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Hyundai Elantra Transmission Questions



  • carsnakecarsnake Posts: 4
    Many thanks for the help, I'm sure without this knowledge I would have gone through a very frustrating process. Hopefully, this is the trick. I will definitely follow your instructions and let you all know what happens.
  • dc_newbiedc_newbie Posts: 6
    Similar to problems that I'm reading here. My 2001 Elantra Automatic has started skipping or flaring on some gear changes. You feel the skip and then the rpm goes higher than normal immediately and the check engine light comes on. When I stop and restart the problem goes away and the transmission engages normally and no Check Engine light. This happens often, but more often when it is above 80 degrees outside.

    Anyone had this happen to them? I have an appointment with the delare for Tuesday and am preparing. Total mileage on my car is 49K, so I'm hoping this is still covered in warranty.
  • wickdgtwickdgt Posts: 1
    Hi there, I will like some info if any one can help me. I have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra which has developed a leak at the Vent of the tranny (automatic). I can drive the car easy all day long with no problems, as long it is cruising, but when you run it a bit harder in traffic it will puke the tranny fluid through the vent, I have taken it to tranny shops and no one can give a straight answer. I have pull a little bit the dipstick out so to see if pressure builds up it will not puke it, but even like that it would do it. I have looked everywhere but no luck. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Thanks for any info:

  • vduhrvduhr Posts: 2
    I also have a 2001 Elantra, and have recently, over the past couple of days, experienced the same problem. The temperatures where I live has been above the 80’s for over a month (closer to 90-100), but I am just now experience this problem; however, we are in our rainy season, and the humidity has been in the 70% for the past couple of days (higher than normal - normally we have 15% humidity in the summer (high-desert), and temperatures in the 80’s). As you have done, when I experience this problem, my transmission seems to skip, jumps into gear, then my engine light immediately goes on and I lose some power upon starting out from a slow or complete stop. Once I shut the engine off and restart it, the engine light goes out and the transmission seems “normal”. I have been experiencing slight transmission slipping over the past couple of months, but have not taken the car in for a checkup yet. I checked my transmission fluid today, and saw it is brown although it is full, and think it should be red, so I most likely need a transmission fluid change; however, on a car that has 70,000 miles, and needs maybe only a tranny fluid change, would this behavior be normal?
  • Hi..This sounds exactly like the problem I had. I took it to the dealership since the transmission warranty is 10y/100K miles. Was informed that the transmission is fine, but the speed sensor and the cam sensor have blown out and that is sending the wrong speed to the transmission, causing it to slip. Total cost to replace was $440 and approx half a day at the shop.
  • vduhrvduhr Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I am not covered under a warranty because I bought the car used from a non-Hyundai dealer (transfer of warranty only goes to 60,000 miles if pre-owned). Was the cost of your repair under warranty?
  • No, the sensor valves were not covered under the powertrain warranty, so I had to pay for it.
  • Has anyone changed the trans fluid 2005 . I understand that
    you just remove a plug. then refill the trans to the
    proper level on the dip stick (hot) There is a big plug
    at the bottom of the trans

    What is a good tans fluid that meets the sp lll hyundai
    fluid.. thanks
  • Bought the 07 elantra 3 weeks ago and when I put her into reverse sometimes I get a very weird noise....kind of like I'm dragging something underneath my car! At first I thought I hit something... but no! Then I looked under and there's nothing loose or anything. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? By the way I've got the 5 speed.
  • My Elantra is doing the same thing as well. What was wrong, was it covered under the warranty, and if nit, how much did they get you for?
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    If you haven't changed your AT fluid yet, you should know that basically ONLY SP-III fluid meets the SP-III specs. Transmission and service shops often state they have some kind of "universal" fluid, but unless you see in writing on the bottle it says it meets SP-III specs, DO NOT allow them to put it in your car! If they do, and you later have transmission problems, your warranty will not be honored. SP-III differs enough from Mercon and Dexron fluids that it cannot be replaced by "universal" fluids.
  • Hi - They said that the speed sensors that signal the transmission were busted and needed to be replaced. The fixed them for $450 and it worked fine. I traded it in 2 months not sure how long the fix lasted. The sensors were not covered under warranty, ofcourse...:-)
  • luxorluxor Posts: 2
    You can go to walmart and buy ATF+4 that is the other name for the recomended transmission fluid also it will usually list Hyundai right on the bottle. At walmart it is around $2.80 per quart. Otherwise you will end up paying about $4.50 or more per quart.
  • dan124dan124 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Elantra that right before the holidays began slipping out of gear as traveling and couple of days later I was in a parking lot and it would not go to Reverse and I still have the problem. I can still shift into drive but reverse is not an option; therefroe, no travel at the moment. The car has around 150k miles on it. Any suggestions as to the issue.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Not so . . . Chrysler spec ATF+4 is not the same as SP-III ATF. Use your own discretion, but saving a few dollars a quart on ATF, and then later having to spend a couple of thousand for a new automatic transmission doesn't make much sense to me.

