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Kia Sorento Warranty Questions



  • sdwidensdwiden Posts: 1
    Is there a difference in the warranty if you bought the car used? Do I still get the full factory warranty 100K/60k? Thanks
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not sure it transfers to be would get the remainder of the 3/36...but not sure about the 10/100 drivetrain warranty.....I honestly dont recall...but I thinking it doesnt transfer from the original would have to ask the dealer you bought it from
  • pigdocpigdoc Posts: 7
    I purchased a 2003 Kia Sorento new and have owned it since (daughter drives it). I've had no problems with it, now at 50k. Regular oil changes and filter changes have been done at various shops (Sears, JiffyLube, etc) since closest dealer is 50 miles away. If I need warranty work done on the 10/100k, what records will be required to satisfy the dealer? I just got a new 2009 Borrego last night, and they were very keen on work being done at the dealer (really pissed me off). The dealer I bought the Sorento from did not dwell on this at all. Any help would be appreciated.

    2003 EX 4WD Sorento
    2009 EX V6 4wd Borrego
    Central Iowa
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    think you hit the nail on the head with the dealer your new dealer would probably would be required to produce all records indicating you had all scheduled maintenance done, not just the oil changes to include dif and trans fluid changes and the infamous timing belt..which for the 03 is due at 60K.....records would include type and weight of oil and all other parts used....

    I found the scheduled maintenance intervals to be rather intensive for the early model year KIAs...dont know if that has changed or not....
  • I hear and feel a shuddering in my front when I make sharp turns. It almost feels like the tires are skipping, or rubbing, or like someone else said, like it is stuck in low. I bought new tires and had the balance/alignment. I have since had them rotated. This has not resolved the issue.

    I have read posts of others who felt this but found no resolutions,

    I left my 05 Sorento with the dealership, they replaced the front and rear bushings at my cost and said it was fixed. When I turned out of the parking lot, it was still there!

    Left my car again, and they did a "transfer case service pack". It felt better for a couple days, and now it is back, along with another issue I saw posted, where there is a clunk when you take your foot off the brake.

    I'm going to have the brakes done and rotors turned, as I also read that over tightening the tires can warp the rotors.

    Within a week of getting my car back, the crank bolt pin broke leaving me stranded on the highway with a hotel bill and $1300 in repairs. The dealership I broke down at swallowed the parts and I paid $600 labor. I have 78K miles on the car and did the 60K timing belt a year ago with Kia. Should I have been responsible for anything? My dealership says they see "one of them a month", the dealership I was at said they see one a year. Maybe they are over tightening them and causing then to warp and break.

    Things are getting worse instead of better! Did I really need the bushings? They say of course! Would it help to get a Kia Representative involved? How?

    Has anyone resolved what the problems with tight turns are? That's my immediate problem.
  • What the Bo-Diddly??? Those service "requirements", oil changes, and stuff, are not really REQUI REMENTS ,by anyone, dealer or not deaqler, they are merely RECOMMENDATIONS, and all of the Warrenty Manuals supplied with the car SAY they are only recommendations. Dealre recommends 3000 miles, which is sheer fantasy today and the dealerships all know that.

    Mileage is now double that amount, and any dealer Kia or otherwise who denys warrenty service based on the consumer not having the RECOMMENDED service performed when and where they specify is out of touch and hoping you will believe what he says. STICK TO YOUR GUNS, even these shop managers know when they have to back off of their claims. Document everything, have a witness with you, and every state in the union has a small claims court.

    I have NEVER had a problem with Warranty Kia work, because I will not let them lie to me or intimidatge me. You do NOT have to have oil changes, and other such work done at a Kia shop. Never.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    edited December 2010
    I never said recommended...I stated scheduled outlined in the owners manual for my 03 that manual it specifically states scheduled include the timing belt change at 60K.....Im not going by any dealer recommendations, but simply what is listed as SCHEDULED maintenance in the owners manual....I would bet that if that maintenance was not followed...a dealership could easily deny a warranty claim..should it be proved the lack of scheduled maintenance was the cause of the claim....I also didnt state you HAD to have it done at the dealership, but rather that you might have to provide documentation that the proper service was done at another facility....

    Many dealers push their own recommended services above and beyond the scheduled maintenance intervals listed in the owners manual...I must say wow..this original message was posted over a year ago.......cheers!
  • do ya still have your Pontiac Solstice?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    we do...just turned 5 this week.....has about 41K on it...still lovin it!!
  • how very cool! I still like the look of that car a lot. Congrats and enjoy it. Low, low miles, too, great!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • 25,000 miles, last week, within one year, transmission out, being replaced. informed today water pump is also leaking, being replaced today same time as transmission. loaner car is dirty when picked up, but have transportation. have registered complaints with headquarters in california and also regional headquarters in chicago. lots of lip service and standard verbage. wanted an extended warranty on the mfgr. transmission. they won't put new transmission in because some of the new ones still have problems. my 2011 Sorento is for sale. will not buy another one and hopefully this note will go to thousands that won't buy kia. Their Ads look great, their talk is great.....but real problems with these cars.
  • I had same problems. If you have time, you have right to file a complaint with Federal Govt at and then go to "Vehicle Owners" and then "file a complaint" to initiate a recall. Good luck and we finally got an attorney to fight our case with the transmission, pulling to the right, cruise control, and now sudden acceleration. :lemon:
  • After the stepper motor issue (see other thread) I have dealt with a couple changes of the ignition key & interlock problem.....unable to start car. Occaisionally you have to play a little to get the brake pedal, ignition key & starting. It has improved but still sometimes catches and not want to start. Other issues are the "chrome" front door handles and center console with trim needed charge. THey were flaking of chunks of chrome-like paint. Fortunately got it to the dealerhsip before 60K. They did replace the center console piece after 60K because the first replacement started flaking off almost immediately. Those are the most memorable ones at present.
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