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2009 Mazda6



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    OK, from your review it seemed there wasn't any lumbar adjustment. Looks like there is one, but it doesn't provide sufficient back support. Again, pretty surprising on a $30k car, since I own a $13k car with an excellent driver's seat including an effective lumbar adjustment. :surprise: Why can't carmakers get the simple details right? It's not rocket science.
  • austinman7austinman7 Posts: 313
    I couldn't agree more (about all cars should have lumbar support adjustment). I have a perfectly nice '04 Accord LX without lumbar adjustment. The lumbar support is far too agressive for me, so I have to hang a thin pad at the top of the seat back to even the support out from top to bottom. Ridiculous.

    Just out of curiosity, what is your $13K car with lumbar adjustment? Maybe I'll buy one of those. ;)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    Well, you can't anymore (new anyway)--'04 Elantra GT with two (count 'em) height adjusters and lumbar support. New ones don't have as nice a seat (of course). Mazda used to use the same kind of dual height adjuster (e.g. Protege, MPV)--they don't anymore either. "OK, we got this right---now let's take it away!" :sick:
  • sedmundsedmund Posts: 93
    I got a chance to spend about 10 min behind the wheels of a i Touring version (4-cyl) today. I also sat in a GT and the GT's fit and finish is top notch and seems a big step from the sport, especially the chrome finishes on the knobs and that beautiful finish on the center console that are in the GT model. Didn't get to check out the audio system.
    But more importantly noticed two things that were disappointing. First was, whenever I started the car from stop, a vibration (almost a mild shudder) went thru the gas pedal and I could feel that also on the steering wheel. Not sure if it's because of the 4-cyl or if this is specific to the vehicle that I drove. Other than this, the car was peppy enough for most situations.
    But the second one was that the steering was too light and almost dead in the center - a small input slightly to either side from the center had no effect. I was surprised at this because I feel even my CX-9 has a better weighted, responsive steering. I expected the 6 to do much better in this area - I always thought if Mazda could make my huge/heavy 7 seater give such good feedback it would be able to do much better with the 6 but apparently not.
    I'm going to test drive the 's' version just to see if the 18-inch wheels would make a difference, but I'm not too hopeful on that.
    Other than my CX-9 and this 2009 6, I haven't driven any other Mazda. May be I was expecting a little too much from a car in this class, but my CX-9 and all the reviews of the past 6 made me think that the 2009 6 would be much more fun that what it turned out to be.
  • trobsontrobson Posts: 9
    Thanks for the review.

    You seem to come away a bit negative and disappointed.

    I can't help but wonder… A3, mini, BMX(3?)… I am not sure you are really comparing the 6 to anything in the segment… or suggesting any 'real' alternative. These are all 15 -24" smaller… as are all the 'used' options you suggest.

    It just strikes me that expectations on performance and price criteria were unrealistic.

    I am attracted to this car and am torn between a 6 and a Legacy GT. Mostly for the obvious lack of AWD and MT.

    I don't believe there is a sport sedan in the segment… maybe the Legacy after a suspension tune for $600 and some tires.

    The 6 is not, nor should it be viewed as a sport sedan, but rather a sedan with sporting appeal. Just MHO.
  • I'm S-Plan via another supplier. I just happen to know that worldkarting is S-Plan and that the membership is only $55 a year.....cheapest legitimate means to get S-Plan I know of. I'm not sure if you can join electronically or have to mail in payment. Once a member, if shouldn't take more than 24 hours after emailing the WKA to get your PIN. They handle getting your PIN for you as they do not want their Partner Code to be known as it would allow anyone to go to and use it. PIN generation is immediate so it's just a matter of WKA getting your email and then going to the website mentioned above.

    As I mentioned before, it's not had to google Mazda S-Plan Partner Code to find a link to a partner code that would get you a PIN within minutes. This is rather shady (to say the least) as you really wouldn't be associated in anyway whatsoever with the supplier you used the Partner Code of. Precisely why WKA handles getting the PIN for you. Also, some dealerships might require you to prove your relationship to the Partner Code. Then again, most don't care as long as the number passes when entered into the computer.
  • The $500 loyalty discount is available and all you have to do is ask for it. Have your current insurance with you as it will have your current Mazda's VIN on it and the dealer will need to make a copy of it. It's even better if you happen to actually have the title in your possession.

