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Caravan/Voyager Brake Issues



  • muggelbergmuggelberg Posts: 19
    I had the same issues. I ended up rebuilding the rear brakes.(drums) it sounds as if your van has disc brakes on the rear. My guess is the calibers are sticking..A cheap fix is just replacing them before it locks up and eats your rotors and pads.. They don't cost much.. maybe $30 each.. Good Luck

  • gg1328gg1328 Posts: 16
    I have a 1998 Plymouth Voyager, 3.3 engine and 198,000 miles on it. I replaced my driver's side cv transaxle, because it broke in two. In order to do this I had to remove the caliper and brake hose amongst other things. After reinstalling everything, in order to move the car I really have to hit the gas. The wheel just seems to spin. It seems to me that the brakes are locked. It has the ABS system. The ABS light stayed on until I bleed the driver's side brake. Can you please help me to fix the problem.
  • I have a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager with a leaking metal brake line. The leak is located about a foot past the ABS Unit, running along the frame, and in the direction of the rear proportioning valve near the driver side rear tire.

    as stated in posting 10 of this forum, the location of the ABS Unit presents a problem of merely unscrewing one end of line, and the other is locating a place to purchase the two lines. I will replace both.

    Your forum's suggestions as to as easier removal process and price/location to purchase the like bent lines would be appreciated.

    :confuse: Thank you. ~Mason127
  • IF you have the same problem I did, you're going to feel kind of silly [as I did].
    Check the brake fluid reservoir... Bet it's low....
    Top up with the correct type of fluid and the brake light should now be out.
    There's nothing in the user's guide to clue you into the fact that they use the Parking Brake light as a 'Low Brake Fluid' Light...
    Ain't Chysler grand ;)
  • New steel brake lines were ordered from the local dealer at a combined cost of $175, online was less but shipping was high and an even wash. Needed to drop the gas tank a bit and remove the ABS skid plate. After a few hours it was done. Difficult work without a lift and a helper. Hope this helps someone else out.
  • I had brake system rebuilt on my 95 Voyager at Just Brakes, lines were ok but everything else had to be replaced. Since then there is a clunking sound in the rear end when turning corners. I looked around back there but didnt find anything loose and the spare is cranked up tight.
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