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  • I think kids should be grateful to have a car in the first place! (I say kids but i'm only 20 hehe) My first car was a 2000 pontiac sunfire... I knew it wasnt the greatest car but i took care of it cause i was so happy that I was finally independant! Kids need to learn that money doesnt grow on trees and you have to work hard if you really want something. (listen to me all grown up!) :P
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I got a 1967 Olds Cutlass sedan and I was quite glad to get it. My folks had enough $ to get all four of us new cars but I got this when grandpa died in my senior year. Lasted me through college and into my 1st job, though it had gone through two color changes.
    An Elantra is just the perfect starter car for a kid just out of college and into the 1st job. Hell, it's a great car for almost anyone. Am seeing more and more on the roads down here in South Florida and plenty of Sonatas also. Think Hyundai does very well in Florida and luckily there's a new dealership just outside our development on car dealer row, just next to our Mazda dealer. Have been talking up the Elantra to the kids alot so they will put it on their short lists when the time comes.

    The Sandman :)
  • I purchased a '07 Elantra GLS three wks ago. I can't express how much I enjoy this car! I drove around a '99 Saturn for the past 8 yrs., and not even when it was brand new, did it ever handle as exceptional and smooth as the Elantra. Even when I test drove others during my search (Nissan, Toyota, etc.), I kept leaning toward the Elantra as the best. (And) For the price, warranty, 3 months of free XM radio, Hyundai could not be beat. The interior is great. I like the accessible controls, the fact that I could seat 4 adults and one child comfortably, and the blue interior lighting is pretty cool, too. I've rcvd nothing but compliments on the car, overall. The gas mileage is unbelievable. I've driven 800 miles...and I've put in a tank and a half of gas...driven highway & around town equally. Pretty impressive for such a powerful 4 cylinder.
    My only complaint is that it is somewhat difficult to see out the rear window, being that is it small and higher than what I am used to.
    I'd definitely recommend this car to most anyone.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Yeah, I don't know why they went to that "fastback" style for the '07s. Looks almost like a Buick Opel in the back! A co-worker has an '06 in a kind of turquoise green, and I don't think they look that bad. I read someone calling the older style "dowdy". I thought it looked "normal", although I thought the tires were a little small on it! I haven't driven the older one yet, but I'd think you'd be able to see out the back window better.
  • I absolutely love my 07 but it's true it takes a while to adjust to the rear view, maybe it's because I'm 5'1? :P I was parked in front of a car and realised i couldnt even see it at all in my rear view mirror! But I'm getting used to it.
  • We've had our 2007 for almost a year. I just used it to drive to NJ from VA and made the trip on one tank both ways! The drive up was 45 mpg; the drive back ought to be around 40 mpg (haven't refilled the tank yet but the mileage was 483). Probably would have been better if I hadn't had to use the A/C. Awesome!
  • ok guys.. got the car yesterday 2008 (its my wife's new daily driver)... she says the car is pulling -to the right and the left (all over the road)... very worried here.. the dealer says bring it in.. any advice on what may happen .. i am hoping it will be fixed in one visit... but I have a bad feeling here... make sure you test drive the exact car you are purchasing!!!! I was in a frantic hurry to get her a car and i didnt test drive it.... any thoughts or advice here.. by the way the car is really nice and if this alignment incident is a one time deal, the car gets a "recommended" plug from me
  • Hi Bluecatmoon:

    I am sorry to hear that. I test drived mine but I got a 2005 and it was wonderful and still is. You know it could be a fluke. Dont get your self to crazy here. Bring it in and see. Maybe they will even switch the car for another one. What state are you in?
  • I am in New York
  • When I got my car I found it was all over the road too. But the newer car have those tendencies. They just follow the road. So if the roads aren't flat well your car will follow all the grooves. They're just coming out with stiffer suspensions these days. Also the steering wheel has no play . I wasn't use to that cause with my other car I had alot of play. With the elantra as soon as you move the steering wheel a bit the car turns. Which is good though! Have you driven it yourself? Try going on a nicely paved road to see if she pulls.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Doesn't sound like an alignment problem if it does this. But your dealer will fix it regardless.
    Always best to drive a new car before buying. The mother-in-law did the same thing with us in the early '90's. Sent us to drive the car she wanted and bought it when we told her it drove straight & true. Two days later she says she can't drive it because something is rubbing against her foot. luckily the dealer let her swap into another vehicle which fit her perfectly. She just had to pay the difference and she learned her lesson about test driving the exact car that is to be bought.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

    The Sandman :)
  • I started out convinced I was going to buy a new Honda Civic and was surprised to read some reviews of the Elantra, see the gas mileage and finally see the car. I need the extra interior space and the warranty sealed the deal.

    Still under 100 miles on the car so I can't really review it yet but i will say I'm an XM radio fan already from my other car and the factory XM was a HUGE factor in my decision. The XM radio in this car has more features than the factory XM in my '06 Acura TL, I'm loving the fact that I can play MP3 discs and the AUX input for my iPod is a huge plus.

    I got the leather and premium package and the features compare favorably to my TL which costs just about twice as much.
  • I have somewhat solved my rear-view issues...I got a small chair pillow (like ones you will see on a kitchen chair). That's helped a little. I am starting to get used to it, though. Not that I wasn't cautious before, but now I am extra, extra cautious when backing up.
    I do like the '07 look much better than previous years, but the '06 is not bad. It's not as "sporty" looking, but then again, neither was my old Saturn! haha
  • I just bought a 2007 Elantra (my first new car) two weeks ago and so far I really love it.

    I was looking for a really fuel efficient car but couldn't afford a hybrid -- I was leaning towards getting a Toyota Yaris but I test drove one and I wasn't impressed with the car at all, and I wasn't happy that side curtain airbags weren't standard. The car didn't have much power either. I also test drove a Scion XD (I really hated the interior -- seemed cheap to me) and a Dodge Caliber (no power, cheap-looking interior, felt claustrophobic).

    Finally some friends convinced me to look at Hyundais and I did a little research and saw how well-reviewed the Elantra was.

    I decided to go take one for a test drive and I fell in love with it right away. There was a rebate on the 2007 models and I ended up taking the car home (Purple Rain color) that day for thousands less than I would have spent on a comparable Yaris let alone a Civic, Corolla, etc.

    I have a five speed manual and it's a zippy little car. The interior is modern, but not trendy (like the Honda Fit or the Scions) and is roomy enough to not feel at all cramped. I really love driving it and couldn't be happier.
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