    When you buy using S-plan you get the car at invoice + 225 and are entitled to all currently available rebates.

    In MazdaUSA's own words:
    S-Plan prices represent a substantial discount from MSRP and include any retail incentive if applicable.

    In all honesty, I'm not sure why my dealer included the additional $500; but I sure as hell wasn't going to complained when he offered it to me.

    S-plan is probably the only way to get a good deal on the '09 6's right now since they've been out only a week and the demand is pretty darn high.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Sorry, I tend to rate every car, regardless of price or class, on the same scale. Be it a Honda Accord or a Porsche 911, it gets the criticism.

    That said, I am actively looking for a car to replace my 07 Cooper S as I have a baby coming in November. I've owned Mazdas in the past and loved them. My 03 Protege ES was a fantastic little car (more enjoyable to drive than the far nicer 09 Mazda6 or even the Mazda3). For my own purchase I'm comparing price ranges and in this price range, a new GTI, Clubman, WRX, Lancer Ralliart, 09 Jetta TDI SportWagen and a used 3 series are all priced in that 20-30k range the Mazda6 resides. As a former admirer of Mazda's last 6 and their almost BMW-esque handling I expected the new Mazda6 would feel at least decent in the handling department. No such luck.

    I can overlook nitpicks about interiors and trim (I think my Cooper is dreadful on so many levels from the cheesey interior to the car's bland styling) but in the end, all cars come down to the drive and it's here that the Mazda6 failed me.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    I'm disappointed with the new 6. I was disapointed with the size, weight, mpg and styling before I drove it and now after driving it I very disappointed with the handling.
    It drives big. I agree with blueguy.
    My opinion is that 6 is now in the same class as Camry, Accord, Altima in size and handling where in the past it was a class above in handling and just the right size. As the current owner of a '07i GT Hatch I feel that Mazda 6 provides no compelling reason to choose an 09 6, were I to have to replace my car today with a midsize I'd pick the Altima sedan or Accord coupe.
    And the new 6 is over $3000 more than an 08 with similar trim and options and I can not even get Sirius with Bose and Moonroof, which I have on my 07.
    I'm not impressed.

    I also own an 03 Protege LX with 2.0 and it is a HOOT to drive. Handles wonderfully. It is more fun than the 07 6.

    My next Mazda will be a Miata as a "toy". For a daily driver I'll have to evaluate the new 3 when it arrives as the new 6 has become an Accord/Camry/Altima clone.
  • Just looked at a GT and it had moonroof and Sirius but I believe the radio was Blauplunkt. Hate seeing all the bad early review from guys here that have driven them. I was about to buy an Altima when I saw the 6 on the way home yesterday. Maybe my impressions will be better :D
  • Hey, if my two used E-class Mercedes ('96 & '01) had no lumbar support, why do you expect a 30K car to have it? On the other hand, I had two Fiat Spyders that had lumbar adjsutment and they were much less expensive than 30K !! Of course that was when all cars were less expensive.!

    But, my 1988 Mazda MX-6 had it along with 8 other adjustments that made that seat the best I've ever experienced in any car. I often wish I had taken the seat out and had it mounted on a pedestal for use in front of my TV..!! And it wasn't soft !!! It was firm but with all the adjustments you could always get comfortable. It even had adjustable side thigh supports along with the adjustable kidney supports. I took a couple of long distance drives (3000 miles) and after 10 hours behind the wheel, I was never tired and stiff. Fabulous seat....! Recaro could take lessons from that seat..!!

    :) :) :) :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    My opinion is that 6 is now in the same class as Camry, Accord, Altima in size and handling where in the past it was a class above in handling and just the right size.

    I wonder if Mazda saw these 3 cars selling at a rate of about 1.3 million a year and decided to go where the sales (i.e. money) are vs. trying to continue to stand out as a niche player in this market.
  • I don't understand why you say: "And the new 6 is over $3000 more than an 08 with similar trim and options and I can not even get Sirius with Bose and Moonroof, which I have on my 07.
    I'm not impressed. "

    The is precisely what the 1MC package is....BOSE/Moonroof/Sirius. I've got it on my iGT and it can be had on the Touring and Grand Touring models. It includes 6mnths of service which is better than many mfg's only 3 months.....I just activated mine this morning.

