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Caravan/Voyager Brake Issues



  • I did have the problem corrected. I ended up re-building the entire rear brake system on both sides, the drums, the shoes and all of the hareware. All in all it cost me about $180 for the parts. I would think that the front end would be easier to fix... Less hardware. I would start with the cheap parts and work my way to the more $$$ stuff. Sorry I couldn't help you any more...
  • Hi , we have a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. Does anyone know what the eco on display means on the dash. Thanks.
  • cbwilshacbwilsha Posts: 70
    Economy. The fuel usage in Miles Per Gallon. You'll find this and a whole lot of other useful stuff in your Owners Manual.

  • I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.3 eng. I need the front cover of the engine or some call it the timing chain cover. My alternator bolts to it. The Dodge dealer states that when the updated cover is installed, you must install a new timing gear set. I've checked with another dealer and got the same information. Does any one why that is so? I don't want to spent about $430 for parts and I don't really need them. I got the part # for the parts. TIMING COVER- #5137544AE, GEAR SET- #68001398AA or #68001402AA. The computer listed 2 gear sets but the dealer could not tell which one went with my van even though he entered the VIN#. I really need help on this one.
  • OK I have done a Lot of reading on this forum and need help I have a1990 Dodge Caravan I purchased used ! the Van did the Brake lock up thing again ! I am out of ideas on how to figure out whats wrong and how to fix it ! new pads and calipers & rotors & new Brake lines New Master Cylinder and fresh fluid ! any one have any ideas ???
  • Mine was a 1999 van. Sounds like it might be the same problem though. Took us nearly a year of trial and error and head scratching to figure it out. Finally replaced the brake booster and that fixed it! Just like you, we replaced everything else first. That was the last item. It is attached to the wall right in front of the steering wheel under the hood.

    Anyway, let me know if that fixes it. Very curious to find out. Our problem had a whole lot of folks stumped.
  • shotgun46shotgun46 Posts: 7
    edited December 2010
    Thanks I guess that will be the next thing I replace and yep I will come back and let you know ! how hard is it to replace ??? and thank you for your help
  • I ordered the Brake booster for 59.95 and will put it on Friday and let you know how it turns out
  • Problem Solved it was the Brake Booster all is well ! Thank you very much for your help ! it took us about 30 minutes to remove and replace it ! it kinda tricky getting the booster in and out but it can be done
  • leroythebuggerleroythebugger Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    My question, if answered, should save my marriage. Otherwise I will need a new home. I hope someone can help me before I have to pack. My van, listed above, Is driving me crazy, litterly. When we bought this a year and a half ago the dealer put new back brakes on it. The past two months the rear wheels began to make this horrible noise. When you step on the break petal it sound like the tire is scrubbing on something. The sound gets slower and louder as the van gets slower. The noise is becoming deafening. While you are driving down the road, there is a little bird tweet noise as well. We have had it to three different mechanics. One said it was brake dust, blew it all out and the noise was back as I braked to leave his parking lot. The second one said the pads were too hard and took them off and sanded them, of course that didn't work. Third one said the pads and drum was out of round. They took them off, ground and reshaped them, sanded them to get rid of all the brake dust and said they were sound, They were until I went to pull into the garage. I am at my wits end, short trip I admit, but can SOMEONE please help me. Any suggestions taken seriously..... BRAKELESS IN NEW YORK.
  • is it the front or Back making the noise ???
  • leroythebuggerleroythebugger Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    The noise is from the Back Brakes on the passenger side.
  • shotgun46shotgun46 Posts: 7
    edited December 2010
    Ok Have you pulled it apart to have a Look ???? Check for Metal to metal contact
  • Do You Have Access To An Electric Impact Gun Or An Air Impact Gun, That's What U Need To Loosen The Bolts Or Nuts If Their Stuck. The Impact Gun Is Lihe A Steady Pounding Hammer To Loosten The Nuts Or Bolts. It's Better Than A Rachett.
  • I 'm Having Trouble With My 1997 3.0 Litre Dodge Voyager Brakes. The Brake Peddal Almost Goes To The Floor When I Apply Them. I Can Hear A Swishing Sound From Inside The Van. I Checked The Vacume Hose Going To The Brake Booster And It's Not Leaking Any Air. My Master Cylinder Is Not Down On Brake Fluid, So I Don't Think I Have A Bad Brake Line. We Changed The Break Pads And Break Shoes About A Month Ago. Do You Have Any Suggestions For Me To Try?
  • My 1990 did the same thing It was the brake booster that went bad ! after I replaced every thing else !
  • how do I get rid of the red Brake light on the dash every thing to do with the Brakes are new ! I think it's the parking Brake release position not reading
  • bob448bob448 Posts: 1
    I have the issue with clicking noise. I can not find an answer for this problem. It is just annoying. Could this be related to a faulty speed sensor ?
  • gg1328gg1328 Posts: 16
    I replaced my driver's side cv axle on my 1998 Plymouth Voyager, 3.3 engine, because it broke in 2. In order to do this I had to disconnect the ABS line and remove the caliper. Brake fluid leaked out. When I replaced everything, the ABS light stays on and it feels like the brake is locked. Can you please advise me on what to do?
    Thanks for your help!!
  • My 98 T&C has sticky rear brakes. I pulled the wheel off, looks like the right rear wheel brake sticks. When you start the car and put it in gear, the car doesn't move unless you really hit the gas. Anyone know what causes it? It looks like the parking brake but I couldn't pull the calibers out, it has an 18mm bolt, I have every size socket but that. Before I put more time into it, I want to make sure I am on the right track.
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