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BMW Z4 Tires and Wheels



  • ast1ast1 Posts: 1
    To add to the list (personal experience, 2005 Z4):

    - new battery
    - new starter
    - variety of belts
    - light fixture housings

    Fun to drive but echo the high TCO of BMWs. Be sure to look for sources other than auth BMW service centers for big discounts on parts and labor.
  • Hi there, I bought a 2004 Z4/Sport mode 6-speed July 2012, with 48k on it, LOVING IT! Have done front brake pads, replacing rear tires today with non run flats, can't fathom the thought of replacing OEM run flats every 12-15k. We'll see how that goes when I pick it up tonight. This car is THE most fun I've had on four wheels, and I had a 3-series ragtop back a ways. Some mornings, I just drive right by the office and keep driving for a bit, so nice!
  • markwellmarkwell Posts: 13
    edited September 2013
    If you only drive it when the weather is nice with less than 5,000 miles a year on your sweet Z4, use the OEM run flats.

    If this is your every day car or you are trek more than 10K a year, definitely go with non-RFTs. Advantage is they can cost half as much and last 2-4 times as long. The disadvantage is you may lose 2-10% of cornering grip (depending on temperature and dryness).

    Unless you are rich or race with a sponsor, it's probably not in your interest to use RFTs.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 792
    And just so we are on the same page here:

    RunFlat tires are not necessarily rapid wear tires. And the opposite is also not true - that Non-RunFlat tires are good wearing tires.

    The wear properties of tires is independent of whether or not the tire is a RunFlat - as is the traction properties. (Although it is true that many RunFlats only come in high traction varieties, which also means they don't wear well.)

    I hope that clears up the distinction.
  • Yes, tire life and traction are determined by their ratings. The price anyone pays for the higher ratings is generally higher. Also, the price one pays for the Run Flat extra feature is generally higher than the same tire with the same ratings.

    However and from my experience, the ‘feel’ of the Run Flat tire for an equal rated non-Run Flat tire is different. It ‘feels’ like the Run Flat tire affords better traction, but a stiffer ride over bumps. I don’t have anything statistical or accelerometer ratings to support this. They are simply my observations.

    Don’t think we ever left the same page, but happy we are back on it again now.
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