    There is virtually no info on the web that explains all the features the car really has. It's voice recognition system is excellent for it's bluetooth system. There are a LOT of customizable features on the car that nobody talks about. You can change how long the lights stay on (if at all) after you turn the car off. You can change the light sensitivity of the automatice headlights if desired, the volume of the turn signals, and a plethora of other little things.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    I don't understand why you say: "And the new 6 is over $3000 more than an 08 with similar trim and options and I can not even get Sirius with Bose and Moonroof, which I have on my 07.
    I'm not impressed. "

    Sirius is included with 1MC, I made an error in regard to Sirius.
    There is a $3000 plus premium for the 09 GT vs. 08 GT.

    What you may enjoy, I may not. I do not use cell phone while driving, I don't care how long the headlights stay on after the car is turned off, I prefer that they turn off when I turn off the car, automatic headlights are an irritation, and volume of turn signals is not a wanted feature.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    There are a LOT of customizable features on the car that nobody talks about. You can change how long the lights stay on (if at all) after you turn the car off. You can change the light sensitivity of the automatice headlights if desired, the volume of the turn signals, and a plethora of other little things.

    Meaningless fluff to me. I've had this stuff on my past few cars and in the end it doesn't make the car more fun to drive.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Better driver's car? I don't get that at all. I've driven the Altima, it's tinnier, feels lighter than a Camry, and is absolutely numb to drive.... I've not driven the 6 yet, but I don't see how an Altima could please one more..... YMMV. :confuse:
  • trobsontrobson Posts: 9
    Drove the 6 today.

    I'll keep it relatively short:

    If you are buying a family sedan and want to have a some fun while you drive, the 6 is the winner. Camry/Accord/Altima trail, IMO.

    If you want a "Sport Sedan" of this size… doesn't exist until you hit 5 series territory. Seriously (mind you I said size, not closest $$, which is A4/3 Series but small). The G8 is the possible exception.

    Perhaps a sad commentary on American motoring today.

    My choice has narrowed down to my original selection. Subaru Legacy GT

    Fast, AWD, MT. End of line.
  • I'm disappointed.

    After months of following this car in the press, reading reviews, looking at pictures online, liking most of the promises I had heard, and eagerly anticipating making a nicely equipped Mazda6 my next new car, I finally got to drive and evaluate a number of Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring models. Prior to release, I had read about the underwhelming fuel economy, the lack of a 6 speed transmission in the I4, the non-spectacular warranty, and the awkward packaging of options Mazda has chosen, but I loved the style and the promise of a "zoom-zoom" driving experience that would be more fun than the competition. Plus, I have S-Plan, so I get the car for invoice right at launch if I want one. Although I normally prefer a V6, I never even drove the 6 cylinder due to what I read on the EPA label. When I saw 17/25 EPA rating I had no desire to even start up a V6, let alone drive it. I can't even begin to understand how Mazda could get such bad economy out of their V6???

    Some background info: I'm a true car guy, who loves a great-handling well-engineered car, and I also love to get good value for my money in terms of features and options for the price, reliability, build quality, and resale value. I'm shopping for any kind of sedan in the 20-30k range, and while I'm not picky about brands and labels, I would like to have something newly released and unique on the road, at least initially, and these days I would gladly sacrifice V6 power for 4 cylinder fuel economy, so efficiency is important to me.

    I won't speculate on what the reliability or resale of the Mazda6 will be, although neither has historically been at the top of its class. What I will speculate on is what I perceive to be notable quality faults on the models I inspected this week. And I can give my impressions on how the car drove.

    First off, before you can even get behind the wheel of this visually appealing sedan, the moment you open the door you are greeted by the most noxious new car smell this side of a low end Kia. And it never went away on my test drive, either. I felt almost ill from breathing whatever is off-gassing from the plastics and vinyls in this car.

