • 01dak01dak Posts: 6
    Thanks, I will watch for any other problems. As of this point te check engine light came on once, but I believe it was due to the gas cap not being on tight. I reset the computer and it was fine. No other lights have come on, so I really have no indication of what is happening.
  • cnjjohncnjjohn Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Dakota quad cab with 14,700 miles. I was having problems with the turn signals, initially while engaging the left turn signal. The problem doesn't happen all the time, it is very sporatic. I would engage the left turn signal and it would blink normally. After a few seconds it would stop blinking and stay lit, then start to blink real slow. The problem would happen if I was stopped waiting to turn left and sometimes while slowing to make a left turn. While driving slowly I noticed the engine seemed to want to stall so I would have to tramp on the gas, the the blinking would go back to normal.

    I had the dealer look at it since it is under warranty. They had the vehical 2 days and said they tried to replace some parts and when they did the vehical wouldn't start at all. They had to call detroit tech for assistance. They replaced the original parts and returned the car to me while waiting for parts. They recently installed a module immobilizer. For the first day after I had the car back I didn't experience any problems. The second day the problem started again but worse. I was waiting to make a left turn, had the left turn signal engaged and noticed that the right blinker on the dash was the only signal blinking. I turned the signal off and then on again and it started blinking on the left site. The entire drive home, any time I enganged the left signal the intial problem I had just about every time I engaged the left turn signal.

    I didi some research on-line and found 1 recall that affected some vehicals. The recall was labeled VISIBILITY:WINDSHIELD WIPER/WASHER:SWITCH/WIRING.
    I'm going back to the dealer with this information since I never received a recall and my vehical falls with the time period it was manufactured.

    Has anyone else experienced the same or similar problem and have any information on your outcome. Was the issue identified and corrected? Any other suggestions?
  • nator92nator92 Posts: 3
    90 Dakota 4wd; Lights all function properly until I turn on parking lights or headlights. Everything is fine when parking/head lights are on until I operate the turn signals at which all lights go out except for the headlights themselves. I replaced the headlight switchand checked grounds (unless I missed something). I am at a loss of what to check next. Can anyone help?
  • jisco1jisco1 Posts: 1
    Hello and Help please,
    I have an 01 Dakota QC 4WD with 4.7.
    I bought it 5 mos. ago and since then the dealer replaced the CTM at no cost but I'm having the same problem.
    When I am out on the highway with & without cruise set I get a noise which sounds like an alarm or something. It varies in tone and is intermittant. Also it seems to be at higher speed/ RPM or if I'm poking on a county road and kick it down I'll get this noise. Can anyone give me any ideas on what's going on please?
    By the way it made this noise with the old CTM also.
    Thanks for your time,

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