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Hyundai Elantra Problems 2007+



  • janpandjanpand Posts: 3
    I went to the dealer a few times on that; and they finally figured that it is coming from the rear window... They applied some kind of a lubricant between the window sealing. It still persisted after that.
    I took it back to them, and they convinced me that it would go away after sometime; and re-applied the lubricant.
    At that time they also said that if it still doesn't go away; the next time I come they would call the 'Glass repair' folks and have the rear window removed and resealed.

    Anyways, long story short, the noise went away after a couple of days just with the lubricant...didn't have to go back for the glass work. It has been 4-5 months now, and I don't get that noise anymore.
  • thadsonthadson Posts: 9
    Unfortunately, changing the break switch didn't help. It fixed the immediate problem with the messed up transmission, after the cop chase, but after several months, we still experience random speed-ups when breaking. After not being able to stop for a few times, and coming away from the dealer ship with "no problems found" and after we couldn't stop at a red light last time for the same reason again, we initiated the lemon law proceedings... It is really scary to drive a car, that we don't know if it would stop or actually speed up when we push the break. We will see where that leads...
  • snyder94snyder94 Posts: 3
    We have had this same problem with our 09 Elantra. It was happening quite frequently when we first bought the car in July 09. As usual when we took it to the dealer it did not happen for them. However, it seemed to go away during the winter months but, has now returned since the weather has warmed up here in Ohio. Any additional help or thoughts on this topic. Seems like the same problem you were having. It seems to happen more frequently when are making sharp turns, turning to and when we start to go up a grade or as of now sometimes when we go over bumps.
  • satyamsatyam Posts: 4
    I have the same problem with my Limited Edition 08. I figured out that this noise is coming from trunk. I lubricate the hinges and the rubber buffer and seems like the noise is gone. Looks like over the time hinges got dry and star making cracking sound.
  • epd1979epd1979 Posts: 2
    My 2007 Hyundai Elantra has lost power three times in the past 2 weeks as I have been breaking to come to a stop at a red light. Each time it has happened, the engine has been relatively cool. It has happened within a few blocks of work after the car has been parked all day. After it rolls to a stop, all the dashboard lights flash on and then off. I have been able to restart the car each time after turning off the ignition and have then been able to drive it home (about 10 miles) without any further issues.

    I have taken it to two different Hyundai dealerships and neither service department has been able to replicate the problem or find any stored codes that would indicate what the issue is. I am still under warranty, but they tell me they can't do anything for me at this point. The first service rep simply told me to keep the Hyundai Roadside Assistance number handy. The second rep told me to try fueling it with a higher octane grade.

    I am extremely frustrated and I am anxious about driving it. Does anyone have any suggestions???
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    1. Have your battery tested. Check the alternator output while you're at it. With the lights flickering I'd suspect the electrical system.
    2. Check/change any filters you can. Air filter, etc. If not electrical, then maybe it isn't getting the air or fuel it needs.
    3. Agree with burning a few tanks of premium. It's possible you got some bad gas.
    4. They shouldn't need changing but check/clean the spark plugs.
  • epd1979epd1979 Posts: 2
    I truly thank you for your reply. I will work down your list.
  • thadsonthadson Posts: 9
    Hello Everyone,
    We are looking for people who have the same problem as we do with our 2008 Hyundai Elantra.
    We had several occasions since last summer (2009) where when stepping on the brake instead of slowing down the engine revved up and the car started speeding without touching the gas pedal. We have the cruse control on when driving, however it is not always set. …For instance we were getting chased by an officer as the car would not slow down when stepping on the brake in a limited speed zone…or lurching forward in a parking lot as we wanted to come to the final stop, causing the car running into the 4 lane traffic through the bushes and the side walk. The car has been back to the dealership 5 times and since they cannot duplicate the problem they say there is no problem existing. They are implying that we cannot drive, and that we are maybe lying about it to take advantage of the manufacturer.
    We had arbitration, and since at the time of the arbitration test drive the problem did not occur, they decided that the car is not dangerous to drive, and the problem does not exist. They implied their solution of trading in the car and get a new one. The car is a road hazard it can cause a deadly accident at any time, and since the problem occurs randomly it cannot be avoided really. How could we possibly trade it in and sleep well at night knowing that maybe someone else will be hurt just because we passed over our problem. Just because we would not own the car that does not mean that the problem is solved. We are in shock to see that certain individuals value money more then human life.
    We are going to go further with this issue to another arbitration and trying to find people who have the same problem.
    Online, we have found a lot of complaints about the same type/model of car and same issue; we will pursue to find those people as well. Your help would be greatly appreciated. We have to do something together for public safety before something tragic happens.....
    Thank you very much for your time...We are looking forward hearing from you.
  • I would like to know more information in regards to your post about the elantra
    On monday my car was totalled due the car not stopping when the brake was applied. It felt to that the car sped up when i applied my brake there was no stopping it. At the time i was pulling into a parking spot at the local cvs and hit a structure @ this point there is over $9000.00 in damanages and wait for insurance company to investigate.
    I would really appreciate any info you could forward me and i would gladly help you with any info i receive at this point its trying to prove the defect in the brakes

    Thank you
  • thadsonthadson Posts: 9
    Make sure you get your car checked by a respectable independent service and get everything documented. Hyundai will deny that anything was wrong with the car, and will blame the accident on you.