    Then, once inside, the interior is well laid out and has a generally attractive cabin (except for the cheap ugly scratch-prone shiny black plastic covering the center console and part of the lower dash). The driving position is good, and the seats were pretty comfortable. But both the cloth ones I sat in and the leather-lined GT's upholstery felt like some of the cheapest material anyone could possibly put in a car these days. I mean, seriously, the cloth was plain mouse fur and the leather was like a cross between cardboard and hard plastic. Both were really low-rent looking and feeling. And although I liked the way the seats fit, I was a bit put off by the coarse mechanical noises coming from the seat motors. Other Asian cars must use some different supplier for this part, or maybe it is an early quality issue with the first batch of Mazda6's? But whatever is going on there does not inspire confidence in the quality of the rest of the parts I can't see or feel.

    Now for the drive. Short answer is that it wasn't that special. I wasn't overwhelmed by the power from the 4 cylinder, although it accelerated well enough. The car just felt like a good midsize sedan, nothing more. If I was supposed to notice some special kind of zoom-zoom in the steering or brakes or engine, I didn't. Though I did feel some unwanted noise and vibration when accelerating hard. The V6 model may have more spunk, but like I said, I didn't even want to drive that one.

    A few more things I noticed about the interior that were really out of place in a car that is going to sell for the mid to high twenties: One of the cars on the lot also had a broken lumbar knob which just spun freely. Not good. But on all the cars I saw, the lumbar doesn't adjust much anyway. I also thought the door flexed a lot when pulled closed, and the center console and armrest had some give, as well. Also, the turn signal/wiper stalks felt flimsy and the chrome climate knobs felt all loose and cheap, too. And the fuzzy headliner is a little downmarket for this price point. Mazda probably needed to spend more time looking at how Honda or VW screw together their interiors and learn some lessons there, in my opinion.

    I'd also like to talk about the options a little more. I am not a fan of rain sensing wipers, blind spot monitors or other such gimmicky features. And I noticed you can't order a reasonably loaded car without them. So, the option packaging is really awkward and won't let you pick a car with some really desirable features like a good stereo, or heated seats or leather, or a moonroof without also getting stuff you may not want. I know other car makers do it too, but that whole practice sits badly with me, as if Mazda is trying to win an award for "carmaker who upsells the most useless options by putting one 'essential' option in an expensive package or trim level".

    And a final point I have been considering throughout my evaluation of this new Mazda: There are currently no rebates at launch, yet the price is quite a bit higher than the old car, pretty much on par with the proven class leaders. Mazda frequently resorts to rebates to move their iron, and the last thing I would want is to buy one now and then see a grand or two on the hood by Christmas. All things being equal, I prefer to deal with a car manufacturer who doesn't resort to rebates, ever, if that is possible.

    On the whole, I just didn't fall in love with anything about this car, and I'm disappointed because I had wanted to. The specs, options, pricing, and driving experience aren't that great compared to what else is out there from Toyota, VW, Honda, Hyundai, and others, for similar or less money. And the car as a whole just does not feel like a quality piece of work, nor is it worth my hard-earned dollars at this point in time.

    I think I will pass.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,898
    I've looked at the new 6 interior, presently drive an 07 Mazda6 and think the new interior is as good or better than the 07/08 models in both quality and looks. Your review seems very inconsistent with just about every other review I've read both from professionals and people on this forum that have both test driven and bought the new 6. Maybe your expectations were too high for a mid-sized family sedan that leans towards a sporty driving experience but is no BMW(and doesn't purport to be one).

    I totally agree with you about the gas mileage however. I don't think the I4 is bad at 21/30 mpg but the V6 at 17/25 mpg sucks. It's obvious they thought that the zoom-zoom factor would make people overlook that when all the decisions for engine, weight, gearing etc were made. However gas was probably at about $2.50 a gallon then and it was hard to anticipate the bruised psyche and change of mindset of the American people when gas hit $4.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    My opinion is the interior is improved in quality and appearance on the new 6.
    New 6 is also quieter inside.

    However gas was probably at about $2.50 a gallon then and it was hard to anticipate the bruised psyche and change of mindset of the American people when gas hit $4.

    If Mazda would have held true to it's own stated philosophy of "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom" then the 09 6 would be lighter, more fuel efficient and instead of focusing on the V6, Mazda may have introduced DISI with smart idling stop system in US or possibly a hybrid or clean diesel in the 6.
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