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Hyundai Elantra Towing Questions



  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    Where did YOU find the info on how much the elantra could tow? And if you do you know it edges out the civic if you don't even know what the civic can tow?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I already posted a link to the Elantra's towing figures. They are easy to find by searching on your favorite search engine.

    Finding the Civic's towing info is a little more difficult, but here are some references:;_ylt=Agi23QZw_N7KX4R- - Alw8I58urn9EF?p=all;_ylt=Agi23QZw_N7KX4R- - Alw8I58u0n9EF?p=all

    So for the Civic MT coupe, Civic AT sedan, and Civic Hybrid, towing is "Not Recommended". To me, being rated by the manufacturer to tow 750 pounds w/o trailer brakes and 1500 pounds with trailer brakes more than edges "Not Recommended".

    Edit: here's another reference, from They can't even find published info on the Civic's towing capacity! Honda must be very proud of it. :surprise: ehicles=5&op=17&tab=specs
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    just because edmunds and yahoo couldn't find it doesn't mean it doesn't exist; i've seen the figure, i just cant remember it. Common sense will tell you that there is nothing that elantra has that makes it more tow worthy than the civic. (oh wait i forgot the 9lbs of torque!) come on backster get real! "not reccomended" edging out 750 lbs? if its not been published how can they not reccomend it? Did that ever strike you? The civic can tow, BUT NOT THAT IT MATTERS. I would rehash my last post because you still managed (in classic backy form) to avoid the obvious point of wtf cares. Most people shopping for these cars DONT. End of story.

    (Feel free to post the inevitable 'elantra can tow and civic apparantly can't ha ha ha' rants below. It still wont change anything including the fact that just becuase the civics numbers are not published, they do in fact exist and when i get my hands on a manual i will prove it to you AND even if the numbers are smaller than the elantras, the matter of IT REALLY DOESN"T matter will still stand. You give people a hard time for bashing hyundai backs but a lot of times it just seems like your gunning for honda on the most miniscule things. Whatev. Happy Towing. {not really the end of story huh? :P })
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Who cares? Look at the title of this discussion. It's about towing. Look at the photos published earlier. Those folks care about being able to tow something with their Elantras. If you don't care about discussing this topic, there's lots of other discussions to choose from in Town Hall.

    As for rants, it seems to me the only person ranting in here is you.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
    Backy's's his topic and his title so he gets to talk about that particular subject. If you don't agree with the basic premise, then challenge it courteously and everybody's happy.


  • Yeah, that's Canadian dollars per litre.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    Rant rant rant!
    couldn't resist. :P
  • fnaticfnatic Posts: 7

    please refrain from pointless rudeness. Carspace is normally a friendly helpful place and I am surprised this is among the first rudeness I have seen..why bother.

    I was considering getting -one day a used 2004-2005 elantra solely as a tow vehicle for the following reasons...( which if you Google )lists the elantra can tow just over 3000 lbs- yes that's right. They even say - no this is not a typo and list it among other PICKUPS.
    Brought to you here by the good folks at edmunds:

    ...Noone else has heard it does tow MUCH more than the civic- and the 350 lbs.!

    I would appreciate anyone's input. I would far from purchase a car without investigation. But if it is listed among tow able cars- I would not hesitate too much from purchasing. Another reason it is a good tow car is that -locally the car can be had for no MORE THAN $7000- if I ruin the tranny- who cares- it would be a second bazoo type car so I would not loose sleep. But too anyone- upon learning this little tidbit- WHAT A BARGAIN!!!

    Further more I have absolutely no issues admitting no - i am not even slightly able to comprehend what tongue weight, etc etc etc refers to, however what it comes down to is with trailer brakes- of course- 30** pounds. PERIOD. The pics above obviously appear the car is overloaded- but numerous comparos in a google search seem to say otherwise??????? (HELP)

    What does anyone think???
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks for asking everyone to refrain from rudeness. You are right, we strive to be a friendly, helpful place and we believe we succeed.

    You read some older posts - the incidental friction that you sensed has long since abated. :)
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    you know the best thing about the tow photos?......look at the 1st pic and look at the price of gas on the
  • fnaticfnatic Posts: 7
    Ok, but rudeness is not why I posted I would love some help about the elantra strange credentials over tow able over 3000 lbs. Edmund's says so...the first pic does not, so anybody who has opinions what Edmund's came from....etc
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