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Ford Escape Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions



  • I understand that Toyota and Ford actually swapped licenses so that Toyota would not infringe on some diesel technology that Ford had patents on. I don't think a court battle ever had to be threatened. (?) (Ford's eCVT design had actually been started at Volvo.)
  • Ford does not offer the 17'' wheels as an option on the FEH, and their site says they require the V6 engine. I would like to add 17'' wheels (yes I know it will effect gas mileage).

    Is there any engineering reason I can't (wheel well depth, engine power, etc.), or should I just go for it?


  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Just try and use a lower profile tire so that the effective rolling diameter is the same as the stock tires/wheels. There should be a way to "re-calibrate" the FEH computer to a new diameter....but I haven't seen the exact procedure. This would have to be done to keep the speedometer accurate.

    REMEMBER: this vehicle is driven entirely "by-wire".....therefore the computer decides how much throttle and how much brake is applied based on driver inputs and vehicle sensors. The computer actually monitors three separate sensors to determine vehicle speed (and therefore how much brake to apply, etc.) and changing the effective diameter at the wheels affects at least two of the three.
  • It's time to buy new tires for a 2007 FEH. My wife wants the quietest possible. Just Tires has Wranglers on sale is this a good choice? I've had good luck with Michelin's in the past on other cars. My Madza3 s Hatchback has Falken tires that are excellent but I don't know if they have a size for the FEH.

    What has been your experience?
  • cool_c77cool_c77 Posts: 1
    Hi! I'm new to the boards and I hope I can get some help. This past weekend my wife's 2008 Escape Hybrid caught a flat. I was able to jack up the SUV and remove the flat tire but I could not get the spare on because the jack would not lift the SUV any higher. I used the jack that came with the SUV (scissor jack). I took it to the shop and had a new tire put on. Fast forward to today: I bought a new jack that extends from 9" to 18 1/2". I extended the jack as high as it would go and the tire (fully inflated) still would not come off the ground. The "problem" tire is the rear right. I put the jack under the SUV according to the instructions in the manual.

    I've changed plenty of tires before but never for an SUV. Is there a certain jack that should be used? Shouldn't the jack that came with the vehicle be sufficient?

    Thanks in advance!
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