    Or at least this is what my lawyer told me, for the next time when the car speeds up again while breaking...

    We got denied on arbitration, and I was told that we will always be, as long as we take our car only to Hyundai's service because they get rid of anything proof even if they find something...

    I'm not saying they would not try to fix the car, but they will do everything in their power to make sure nothing comes out... Imagine a Toyota type bad publicity for them... They don't want that, so they will deny and deny...
  • thadsonthadson Posts: 9
    We are wondering what the insurance company has found out about the cause of your car accident. We really hope the best for you.
    Please let us know what exactly you would like to know about our “incidents” with the speeding and we will be happy to help you in any way we can. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Over a yr ago I posted I had a similiar problem with my car but it was happening sporadically. And about 5 times total. Lucky for me I was in cruise control each time and it didn't go faster than 10 miles more than what I had the cruise set for. Each time it was on the highway. I even was on my way to the dealer to get a mat for the back of my trunk the first time it happened. And they told me they couldn't find anything wrong. My husband is the one who caused the recall immediately on the fuel pumps due to the fact there was a 2 car, 1 18 wheeler pileup in NJ and we ended up sued. The Insurance Co sued Hyundai and my husband had to sign a waiver that he would not sue Hyundai himself. That was part of the Insurance payoff to the one guy who sued everybody involved. Our insurance didn't go up as the Insurance Co sued Hyundai. It affected my husband only. Not me. As I own the same car. I didn't have to sign my rights away to anything like him but the insurance co told him he HAD to sign off on sueing so they could get reimbursed.

    I keep complaining about my emergency brake not working. And they tell me there is nothing wrong. The car lurches forward on a slight incline after you put it in park and take your foot off the brake and the emergency brake does not hold it. It rolls forward. They told me the same thing. No problem. It was checked out 4 times for that. 2 the first 5 months I owned the car. Now, you can actually put the emergency brake on and drive down the road. My friend was driving the other day and accidentally left the Emergency brake on as I told them to use it and they are not used to using it all the time. And drove a mile wondering why it sounded like they had snow tires on it.

    Also, I fell and broke my arm in Feb. So it came up for inspection in June and I still couldn't drive the 30 miles to the dealer as my husband kept saying go to Hyundai in case there is something wrong. Well, there was always a noise in my front end they told me was nothing too. So, I went local to Midas. And our Midas dealer will look for things to fix to make money off you. He did my inspection and told me I had a front end problem and told me my front tires were going bad. I have 9000 miles on a 2 yr old car and he told me there were too many warranties on my car that he would not touch anything, but rotated the tires and told me my back tires were going to get ruined too. And he documented it.

    I called Hyundai up where I bought the car. Took it in. Turned out I was driving all this time with a bad alignment. From day one of owning it!!! The dealership gave me a FREE front end alignment. Didn't tell me it was an alignment and dumb me does not know what toed in means. So I called Midas up and he told me that meant I got a free alignment. They were going to do it as a warranty repair, but on the bill wrote Dealership Customer Satisfaction Repair Free.

    Midas told me that they knew my front tires were going to go and rather than have to replace 4 tires, they did this. As my tires on the back now are not very good. With only 9000 miles on them. And they had been rotated when I had nitrogen put in them a yr ago. At Hyundai who never said anything to me. I told my husband from now on I am getting my oil change at Midas and letting them look at my tires and keep on top of it. I will not get anymore oil changes at the Dealership even if they do send me free coupons.

    I am annoyed over the fact I kept telling them and they said nothing wrong until I came in with bad front tires. I also think I need an adjustment to my Emergency Brakes but I know they will make me pay for that as they have been telling me from day one there was nothing wrong. I give up on the brakes not working right. I get tired of complaining to them. I figure my next oil change I will tell Midas to look at them for me and get that in writing and they KNOW I have been complaining since the car was first bought.
  • snyder94snyder94 Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    Did your popping/cracking noise from the back window of your 09 Elantra get resolved by the dealer adding the spacers?
  • Any news from Elantra 09 owners getting the back window popping/cracking noise fixed? If so, what was the fix?
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited August 2010
    That is a shame they put u off so much. And it seems to be exactly opposite of Hyundai's many claims on all their brochures that state that their customers are number one no matter what. And that will strive to do whatever it takes to make them happy and smart car owners by a "smart" car company... - insert :roll eyes: emoticon here I guess..

