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Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I think the CTC is the common touchpoint for most of those systems you mention. There were some CTCs which had a bad electrical ground and caused funky problems with intermittint wipers and such. It may be worthwhile to validate that yout CTC has good-solid grounds. The CTC used to be mounted near the passengers feet... but may be different on your 2004.

    CTC = Central Timer Console
  • After reading about all the electric problems on this forum, I think I know why the previous owner traded it. Mine have just started. The blower fan switch only works on high. Going in to dealer on Tues. for state inspection and will have to pay $79.00 for diagnostic to find problem. Well I now know what it surely could be. Hate to even think of what is down the line owning this truck.
    2002 2w dr reg cab Sport v6 auto :(
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    With the blower only working on "high" this is a common symptom of the blower-resister burned out. Part is about $12 and time-to-replace is less than 10 minutes.

    DO NOT THINK THIS IS A DAKOTA-ONLY PROBLEM. I have had to replace burned out blower-resistor on Chevy and Honda.... but never on my 2000 Dakota!

    Do not forget that the blower-resistor is almost RED HOT when it is in operation. That is why it is mounted inside the air-plenum so the flowing air will keep it cool.
  • Thanks! In reading all the posts in this forum, it just seemed that there were an awful lot of electrical problems concerning the Dakotas, not just the heater blower one. I still love the truck. I downsized from an 02 3500 dually when it was no longer needed for towing a 26" enclosed trailer. Loved that one also, as does the new owner. Sold it this fall with 36000 mi. on it.
  • I own a 2000 Dakota that keeps locking the doors weather the key is on or off. Dealer said both door switches needed to be replaced, I disconnected both switches and it still keeps locking, obviously not the problem. I found two fuses that go to the control module that stops the locking, but turns off either the left or right headlight. I have to carry a spare key with me to keep form getting locked out.
    Seems like these trucks have a lot of electrical issues!
    Any ideas?
  • I'm desperate and don't know where to turn. In early 2006 we purcahsed a 2005 lease return dodge dakota 4X4 V8. I love my truck but days after driving it off the lot it's had a gremlin in the dashboard. All of a sudden all warning lights will come on along with the chime then everything goes dead. All lights go off, no gas guage, no speedometer, odometer, RPM's, radio, blower fan, power locks and who knows what else. It's usually for a split second and then all comes back up. Over the last (close to 2 years) the truck has been in to the dealership at least once a month and now is out of warranty. It's had transmission work (3 times), airbag problems and of course this stupid problem. Again it's at the dealership and again no codes in the computer to tell them. The other day it did it 16 times and today on my way to the dealership (a 10 minute drive away) it did it twice. The tech is taking it home tonight to see if it acts up. I'm so frustrated and so upset, I just don't know where to turn anymore. :cry:
  • I fixed my blinking lights by replacing central timer module down in the left kick panel. I see Dusty said this could be it and it was for me. THANKS!
  • First of all ... I hope you are having a Merry Christmas. A question, can you please tell me (if you don't mined) how much did it cost you to replace the CTM ... central timer module ???, and did you replace it yourself or dealer. I thank you for your time on this reply. I look forward to chatting with you. :)
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Sorry for the late response, but I think the CTM is $140 from Dodge.

  • Hey Dusty, Thanks. I am going to replace that (CTM) this coming weekend. I just wanted to know what they were going to hit me up for before I go and any last minute tips from you. Thanks again for your time, Harry
  • Alright boys... here's one for you...
    I have a 1995 Dodge Dakota V8, 5.2 4x4.
    I have the following problemS:
    It has loss of power, sputtering, stalling, backfiring, and lights come on and off and will randomly run at all. :sick:
    I've spent A LOT of time and money trying to find the problem with no luck yet. I've had the fuel filter and pump, gas tank, brain, relays, air fuel sensor, spark plugs, universals, crank shaft sensor, (and some others) all replaced. Those did not seem to fix my problem.
    Currently I am working on getting the distributor and plug wires replaced and hooked up to a scanner AGAIN. I am hoping this will help solve the problem but I am not holding my breath. Has anyone had or heard of this problem before? ANY and all advise would be greatly appreciated!
    I have done some research about other potential problems but not sure which to follow next. Could it be excessive oil pump drive gear wear that may cause warm engine surging, light bucking, or cold engine lack of power or burst spark knock. It said that engine noises may also be experienced with no drivability complaints. Maybe the throttle position sensor? OR the torque converter sensor? What about the Powertrain control module? PLEASE HELP..... WHAT DO I DO NEXT????? It's too late to turn back now...(Beside pull out all my hair... I do like my hair) I really want to keep my truck! I have put far too much of myself into it!
    Thanks, John
  • I have been doing some MORE searching and MAY have found something that could hopfully help some of you out there with similar problems to my own. I have found a posting from someone who seems to have been able to fix their problem. I'll post it and let you know how it worked for me.....

    "Dear Bob,

    I recently had a experience with my 88 Dodge Dakota truck that caused me some grief for a few days. One morning the truck wouldn't start so I check for spark which there was then I checked for fuel which there was. After some other investigating I tried to start it and it started. The next day it wouldn't start again so my son and I checked the throttle body for fuel injection which there was none. After some troubleshooting we determined that there was no 12V supply to the injectors, fuel pump or coil.

