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Hyundai Elantra Lease Questions



  • anhnganhng Posts: 1
    Hi CarMan,

    What is the August money factor and residual value for the 2013 Elantra Sedan Limited (with and without the Technology Package) for a 24- and 36-month lease?

    Again, it's for the Sedan Limited, 12,000 miles per year, with and without Tech package.

    Thanks very much for the info. I'm considering my leasing options and your help is greatly appreciated.
  • I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like we'll have Hyundai lease numbers for August.


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  • fhd444fhd444 Posts: 2
    When I leased my Elantra Limited ( w/Tech Package )in late April of this year the money factor was .00136 and the residual was 15,624.
  • Hey,

    Does anybody know the September numbers (residual and money factor) for an 13 Elantra Limited w/ tech package at 15k miles and 24 month lease with top tier credit?
  • .00077 MF and 59% residual for 36 months... I don't show that Hyundai offers a 24 month lease..


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    -MSRP 19,025
    -12K MILES 36 MONTHS

  • Hey kyfdx,

    Thanks for all your help. I need to bother you one more time. I am trying to get the best deal I can get. Do you have the money factor and residual for the elantra gt w/ the tech and style packages at 36 months and 15k miles?

  • .00078 and 58% for all automatic transmission Elantra GTs..

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  • I am doing some research and getting no where with the car dealerships. Do you have the money factor and residual for the Elantra GLS at 36 months for 10k, 12k and 15k miles?
  • Money factors vary from .00035 to .00077 (There are 10 different 4-door GLS models).

    Residual for most A/T models is 62% for 36mo/12K... no 10K option

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  • Westchester County, New York

    Just sealed the deal on a 36 months /12K miles lease for 2013 Elantra GLS with Preferred Package.

    My opening offer: $162 month, $0 down, excl tax.

    based on:
    $17,192 net cap cost*
    62% residual
    .00065 money factor

    Agreed upon payment: $178/month incl sales tax (7.0375%)

    Up Front:

    $490 Bank Fee/Acquisition Fee
    $300 DMV/Title
    $178 First Month Payment
    $400 Accessories

    Sales contract had a bit of alchemy in arriving at the monthly payment, but I was too tired to question things since the figure was within my range. Ultimately, the deal was a lot better than national promo of $159/month with approx $2000 down, plus fees.

    * $17,192 this was the best price I could get competing dealers to volunteer over the phone. Most were reluctant to even give me a number over the phone. MF of .00065 can be extrapolated from national promotion.
  • fbaezfbaez Posts: 2
    Looking for numbers for a Limited with Navi. what are the MF and residual values for 10K and 12K. Thanks for the number in advance.
  • I'm sorry.. we don't have Hyundai numbers yet for November..


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  • Leased a 2013 Elantra Limited with Tech package in November.

    MSRP with freight was $24,810
    Drive off cash after an $1100 rebate was $700 (1st month, DMV, fees)
    Adjusted capitalized cost: $23,832 (this is where I just realized that they played games to get to this number)
    Residual 58%, $14389
    Money factor .00059
    36 months, 12K miles per year
    Monthly payment $310 including tax

  • scornil01scornil01 Los angelesPosts: 1

    Leased a 2013 Elantra GLS (base) last night Jan 2014 in Socal

    MSRP was 18,870

    what I got: $0 down 36 months 12k miles a year 60% RV 0.00051 money factor (w/ a 720 creditscore) $210.37 a month including tax with 1st months paid and 35 payments remaining.

    I think the final MSRP on the car was 17,500-17600

    How did I do?

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