    Consider having them view and comment on those quotes in their brochures right in front of you. And don't even waste time with sales and reception or service manager either. You messed around enough, make an appointment with dealership owner. It is not uncommon for them to not be very far away from their bread and butter.
    Good luck.

    Also, A/C throttle step-up solenoid adjustment might be responsible for a slight rpm increase, but not to any degree that brakes couldn't easily overcome.
    This solenoid is designed to up the rpm of the engine to compensate when the A/C compressor cycles on, when car idling.
  • I've been reading through the forum here as I'm looking for a new car and I've been looking alot at 2008 Elantras.

    Now, all of this about acceleration when pushing the brakes gets me nervous, but I have to ask, is there a difference in where you're getting your car inspected? I mean, I've ben reading about people having problems in Ohio and NJ, but from my experience, neither of those 2 states have inspection qualities like PA (Where I'm from.) And I also wonder that about the people who say that they driving in winter is bad. IS that perhaps because they are not used to driving in snow?

    I'm in no way saying that anyone is wrong, I'm just curious. Obviously, I don't own the car yet, but I loved it when I test drove it. And I only started to look at them because a friend told me how much he loved his '03. If anyone has any info on this, please let me know. I'm looking into buying in the next week or so.
  • thadsonthadson Posts: 9
    Not much snow here in Florida...

    The car got inspected by the factory representatives and supposedly they have found nothing.

    However it was interesting on the lemon law arbitration, that their representative asked questions like they would know exactly what is going on, but have to deny it, not to lose money...

    like "you had the cruise control on, right?"

    The '03 model is 3rd generation, the '08 model is fourth generation, two very different cars...

    We do love out '08 model, except that small thing of fearing for our lives whenever driving it...
  • clif316clif316 Posts: 1
    hi everyone can someone help
    I have a 2010 elantra and been having brake in the morning,on the first time i use the brakes ,it seams like the brakes just grab and almost put you true the windshield almost got rearened a cupple times and after the first cupple times after that everything is fine on the brakes .
    i had it to the dealer a cupple times on this and thay cant find anything wrong with it maybe there is someone out there that has the same probe or can help....
    thanks in advance
  • I've been browsing through this forum for a while after I had pretty much made my mind up on the Elantra. I was going to look at them tomorrow and see what kind of price they could offer. Edmunds review had me sold on the Elantra.

    Now after reading through this thread and some others, I'm wondering if it would just be a mistake. I love looking and seeing the common problems and things to look out for, but there seem to be a LOT of them posted here and from the looks of it, a lot of the dealers aren't too concerned about getting them fixed.

    Now I am thinking of looking back at the Corolla and Forte.

    Would any of you guys consider buying one again? Do you regret buying it now? I'd love to hear your thoughts. This car looked like it would be a great value from the reviews I had read, but after reading this I am wondering if they spent the money on a nice initial impression only to cover up problems to come soon after purchase.

    I like to keep my cars for a long time so I do as much research as possible before I make a purchase like this. Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts on this.
  • getmtggetmtg Posts: 4
    edited September 2010
    I've owed 6 Hyundai's since 1999. My first was an Elantra, which I liked so much that I bought a second Elantra 6 months later. Over 10 years, I've purchased 4 Elantras, 1 Sonata, and 1 XG350L. I service my cars regularly and the older ones were still running after 240,000 miles, when I gave them to various family members.

    The only one that gave me a problem was my 2007 Elantra, whose braking system was not designed to function well in ice and snow, sub-freezing temperatures. Outside of that, the vehicle functioned well. My solution to the problem, which Hyundai did not acknowledge, was to give that car to my son who lives in San Diego. He loves it and it gives him 30MPG.

    My 2000 Elantra was totaled when a driver ran a red light at 50-60MPH, striking me at the driver's door. The airbags and steel construction saved my life, with me walking away with a head injury and cuts & bruised. The engine was pushed slightly into the passenger compartment, but missed my legs by 4-6 inches.

    My 2002 Sonata has reached well over 200,000 miles. Three months ago, Hyundai replaced the entire sub-frame during a recall. The car runs like it was new and gives me 32-35MPG on the highway. I expect this car to press 300,000 miles before I give it away to a charity.

    My 2005 XG350L has the look and features of a Lincoln Continental/ Jaguar cross, rides great giving me 26 MPG on the highway, and was purchased on October 31st which is a key date for buying a Hyundai. I received a $3,500 rebate, a $1000 loyalty discount, and negotiated a deal that allowed me to purchase the car for $9,000 below sticker.

    Would I buy another Hyundai- YES!

    When would I buy it: late October or between Christmas and the end of January.

    Factory and dealer incentives to unload the remaining last year models is highest and the best deals can be had.

    As far as the little stuff goes, with a 60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper and a 100,000 drive train warranty, and 5-year road service package, Hyundai's are the best priced cars on the market and give you the most for your money as long as you service them on a regular basis.
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