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Changes You'd Like To See in the Subaru Forester



  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    I can tell you that Subaru will lose a customer if they make it as big and cumbersome as these "small" SUV's like the Santa Fe and Rav4. Next step is that they'll put the H6 n and take away the turbo and five speed. I like my forester nice and nimble. Not big and ponderous.

  • I'm not talking about supersizing the forester.. But they could make some modest changes to enlarge it slightly.

    Subaru already has the ugly tribeca... so it should not go that large... I hear they are already scrapping the tribeca front end design... now if they would make one that took regular gas....

    Also I am hearing rumors of a deisel... so a bio-deisel would be nice or a gas electric hybrid.
  • A larger Forester? No thanks.
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423

    I'm neither old nor female and I find my Forester to be the perfect size. It's quick and nimble driving around town, easily carries enough for two to go camping or for a cross-country trip and I've fit all manner of things in and/or on top of it during forays to the local home improvement store.

    In addition, most super-sized Americans who need a bigger vehicle to feel comfortable in are going to want a full-size SUV.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They could keep it the same size but stretch the wheelbase a couple of inches and give it more rear leg room.

    Or replace the rear strut suspension so it eats less into cargo room.

    They could make some packaging improvements and give up very little, basically.

    I've even thought of selling two wheelbases sizes, just like Toyota does for the RAV4. They only sell the long one here, and the short one in europe. But I'd like to see Subaru market *both* lengths here.

  • "I heard they took away the heated seats on the Sports XT..."

    Nope. Heated seats are still there. But I do wish I didn't have to add crossbars myself.

    PS - It is a kick to drive!
  • "They could keep it the same size but stretch the wheelbase a couple of inches and give it more rear leg room."

    The current tight turning radius is one reason why we now have two Foresters.
  • rochcomrochcom Posts: 247
    I just priced the "Sports" models at VanBortel (Largest dealer in US). The discount on the X is about $1000. On the XT it is about $600. The discount on the XT limited is around $1500. This makes the retail difference between the XT Sports and Limited less than $700. The Sports model has different features that appeal to a different sort of buyer, but on price, it is not different enough to matter.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Unless you prefer cloth. Heated cloth is ideal - breathes well, never hot or cold, and heat when you want to soothe the back.

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    I find perforated leather to be an excellent compromise :shades:

  • My wife has an 03 Forester and she loves it. More than anything else, she'd like Subaru to add controls for the stereo on the steering wheel, like my Accord has.
  • rochcomrochcom Posts: 247
    You have to wonder. The legacy series (the low end - not the Outback) has many upscale standard features that the more expensive Forester lacks. I have been involved in several businesses, but I will never understand automobile marketing.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, '05 was Subaru's big upscale push, we kept hearing the word premium thrown around. That strategy failed - they increased costs but not sales or profits. So we can't be sure the 08 Impreza or 09 Forester will follow suit.

    I say keep those models back-to-basics, just a tad roomier.

  • I have a 05 XT, keep getting the "Trade yours in now" adds from Subaru. Keeping this one until the Sportshift auto comes out. Need just a tad more leg room for the rear seats also.
  • I have a 2006 Forester Premium. I love this vehicle, more than other I have owned. I have suggestions in three small areas.

    1. The visors, when to the side, they are completely usless. They need to have extenders build in.

    2. Privacy glass in the back windows, why a SUV does not have this I do not know.

    3. Controls on the steering wheel. No big deal, since the reach to the radio is not a problem.

    Like I said, these are very small issues, but I feel, if these were added, it would make a almost perfect vehicle into a perfect one.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They should be able to add tint to the next generation (MY09). When the 98 and the 03 came out, it was still registered as a car so they couldn't do it.

    Since then, the Baja and Tribeca have tint. I bet they do this.

  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    If you have driven one of the new RAVs or CRVs, you'd find out that the biggest difference is the second row space. I don't know how they did it, because they look pretty similar to my OB but they are bigger on that regard. So my wish is to place a XT besides a RAV4 and hear my wife telling me there's no comfort difference. Also, of course, VDC on all Foresters. 8 years ago, when Forester won that first Small SUV Car and Driver comparo it motivated me to buy one. I want to feel that same "my car is better than yours" feeling again. It has keep the C&Dfirst place, but falled behind in Consumer Reports as on many other magazines.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Space and comfort are two different things.

    Taller crossovers and SUVs usually raise the seats, and the elevated seating does have benefits like a nice view out, more room for the feet, etc. But they're not necessarily more comfortable.

    A few years ago I went to an auto show and sat in every back seat imagineable. The absolute most comfortable seat I was able to sample was the Lexus ES300. Glove soft leather, soft padding, but no more room that your 95th percentile adult would need.

    More space than you need is just wasted; it doesn't necessarily make you more comfortable.

    Compare that Lexus to a Chevy Malibu Maxx with the seats all the way back, and the Chevy may have acres more room but it's not nearly as comfy. Same for a Saturn Vue or a Chevy Equinox. The seats in those are just awful, despite abundant leg room they are just not comfortable.

  • My '97 Accord Wagon is due for replacement and a Forester is the likely replacement. AWD is a priority due to my xc skiing, kayaking, hunting, etc., but I want decent fuel economy. My wife has an '02 CR-V but I prefer Subie's practicality for the active individual: better AWD, double the roof rack capacity for starters. The new CR-V is quiet and refined but they went the wrong direction for me. The death knell for the CR-V is the unavailability of a manual transmission. Changes I'd like to see in the Forester include a more Honda-like clutch and shifter, adding a sixth gear for fuel economy on the highway, quieter interior, general improvement to interior sophistication. Keep the manual tranny, manueverability, Subary funkiness!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, whatever they change, keep the character in there. :shades:

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