    We noticed that the fuel pump would run when the key is in the run position for about one second and then it would stop which is correct. Just to make sure that the fuel pump is good we checked the fuel pressure which was at 14 lbs. which is correct. We then took apart the wiring harness to see if there was a bad connection going to the injectors and the coil. The connection was good.

    The 12 volts goes through the auto shut down relay and after checking all the wiring from the computer to the relay several times we decided that maybe the relay was intermittent. So I jumped the 12V through the relay and the truck started. We bought a relay the next day and put it in that night and it worked.

    The next morning Brant my son went out to start the truck and it wouldn't start. That night we checked all the grounds on the engine and frame. Still no start. We replaced both battery cable connections as they were deteriorating. Then it started.

    Next morning no start. Then we decided with great apprehension we bought a used computer. Installed the computer and now the fuel pump would not run at all and when I called the junk yard they said there was no warranty. We repeated our steps all over again and arrived that the computer was bad and so was the used computer so we bought a new computer. We installed the new computer and still no start.

    At this point I was getting just a little tired of this problem and upset at spending $300 dollars for computers and the problem was still not fixed. I tried to think of what input to the computer would cause the computer to shut down the fuel system and coil but I couldn't think what it could be. Also another unanswered question was what caused the fuel pump to stop after about one second when the key is turned to the run position.

    After looking at the shop manual some more I found a note that said that the computer will not energize the auto shut down relay if no tach pulses are seen from the computer. Then I knew what the problem was so I jumped the auto shut down relay again and checked for spark again and there was none. I removed the distributor and removed the electronic pickup to notice that the rotor under it with the six vanes for the cylinders was loose and they were rubbing on the electronic pickup which had taken out the pickup. We got another distributor complete with electronic pickup and the truck works fine.

    Also I remembered a few months earlier when I was setting the timing that the marks were bouncing all over and I knew that the timing chain and sprockets were good so what was causing this. Now I know. What I learned was that fuel and spark are related and you need to check both.

    Bruce Larsen Lindstrom Minn."

    Again, hope that this can help at least someone. :)
  • I replaced the blower motor. It worked fine for about a month. It stopped working and the cig lighter and blinkers stopped also.
  • jac11jac11 Posts: 3
    Got into my Dakota Club Cab 4x4 this morning and key would not move the ignition switch, worked fine the day before. Tried moving steering wheel around in locked position, no difference.
  • i have a 1996 dodge dakota 2.5 liter 4cylinder it has been running rough as though the fuel filter was clogged this has been going on for about two weeks, two days ago my generator light came own and my alternator was gone so i replaced the alternater and so far i havent had the same problems so i was curious if this could cause a vehicle to spit and sputter as if it was not getting fuel,
  • jac11jac11 Posts: 3
    Found out at another forum a similar problem with other Chrysler vehicles and it is corrected by tapping the end of key in the ignition with a rubber mallet and the key now turns in ignition. It seems with mine, I might need to do this every time. Does anyone know what might need replaced for a permanent solution?
  • 2002 Quadcab Lights blinking prob. Mine just started this. I hear a relay clicking at the same time. Prob more frequent when low fuel light and chime activated. The chime also started screwing up. This prob began at about same time my passenger window switch intermittently stopped working. Looking for ideas.
  • cjaxcjax Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem after some "warranty" work. When the dealer had removed and replaced the stereo for some issues, when they crammed, and I mean CRAMMED the wires in behind the stereo, they had cut the insulation to a power wire and caused an intermittent short to a metal piece behind the stereo. Not only did I lose all lights and indicators, but it shut the truck off, at any speeds, and I first had it happen at highway speeds. Very scary. They refused to acknowledge they had done any wrong, knowing full well I just picked it up the day before, until I mentioned a lawyer, and promptly decided to investigate. Well, they found the cut wire, then wanted to charge me for it, as if I had cut it. The fight went on for a while. Lucky for them I had another car, or they would have had real issues.
    Anyway, back on topic, I would look for an electrical short. From what I understand they can be rather common in the cramped dashboard space on these trucks.
    Good Luck!
  • Gotta love those dealers...Wel interesting about your stereo. I just swaped my stereo out also just before this new prob. I wondered if it could be related. It all started when my stereo presets stopped holding. Soon after the stereo really started acting up before it went dead altogether. Right in the middle of that issue my Battery died. Boy did the truck act strange when the battery started to die. I replaced the Battery and the radio came back to life before going out a couple days later. I swapped the radio with a bone yard radio. It was not exactly the same, but the plug was the same and all features the same. I still wonder if my radio swap is related. I might try disconnecting the battery to reset everything. Thanks for the reply and good luck to you.
  • mward1mward1 Posts: 1
    My brothers 92 Dodge Dakota w/V6 was running and he shut it off and got out the buzzer was going off because the keys were in the ignition. When he got back in put in the key turned it and had no power at all. The buzzer did not go off, had no power to anything lights radio nothing. I replaced the ignition switch but still nothing. Any ideas ?
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