    If you drive a Hyundai, Kia, or Mitsubishi, use ONLY SP-III ATF, otherwise you're asking for trouble.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Dan - go to on the Usenet groups, or use Google Groups to access the group, and ask the question to Hyundaitech on the Hyundai Usenet forum. You will get a quick answer to your query, as he's a certified Hyundai technician.
  • luxorluxor Posts: 2
    Super Tech ATF+4 (for use in most chrysler,dodge,plymouth,and some mitsubishi and hyundai automatic transmissions and transaxles) I can also say for sure that most parts in or on the 2000 hyundai elantras are actually made by mitsubishi they have mitsubishi motors and transmissions. Most people know some chrysler transmissions are in fact made by mitsubishi they have bought and used them along with motors since the late 1980's early 1990's . Why pay $8/quart at a dealer when the Super Tech is only $2.80 or a little more I have used it in my 2000 hyundai elantra gls at every change and I'm at 115,000 the tranny shifts perfect,smoothly and I still leave most others at a standstill from the light (40miles/gallon) better than cars today. The only thing that ever gave it a harsh shift was when I had to replace the vacuum tube running from the pump hooked to the intake the harshness was caused by power loss. The fuel pressure regulator looks like it might have formed a small leak over time(oily substance where vac tube connects) but it is working right so it could be oil introduced into the intake via crank case pressure line as on most cars. It is a one owner car also (I bought it new) which shows I've used the super tech way more than once with no problems. To show you all how dealers nail you. When I needed a new regulator for my drivers side window the dealer I bought the car from wanted $89.99 I looked online found an oem parts dealer (actually a hyundai car dealer also) in florida that said the price was $28.99 and shipped two day air it was $47.99 and no tax! That just shows what dealers pay for most things. The rest go's in their pocket! But if in doubt ask any auto parts store they will properly inform you on what to buy.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Mitsubishi only made the 3.0L OHC V6 for Chrysler. And, Chrysler's 4-speed ECT's - which were known for having problems - were made by Chrysler in Michigan - they were not sourced from Mitsubishi. The Elantra Beta Inline 4 started its design life as a Mitsu engine, but Hyundai has made many changes to it. The 4-speed automatic's design in the Elantra is of Mitsu origin, but Hyundai manufacture.

    All of this is really beside the point, as ATF+4 does not have the same formulation as SP-III. If the poster wants to use ATF+4 in their 2000 Elantra, so be it. But, Hyundai WILL NOT provide any warranty support for any automatic transmission in a Hyundai that uses any other ATF other than SP-III. One must have documented proof that SP-III ATF was used, otherwise you kiss your 10 Year/100,000 Mile powertrain warranty goodbye. Again, why save a few dollars on a quart of ATF, when a non-warranty replacement transmission will cost you thousands of dollars. It's that old adage: Penny-wise, and Pound-foolish.
  • jfh2jfh2 Posts: 3
    my dad's '04 elantra w/ 40K miles broke down this week. it developed trans fluid leak. He took to a local garage the car sat overnight by the morning the garage said it was very low on fluid. He took the car to the dealer to see if still was covered by the warranty - the dealer said that since my dad hadn't changed his trany fluid at 30K they would not honor the warranty. can't believe that this was the cause of the transmission leak. what can he do to get the dealer to fix this?
  • I have a 2004 Elantra that I bought with 17 miles on it and it now only has just over 50,000. the new Tranny has only 200 miles on it and guess what my car caught on fire today. I call the dealership and had them tow it, I got a loaner, and now I am lost at what to do. First the new tranny was covered under the warranty. Well when the fire department got where I was they showed me where the tranny lines had not been clamped off. As I looked under the hood of my car. EVERYTHING was covered in wet red fluid.... the fire fighter told me that If I had gone a few more feet my whole car would have been engulfed in flames. The fluid was all over the frame on the battery spark plugs on the engine block every where. SO I told them I want a everything that had any tranny fluid on it replaced. so only time will tell.

    :sick: :lemon: :lemon: :mad:
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