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Chevrolet Cavalier: Meet the Owners



  • My check oil light comes on at times. I've checked the oil and it's fine. Turning the car off and back on fixes the problem. Did I mention my car is twelve years old? Bugs happen.
  • Hi, my name is Justin, and I'm 30 yrs old. I've lived in Gulfport, Ms. all of my life. When I first spotted my 2000 Chevy Cavalier, I KNEW I was going to own that car. When I seen it, NO ONE could see what I seen. I seen so much potential for this vehicle, it was unreal. It's American made, small, and EXCELLENT on fuel. First, I installed my Stereo System, my Car Alarm, etc. Next, I put 20% tint all the way around. Then I put in alot of LED lights in AND underneath my car Then I installed a Cold Air Intake System from AEM, increased my Exhaust a 1/4 inch and installed the latest design in technology - The Apex AeroTurbine Muffler. Next, I pressure washed my Engine (covered all electrical, of course), degreased the HECK out of it, and spray painted my valve Cover Cobalt Blue. There is ALOT more tobe done, but this is for now...
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    Hi, I'm Ed from Raleigh, NC. I own a manual 1999 Z-24 Convertible. I use it as a track car. It is bone stock except for the required roll bar for safety on a convertible. No plans to mod the engine or exhaust, since it still has to be able to perform as a backup daily driver if my Toyota craps out. Besides, it will always be a momentum car, regardless of anything. Moderate suspension changes are in the works, but I won't change a thing until I have enough time under my belt to figure out just what I need. The real beauty of this car? I'm 6'2" tall, 330 lbs, and I fit in it very comfortably with a XXL helmet on my head.
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    The proud owner of a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire convertible with 2.4L and manual transmission.

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