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BMW Z4 Care and Maintenance



  • tantoptantop Posts: 1
    I noticed the same exact problem and found that the marks were actually worn areas penetrating the first layer of the top. My car is an 07 and out of warranty. Did you have the same problem and was it resolved? Thanks.
  • I have heard from more than one person, that Z4's are notorious for taking in water. I am feeling this pain now. This is my 2nd Z4 and I had no problems with my first one, but this one has been a disaster. Soon after buying the car one of the power top motors died and it needed to be replaced. The next problem that I faced made this first problem seem small. I had my air bag warning light go off and I needed to have this corrected prior to my annual state inspection due this May. I brought in into a reputable repair shop that specializes in German cars. They quickly identified that all of the electronics below the passenger compartment were all corroded. The damaged sensor for the SRS system was sitting in water and everything else in the area was about to have the same problem. Rather than fleece me until the money dried up, the repair shop explained everything to me and admitted that they were afraid to keep digging for fear of what they would find.
    I find it hard to believe that the dealer had not noticed any water issues when they changed out the motor about 9 months earlier.

    Has anyone else out there seen any similar problems? Any ideas what it would cost to rewire the entire car from the firewall back (including all electronic components). It doesn't seem worth the cost. The current value of the car isn't that high. Even if I change out the electrics, it will only come back if I can't stop the water from getting in. The car has never been driven in the rain since I have owned it.
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