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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • ramy1995ramy1995 Posts: 39
    sounds like honda is busted on ody
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
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  • jenlbakerjenlbaker Posts: 2
    Wish I would have done more research before purchasing our 2013 Odyssey two weeks ago. Transmission fluid leaking! Soooo not happy about this!
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    Any chance you can cancel the purchase? My guess is that this is a sign of things to come. I'm guessing the resale value is already down a huge percentage. BTW, it wouldn't surprise me if your dealership tells you that a little ATF on the floor is not a sign of trouble, that there are no diagnostic codes, so obviously nothing could be wrong. In real life, maybe a bad seal or other part, or maybe your fluid has been badly overheated already.
  • jenlbakerjenlbaker Posts: 2
    We are heading to the dealership Friday AM. I have owned a Accord, and two CRV's. Never had issues with Honda's before. Will update once they determine the problem.
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    Our Ody trannie was getting rough long before the extended warranty ran out, but the dealer said each time we complained that there were no codes so nothing was wrong. And then one day it died when my wife stepped on the gas pedal and the car suddenly lurched to a halt with other vehicles right behind it. We were very lucky not to be rear ended. Keep in mind, in our experience Honda dealers are well trained to not see anything wrong without codes. The going joke is that you can be trailing parts, smoke and fluid - and lurching, as you drive into their service bay and they will still see nothing wrong.
  • carwaysubcarwaysub Posts: 1
    Check engine and Traction lights came on, I only have 70k miles on car. Code 740 I think. Called Honda but they declined my request for assistance with their product, stating it's too long beyond the extended warranty. Car started with poor downshifting between 2 and 1 when slowly accelerating up a hill. Now when car is driven beyond 30 minutes the tranny must get too hot to handle because it makes a clank sound when shifting into reverse or drive. I'm going to Honda dealer to get an estimate and whether they will repair or replace.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited June 2013
    " I'm going to Honda dealer to get an estimate and whether they will repair or replace."

    Sorry but that's the worst decision you could make. If you go with a Honda re-built it will have exactly the same faulty design and parts as the one that just let you down.
    In fact "Honda' doesn't even rebuild their own a/t's some lowest bidding jobber patches them up and sends them back into service, to fail again just after the skimpy warranty is up.

    Really with a Honda re-man' you are heading down the road to the nearest auto wrecker in a couple of years when what's left of your Ody will be scraped for parts.
  • brh3brh3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Odyssey EX with 149,000 miles and feel pretty fortunate that we got that many miles before the transmission went. I'm going through a trusted mechanic and getting a remanufactured transmission put for about $3,500. My question is, do you HAVE to put in a new ECU as well?
  • That doesn't sound familiar...the things that were mentioned to try on this blog had not failed in our vehicle. We just did the rebuild and I was a bit nervous to take it on a long trip, but the business said to go for it. So we took it on a trip a couple of weeks ago and it did just fine. Good luck...rebuild should take care of it. It sounds like our vehicles were built on a good day!
  • I see the 2014 Odyssey is using the 6speed transmission for all the trims. Do you guys think the 6speed transmission has less quality problems? or more?
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    Why would you think that making a transmission more complex, with more equipment in too small a space, would improve its quality? Just curious.
  • Ditto, Anything with electronics is problematic. That being said, some of those control units do hold up pretty well. The big issue with the Honda tranny's are the clutch plates. See my previous post.
    A good preventive is a add on filter and changing your filter and fluid every year. Again, as was advised to me... do not use Honda for this service.
  • hirockhirock Posts: 1
    After checking with dealer apparently my VIN # just was outside of recalled vehicles that needed to have oil jet kit installed. No help from American Honda and here I sit with 130,000 miles and repairs of $4,300 +. Honda needs to step up and assume some responsibility. I wasn't asking for a free transmission just something would have kept me as a repeat customer but that will not be happening based on this experience.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    I had to have Honda dealer in Canada replace my transmission at 184,000 kms for $4,200. I wrote the President of Honda Canada and got a cheque for $2,100. Currently I have just over 330,000 kms. 2 years after it was replaced I added a transmission cooler from a reptable camping trailer place as my Honda dealer did not recommend Honda coolers.
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    All Ody's from 99 forward to around 2008 have had variations on these self destructing trannies from what I've read. They eventually started using the Pilot's trannie. But I've heard of some of those having problems when you drive the car off the dealers lot for the first time.

    Reminder - don't make my mistake and get a Honda rebuilt trannie. Find someone who knows what they are doing or get a Jasper rebuilt. And add a cooler and filter.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Looks like you are going for some high mileage numbers on the old Ody..good for you.

    I have done one more thing to my 03' a/t intensive care system. Get all that old original Z1 fluid out of there and change over to the new Honda
    DW 1. It's back compatible for your year and is a much better synthetic fluid so will take more of the heat without burning black.

    If you read the warning in the owners book not to use anything but the Z1 or the world will come to an end, just ignore it and get that dishwater out of there.

    (Honda parts don't stock the old Z1 stuff anymore anyway that should tell you something)
  • How long do YOU expect a transmission to last honda seller ? If a vehicle is not used for towing the transmission should last as long as the engine. What does a mini van have to do with anything ? Just the weight of the passengers puts too much strain on the tranny ? LMAO A POS is a POS !
  • viqsviqs Posts: 1
    I have a Honda Odyssey - 91000 miles - when the transmission issues started. Check Engine and TCS lights came on and D4 light blinking. Called HONDA and was told that the car was outside the warranty period, but within the 100,000 miles. HONDA had recalled this model and extended the warranty to 7 years, which means they did put faulty transmissions in these models. But now they are NOT honoring their warranty. WHY limit the warranty by time. There are many families that do not use the car to do 100,000 miles in 7 years. Transmissions issues are based on use so WHY limit the warranty to time of 7-years. It should be limited by mileage. Very very disappointed by HONDA. Will never buy a HONDA again and have advised my friends to do the same.
  • which year is yours?
    honda does not do years because they can
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